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Sarah Palin: You Betcha! - Trailer 1
02:11 — Nick Broomfield's quest for the real Sarah Palin. A journey across Alaska in mid winter, to meet the friends, family, and Republican colleagues that i (more…)
Talking Points: September 4, 2008
03:15 — Sarah Palin strikes back
October 22, 2008
02:42 — Attacks on Sarah Palin continue
November 06, 2008
02:27 — The trashing of Sarah Palin
August 29, 2008
03:58 — Sarah Palin and Barack Obama
September 2, 2008
03:13 — Sarah Palin and the chaos zone
Thu, Jan 8, 2009
03:53 — The return of Sarah Palin
Wed, Nov 5, 2008
11:34 — Why Barack Obama won, infighting over Sarah Palin in John McCain's campaign, Congressional priorities for the first 100 days, and transition to Obama (more…)
November 12, 2008
02:28 — Sarah Palin and John McCain
Talking Points: September 3, 2008
02:56 — Sneering at Sarah Palin
Matthew Morrison On Waking up Early to Perform in the Thanksgiving Day Parade
04:32 — Morrison knows it's an honor to be in the show, but that will be hard to remember when his alarm clock goes off at 4:30 a.m.
Sarah Palin's Surprising SNL 40 Story
03:11 — Sarah Palin got an apology from an unexpected source at the SNL 40 taping.
Matthew Morrison Loves Surprising Broadway Fans
04:12 — Sometimes he even throws candy at them!
Uzo Aduba: Proud Member of Taylor Swift's Squad
02:43 — Aduba on the exclusive club everyone wants to be in.
Uzo Aduba On Starring in the Wiz! With Mary J. Blige
04:23 — Aduba is a huge Mary J. Blige fan.
Sarah Palin Talks Syrian Refugees
02:53 — Sarah Palin on whether or not America should be taking in Syrian refugees.
Sarah Palin Looks Back On Her Famous SNL Cameo
01:27 — Palin chats with Seth about appearing on Saturday Night Live.
Palin Endorses Trump for President
13:43 — On Tuesday, Sarah Palin said Donald Trump was the only candidate who could take on the establishment. Will her endorsement make a big difference for T (more…)
Paul Counters Palin’s View On Foreign Policy
03:32 — Senator Rand Paul reacts to Sarah Palin’s words of praise for him during this week’s Donald Trump rally. He discusses his “libertarian streak” with C (more…)
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Zero-in On Ted Cruz Ahead of Caucuses
02:25 — With just 11 days left before the Iowa caucuses, the feud between republican rivals, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is escalating. The candidates are tradi (more…)
Tina Fey Hilariously Reprises Her Role As Sarah Palin On ‘SNL’
01:05 — Former “30 Rock” star Tina Fey made her return to “Saturday Night Live” in a spoof of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement of GOP front-ru (more…)
Trump: Palin Endorsement Having Big Impact
01:52 — Donald Trump discusses Sarah Palin's endorsement, saying her support has already had an impact on his campaign.
Sarah Palin Addresses Son’s Arrest, Knocks Pres. Obama at Trump Rally
02:13 — The former vice presidential candidate raised eyebrows when she took time to address her son’s domestic violence arrest, PTSD, and President Obama’s t (more…)
What Sarah Palin Gets Wrong About PTSD
05:41 — Chris Hayes talks to Iraqi veteran Jon Soltz, Chairman of VoteVets.org about Sarah Palin's missed opportunity.
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