's Top Moments of the Week! (June 12th- June 18th)
01:53 —'s Top Moments of the Week! (June 12th- June 18th)|The Today Show|Al Roker|Spencer Pratt|Heidi Pratt|Heidi Montag|Real Housewives of New J (more…)'s Top Moments of the Week! (July 3rd-July 9th)
01:48 —'s Top Moments for the week of July 3rd through July 9th.|Sarah Palin|Andrea Mitchell|Michael Jackson|Diane Sawyer|Arnold Klein|Paris Jacks (more…)'s Top Moments of the Week (December 10 - December 16)
02:21 —'s Top Moments of the Week of December 10 through December 16.|Top Moments|The Good Wife|Real Housewives of Beverly Hills|Sarah Palin's Ala (more…)
Sarah Palin Seriously Interested in Presidential Run Even After Seriously Embarrassing the Republican Party
04:23 — Sarah Palin goes off script when the teleprompter breaks during a Tea Party Conference in Iowa resulting in a bizarre rant. However this mistep, among (more…)
This Year in Unnecessary Censorship
01:49 — As 2016 draws to a close, we went through the big TV moments and selected our best bleeps and blurs to create This Year In #UnnecessaryCensorship feat (more…)
Quotes of the week - Obama locked out of White House?
00:49 — Washington Unplugged brings you the week in quotes; the good, the bad and the ugly in Washington. Did President Obama get locked out of the White Hous (more…)
Bristol Palin Is Pregnant With Her Third Child
00:36 — Sarah Palin's daughter is expecting another baby with her husband Dakota Meyer.
Palin Probably Not Getting Trump Cabinet Spot
00:48 — Rachel Maddow points out that Sarah Palin's op-ed criticizing Donald Trump pay-off to Carrier for his jobs stunt probably means that she is not being (more…)
On Carrier Deal, Pence Denies Crony Capitalism
02:12 — Vice President-Elect Mike Pence disagrees with former Gov. Sarah Palin that the agreement to save some Carrier manufacturing jobs is an insider deal.
Sarah Palin May Be Moving To Washington For Donald Trump's Cabinet
00:50 — Former Alaska Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin is said to be under consideration by Donald Trump to join his cabinet as secretary of veterans aff (more…)
Will Sarah Palin join Trump's cabinet?
01:22 — Sarah Palin could be joining President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet, according to recent reports. Palin is reportedly under consideration for Secretar (more…)
Donald Trump Reportedly Considering Sarah Palin for VA Secretary
05:30 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Jeremy Peters of The New York Times and McCain-Palin campaign veteran Nicolle Wallace about reports Trump is consideri (more…)
Source: Palin Talking to Trump Team About VA Secy. Post
03:02 — NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell talks to Kate Snow about reports that Sarah Palin might be under consideration for V.A. Secretary in the Donald Trump admini (more…)
Palin Sunk for Ignorance, Johnson Still Floats
01:54 — Gary Johnson touted his unfamiliarity with foreign policy as a potential strength as president. Nicolle Wallace says that Sarah Palin was sunk for far (more…)
A Look at the Gaffes and Triumphs at VP Debates Through the Years
01:39 — There was Gov. Sarah Palin in 2008 repeatedly calling then Senator Joe Biden, "Senator O'Biden" and Democrat Lloyd Bentsen in 1988 dismissing Dan Quay (more…)
Look back at Palin, Biden VP debate
03:32 — In an iconic showdown, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden took aim at each other during the vice presidential debate in 2008. Director of Virginia Center for P (more…)
Sarah Palin Crashes & Burns
04:57 — Palin stumbled and hit her head while rock running, but she's ok. Or, you know, the same.
Sarah Palin Suffers Bloody Gash While Rock Running
00:33 — Sarah Palin suffered a nasty gash to her face and used the injury to take a few jabs. Palin posted photos Sunday that show her receiving medical care (more…)
Sarah Palin DESTROYS a Heckler!
01:51 — Some dude took a few cheap shots at Sarah outside the SNL after-party, but the shots she fired back actually hit.
Gov. Palin Cold Open
05:13 — Gov. Palin pays a visit to the show
Trump, Cruz, Palin Rally Against Iran Deal
08:27 — The big show today was in Washington, where Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and even Donald Trump took part in a rally opposing the nuclear deal with Ir (more…)
Sarah Palin Turns the Tables and Spoofs Tina Fey
00:59 — After Tina Fey reprised her Sarah Palin impression on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, the former Alaska governor proved that turnabout is fair (more…)
Palin to Endorse Trump for President
04:12 — NBC News has learned that that Sarah Palin will officially endorse Donald Trump at his event in Ames, Iowa on Tuesday evening. The Washington Post's C (more…)
Bristol Palin Engaged to Medal of Honor Recipient
01:58 — Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol announced her engagement to Dakota Meyer on Instagram Saturday, as the couple proclaimed themselves the luckiest (more…)
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