Thu May 7 8:31pm
The Odd CoupleEnlightening StrikesNew(Season 1, Episode 10) CBS

Felix substitute teaches a yoga class, but his style rubs everyone, including Emily, the wrong way; Oscar and Dani get trapped on a subway car; and Murph asks Teddy to be his agent when he's approached to be the spokesperson for a Norwegian health suppleme (more…)

Thu May 7 9:01pm
The Odd CoupleJealous IslandNew(Season 1, Episode 11) CBS

Oscar dates one of Murph's ex-girlfriends and ends up in a rivalry with the former baseball player.

Thu May 7 10:00pm
ElementaryAbscondedNew(Season 3, Episode 23) CBS

Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a member of Sherlock's online beekeeping community who was researching a deadly Northeast honey bee outbreak. Meanwhile, Gregson gets Joan to conduct an off-book probe that helps him make a life-changing decision (more…)

Thu May 14 8:31pm
The Odd CoupleThe Audit CoupleNew CBS

Felix offers to mediate between Oscar and his ex-wife Gaby after they get audited by the IRS in the Season 1 finale.

Thu May 14 10:00pm
ElementaryA Controlled DescentNew(Season 3, Episode 24) CBS

Season 3 ends with Holmes' recovery sponsor disappearing. Sherlock delves into the man's life for clues and questions whether his friend is a victim of foul play or has suffered a relapse into addiction.