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Hook Kills His Father
02:17 — He decides what kind of man he wants to be.
Emma Prepares to Say Goodbye
02:17 — Emma promises to meet her family at Granny's.
Hook Faces His Father
03:44 — Hook confronts his father and learns big news.
Emma Is Forced to Kill
03:15 — He decides to be the man he wants to be.
Hook Tricks Emma
01:44 — Hook fools Emma to get hold of Excalibur.
Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Hook Taunts Mr. Gold
01:11 — Hook is determined to get his revenge.
Emma's Plan to Stop Hook
00:54 — He must be stopped -- no matter what it takes.
Sneak Peek: Regina's Test for Hook
01:27 — Hook makes a deal with the Evil Queen.
Winter Finale Sneak Peek: Hook Taunts Mr. Gold
01:11 — Hook is determined to get his revenge.
Earthquake - Official Trailer
03:02 — Decent special effects are the best reason to see this big-budget mess about the day that Los Angeles gets hit by the 'big one'.
The Halfback Of Notre Dame - Official Trailer
01:05 — A high school halfback must choose between the gridiron dreams of his football coach father, and his own dream of becoming a musician.
Bittersweet Love - Official Trailer
01:38 — A young couple discover that his father and her mother have been having a long-term affair and that they are half-siblings.
The Titanic - Trailer
01:33 — This is the tale of the famous Titanic passenger liner that claimed to be unsinkable.
(Movie Clip) California Seismological Institute
At a fictional scientific institute a few hours after a decent tremor in LA, intern Walter (Kip Niven) consults with Johnson (Donald Moffat) about his (more…)
(Movie Clip) She's Done It Again
Joining the credits from producer/director Mark Robson, which began over Hollywood and now traverse the Mulholland Dam, as we meet top-billed and most (more…)
(Movie Clip) I'm Not That Stupid
Engineer Charlton Heston is accepting a promotion until he realizes his wife (Ava Gardner) has forced her father (Lorne Greene) to make the offer, Vic (more…)
(Movie Clip) Quakers, Booksellers
Lana Turner is called upon to emote in her second-to-last movie, when she realizes that the new husband (Scott Hylands) her daughter (Meredith Baxter) (more…)
(Movie Clip) Vancouver On Saturday
Hollywood vets start appearing now, as about-to-marry Patricia (Meredith Baxter) and Michael (Scott Hylands) meet his parents (Celest Holm, Robert Lan (more…)
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