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Julianne Moore on Fighting to End Gun Violence
13:01 — Actress & activist Julianne Moore and Everytown President John Feinblatt common sense gun laws, Julianne's depiction of Sarah Palin, and the Harvey We (more…)'s Top Moments of the Week! (June 12th- June 18th)
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Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby No. 3
00:35 — Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's daughter and her husband Dakota Meyer share the first photo of their new baby girl, Atlee Bay.
'The View' Co-hosts React to Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock's Hillary Clinton White House Pic
03:04 — Palin, Rock and Nugent take controversial picture at the White House.
Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock Go to the White House!
01:47 — And they trolled Hillary Clinton there.
Sarah Palin On Fox News: ‘Corporate Culture There Obviously Has to Change’
02:51 — Former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, weighed in on the corporate culture at Fox News after sexual harassment allegations (more…)
It's 4/20, Trump Meets With Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock
02:55 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, April 20.
Palin to Endorse Trump for President
04:12 — NBC News has learned that that Sarah Palin will officially endorse Donald Trump at his event in Ames, Iowa on Tuesday evening. The Washington Post's C (more…)
SNL Supercut: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
01:54 — From playing Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton to anchoring Weekend Update, watch a compilation of the stars' memorable SNL moments.
GOP Rallies Against Iran Nuke Deal in DC
06:25 — Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin attended a rally on Wednesday against the Iran nuclear deal. Molly O'Toole, Josh Borro, and Ari Melber discuss.
Speaking English While Inside US Borders
05:24 — Joy Reid, Gyasi Ross, and Michael Eric Dyson discuss Sarah Palin's recent comments about "speaking American" when you're in the United States.
Palin Accuses Steve King of 'Huffing Ethanol'
01:24 — Congressman Steve King, R-Ia., reacts to former Governor Sarah Palin accusing him of "huffing ethanol" while speaking at an event on Monday.
Sarah Palin Officially Endorses Donald Trump
01:11 — Donald Trump has received the "coveted" and "influential" endorsement of the former Alaska governor.
Sarah Palin Rushes to Alaska After Husband Todd's 'Bad' Snowmobile Accident
00:50 — The former governor is now skipping an appearance to campaign for Donald Trump in Florida.
Watch Tina Fey Return As Sarah Palin in a Hilarious Spoof Endorsing Donald Trump
01:22 — The comedian performs a spot-on impression of the former Alaskan governor's speech during Trump's Iowa campaign.
Sarah Palin Details Husband Todd's Injuries After Near-Fatal Snowmobile Accident
01:00 — Todd Palin is currently in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital with multiple injuries.
Bristol Palin Slams Tina Fey: My Mom's Way Better Looking!
01:10 — It's safe to say the 25-year-old is over the comedian's 'SNL' impersonation of Sarah Palin.
On Carrier Deal, Pence Denies Crony Capitalism
02:12 — Vice President-Elect Mike Pence disagrees with former Gov. Sarah Palin that the agreement to save some Carrier manufacturing jobs is an insider deal.
Donald Trump Reportedly Considering Sarah Palin for VA Secretary
05:30 — MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Jeremy Peters of The New York Times and McCain-Palin campaign veteran Nicolle Wallace about reports Trump is consideri (more…)
Gov. Palin Cold Open
05:13 — Gov. Palin pays a visit to the show
Echoes of Palin in Trump’s Rhetoric
02:18 — Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been shocking to some in the 2016 race, but does it slightly echo Sarah Palin from the 2008 race? MSNBC’s Joy Reid reports (more…)
Trump, Cruz, Palin Rally Against Iran Deal
08:27 — The big show today was in Washington, where Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and even Donald Trump took part in a rally opposing the nuclear deal with Ir (more…)
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