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Bud Recaps Grimm Seasons 1-4
04:12 — Everyone's favorite Eisbiber recaps the adventures of Nick and friends over four seasons.
Creature Profile: Lycanthrope
00:52 — The result of a genetic mutation in Blutbaden, Lycanthropes are driven temporarily insane during the three nights of the full moon.
Something Wicked This Way Comes
03:01 — Nick, Hank and Wu encounter the Wesen threat Agent Chavez warned about.
In the Nick of Time
02:19 — Nick and Meisner arrive at the hospital just in time to save Trubel.
Creature Profile: Riesen-Ratte
01:13 — Believed to be a myth, the Riesen-ratte forms during dire circumstances when a group of Reinigen literally combines.
Creature Profile: Primal Wu
01:07 — When Wu is bitten by a Lycanthrope, it turns him into a Neanderthal version of himself.
Creature Profile: Weten Ogen
00:45 — Fierce and extremely cunning, Weten Ogen are a lynx Wesen for whom tradition is very important.
Creature Profile: Fuilcré
01:05 — Ancient ox-like Wesen, Fuilcré were among the first Wesen to cultivate land. They also famously performed human sacrifice rituals in times of drought (more…)
Nick and Adalind's Baby Boy
02:18 — Nick and Adalind welcome a son, whom they name Kelly.
All About Eve
04:49 — Nick comes face-to-face with the new and improved Juliette, aka Eve.
Creature Profile: Wasser Zahne
00:39 — The Wasser Zahne is a reclusive aquatic Wesen similar in build and appearance to the land-dwelling Skalengeck. It has webbed hands, gills and a signat (more…)
Shared Spaces
02:23 — Sharing a bathroom leads to increased intimacy between Nick and Adalind.
Creature Profile: Inugami
00:54 — A white dog-like Wesen bound in servitude to a family, Inugami are called upon to avenge and protect in times of dire straits.
Creature Profile: Barbatus Ossifrage
01:02 — The Barbatus Ossifrage preys on the mortally wounded, breaking its victims' bones and then liquefying them for consumption.
A Tale of Two Sets of Parents
03:25 — Nick and Hank deliver news about a son's death, while Renard lets Adalind in on his secret.
Wu, Meet Werewolf
02:35 — Nick, Hank, Wu, Monroe and Rosalee look to bring down a Lycanthrope before it's too late.
Mixed Messages
02:22 — Nick, Rosalee and Monroe learn more about the Grimm treasure after translating some of the words on the cloth.
Adalind Says "I Love You"
02:13 — The possibility of losing Nick forces Adalind to come clean about her feelings.
Unmasking the Man
02:52 — The gang turns to Santeria to save a young wrestler's life.
It Can't Be Just a Stick
06:01 — Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank and Wu come to learn the power of the seven knights' treasure.
One Threat Down, Another to Go
03:19 — Nick and Hank arrive just in time to prevent a murder, while Black Claw returns something special to Renard.
Black Claw Gets the Upper Hand
04:32 — Nick and Hadrian's Wall can do nothing but watch as Renard is elected mayor.
Not a Good Look
03:16 — Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee work together to defeat a Musasat Alsh-Shababand and a demented doctor.
Worth Killing for
03:56 — Nick and the gang find more than they bargained for in a trunk of Grimm artifacts.
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  • Birth Place: Jaffa, Israel
  • Birthday: October 21, 1973, Libra
  • Profession: Actor

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