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The year is 1973, and Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), a college-educated African-American, can't find a job. Driven by his love of competitive swimming, (more…)
Jason Remembers a Name
00:41 — Liz is hopeful when her John Doe awakens. He struggles to remember anything from before the accident. He starts to remember a name..Elizabeth.
Sonny & Carly Can't Resist Each Other
00:30 — Sonny and Carly get caught in the throes of passion. Carly feels guilty about Franco and Sonny thinks that it is time to bring their affair out into t (more…)
Sneak Peek: Sonny & Michael Reminisce About Jason
01:23 — Sonny & Michael reminisce about Jason on the anniversary of his death.
Drunk Larry Ashton in a Blanket
00:35 — Jerry claims to have dropped of "Tracy's husband" outside. Tracy, Ned & Lulu race to the terrace only to discover a completely inebriated Larry Ashton (more…)
Sneak Peek: Where Will Jason Go?
01:05 — When Jason is discharged from General Hospital, he realizes that he doesn't have a job, a last name or a place to live.
Liz Offers Her Place to Jason
00:55 — Jason wonders where he is going to go and Liz has an answer.
Arrest Me or Get Lost
01:12 — Anna and Obrecht have another unpleasant run-in at GH. They argue about everything from Nina to stolen babies to Faison.
Jason's Face Is Revealed
00:43 — The bandages come off and Jason's face is finally revealed.
Silas Catches Nina Running
00:28 — Nina gets out of her wheelchair to chase Franco and runs into Silas.
Sneak Peek: Jason Questions Liz About Lucky
01:27 — Liz reveals personal details about Lucky and Jake to Jason.
Sabrina's Shocking News for Michael
00:51 — Michael learns that Ava Jerome was behind AJ's murder.
Sneak Peek: Franco Dislikes Jason Immediately
01:10 — Carly & Franco have very different reactions to "Jake."
Will Silas Try Online Dating?
01:44 — Monica encourages Silas to try online dating.
Jason Remembers Jake
00:42 — Liz is hopeful when her John Doe awakens. He struggles to remember anything from before the accident. Slowly, he starts to remember names. First Eliza (more…)
Bonus Scene: The Gatekeeper
00:49 — Alexis describes to Olivia what being the family gatekeeper means.
Franco's Wedding Surprise #2: Sonny Killed AJ Everyone
00:54 — Michael watches Sonny admit that he killed AJ.
Will Patrick Get His Job Back at GH?
00:23 — Sam accompanies Patrick to the hospital to provide moral support while he learns the fate of his job.
Maxie & Nathan's First Date
02:47 — Nathan and Maxie share a romantic date together.
Franco Catches Carly & Sonny
00:14 — Franco and Nina spy on Sonny and Carly's intimate rendezvous. Franco freaks out claiming that at least he knows the truth. Nina tries to calm him down (more…)
Sneak Peek: Olivia Questions Carly's Feelings for Sonny
00:59 — Olivia calls out Carly for lusting after Sonny.
Sneak Peek: Alexis Kisses Ned in Front of Julian
00:53 — A jealous Julian watches Alexis and Ned kiss.
Sneak Peek: Will Michael Pull the Trigger?
00:54 — Michael takes aim, poised to kill Sonny.
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