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Sun Oct 23 9:00am
Teen Titans Go!Booty Scooty(Season 3, Episode 46) TOON

The gang search for pirate treasure to save their power from wealthy land developers.

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Sun Oct 23 9:30am
Teen Titans Go!Who's Laughing Now; Caramel Apples; No Robots for Old Men TOON

Beast Boy joins a group of bears while searching for his spirit animal; Trigon seeks to wreck Earth and ends up spending time with Starfire.

Sun Oct 23 10:00am
Teen Titans Go!Oregon Trail(Season 3, Episode 48) TOON

The gang head west on the Oregon Trail.

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Sun Oct 23 10:30am
Teen Titans Go!Snuggle Time(Season 3, Episode 49) TOON

The Titans become villains when another crime interrupts their relaxation time.

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Sun Oct 23 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!Oh Yeah!(Season 3, Episode 50) TOON

Cyborg teaches the Titans about real wrestling.

Sun Oct 23 12:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Riding the Dragon(Season 3, Episode 51) TOON

The gang play a fantasy adventure game and are transported inside.

Sun Oct 23 12:30pm
Teen Titans Go!The Overbite(Season 3, Episode 52) TOON

Raven teaches the gang to dance, but they get captured by the Dance Demon.

Mon Oct 24 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Obinray(Season 3, Episode 33) TOON

The Titans speak Pig Latin to keep Robin from eavesdropping.

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Mon Oct 24 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!A Farce(Season 3, Episode 12) TOON

Brother Blood puts the gang on trial for the destruction of Jump City.

Mon Oct 24 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Legs; Breakfast Cheese TOON

Raven transforms into Lady Legasus after her cloak is stolen; the Titans try using compassion instead of violence.

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Mon Oct 24 8:30am
Teen Titans Go!Video Game References; Cool School; To Boulderly Go TOON

The Titans play video games for training purposes; the gang go to Cool School to become immune to Rose's insults.

Mon Oct 24 12:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Truth, Justice, and What?; Beast Man TOON

The source of Titan humor is revealed; Beast Boy becomes angry and aggressive.

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Mon Oct 24 12:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Terra-ized; Artful Dodgers TOON

Beast Boy has a new girlfriend, but Raven thinks she's up to no good; the Titans play dodgeball against a formidable team.

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Mon Oct 24 6:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Finally a Lesson; 40%, 40%, 20% TOON

The gang learn a valuable lesson from Robin; the source of Cyborg's strength is revealed.

Mon Oct 24 6:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Caramel Apples; Halloween TOON

Trigon seeks to wreck Earth and ends up spending time with Starfire; Raven tries to reignite the spirit of Halloween.

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Tue Oct 25 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!Arms Race With Legs; Uncle Jokes TOON

Lady Legasus battles the League of Legs after her teammates turn evil; Starfire must avoid uncle jokes to hang out with BB and Cyborg.

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Tue Oct 25 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Grube's Fairytales(Season 3, Episode 11) TOON

Robin tries to teach life lessons by reading the gang fairy tales.

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Tue Oct 25 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Caged Tiger; Nose Mouth TOON

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin become closer than ever after a vacation; Raven's magic is overused.

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Tue Oct 25 8:30am
Teen Titans Go!Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp; Oil Drums TOON

Robin tries to teach finances to the Titans; Cyborg can't find the remote.

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Tue Oct 25 12:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony TOON

Raven and Beast Boy's exes are dating; Robin has multiple tricks.

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Tue Oct 25 12:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Meatball Party; Staff Meeting TOON

Raven sprouts tentacles after eating a bad meatball; Robin goes on a dangerous quest to replace his beloved broken staff.

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Tue Oct 25 3:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Shrimps and Prime Rib(Season 3, Episode 54) TOON

The gang battle The Brain, but need to remember how to be superheroes.

Tue Oct 25 4:00pm
Teen Titans Go!The Overbite(Season 3, Episode 52) TOON

Raven teaches the gang to dance, but they get captured by the Dance Demon.

Tue Oct 25 6:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Bottle Episode; The Fourth Wall TOON

The Titans are trapped in a giant bottle; the Titans are on a TV show created by Control Freak, who wants them to earn him an award.

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