Sarah Shahi



  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Danny DeVito - do you really need to know anything else? The dialogue and storylines are so obscure and real at the same time. It sounds cliche but it's unpredictable. It couldn't be on anything other than cable. "
  • The Wiggles "My son is obsessed with this show. Thank God! It's the only way I can change his diaper, by turning this show or Elmo on. "
  • Glee "I'm a true Gleek. I can't help it. I was Rachel in high school. It takes me back. "
  • The Walking Dead "I couldn't get enough of this. Suspenseful, graphic, and still romantic. Plus, I love that it's the anti-vampire show. "
  • Shameless "My husband's on it. I HAVE TO WATCH. Seriously though, I'd watch it even if he weren't on it. They manage to be offensive and lovable at the same time. It's more of a family show than people realize. "

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