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Trump Courts The Bible And Ghost Vote
04:50 — Sarah Palin's endorsement isn't enough for Donald Trump, he's also courting evangelical voters by allowing that the Bible is a better book than his, a (more…)
Sarah Palin Finally Made it to the Oval Office
02:32 — After James looks at a 4/20-themed poll citing record *high* approval for the legalization of marijuana, he tries to make sense of Kid Rock, Ted Nugen (more…)
Sarah Palin Crashes & Burns
04:57 — Palin stumbled and hit her head while rock running, but she's ok. Or, you know, the same.
The Original Material Girl Is Back
07:11 — Sarah Palin's linguistically acrobatic endorsement of Donald Trump wasn't fair to the rest of the candidates. So Stephen's got a Palin endorsement for (more…)
Big Brother - Feed Clip: Impression
00:58 — In this exclusive live feed highlight, Britney does an impression of Sarah Palin. Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS!
Jeff Daniels on the Republican Party: "These Are The Guys Who Gave You Sarah Palin"
07:49 — "They're acting," said Daniels of the speakers at this year's RNC and DNC. Then he showed Stephen how to pet a kitty.
Can Donald Trump and Paul Ryan Make It Work?
03:43 — James Corden follows up on all the excitement about the "big Thursday meeting" with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan before introducing the man Sarah Palin (more…)
Trump Gets Palin; Cruz Stuck with Old Roommate
04:17 — James takes a look at Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump before highlighting the tweets of Sen. Ted Cruz's college roommate, and wonders what s (more…)
Jason Jones on The Detour, Todd Palin & Crashing a Boat
06:11 — Jason talks about getting his start in television, his show with wife Samantha Bee, working with Sarah Palin’s husband Todd, and reveals that he crash (more…)
Sarah Palin’s Son Track Arrested After Fighting Dad: Cops
01:19 — Disturbing details have emerged in the alleged domestic violence case that left Palin family patriarch Todd Palin bloodied and beaten up by his own so (more…)
Sarah Palin’s son Track arrested on domestic violence charges
00:28 — Track Palin, oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested over the weekend on domestic violence charges. He was arraigned Sunday on coun (more…)
Late Night With Seth Meyers
02:13 — Late Night With Seth Meyers
Late Night With Seth Meyers
03:12 — Late Night With Seth Meyers
Late Night With Seth Meyers
03:43 — Late Night With Seth Meyers
Trump, Cruz, Palin Rally Against Iran Deal
08:27 — The big show today was in Washington, where Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and even Donald Trump took part in a rally opposing the nuclear deal with Ir (more…)
Sarah Palin Turns the Tables and Spoofs Tina Fey
00:59 — After Tina Fey reprised her Sarah Palin impression on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend, the former Alaska governor proved that turnabout is fair (more…)
Palin Endorses Trump for President
13:43 — On Tuesday, Sarah Palin said Donald Trump was the only candidate who could take on the establishment. Will her endorsement make a big difference for T (more…)
Paul Counters Palin’s View On Foreign Policy
03:32 — Senator Rand Paul reacts to Sarah Palin’s words of praise for him during this week’s Donald Trump rally. He discusses his “libertarian streak” with C (more…)
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Zero-in On Ted Cruz Ahead of Caucuses
02:25 — With just 11 days left before the Iowa caucuses, the feud between republican rivals, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is escalating. The candidates are tradi (more…)
Tina Fey Hilariously Reprises Her Role As Sarah Palin On ‘SNL’
01:05 — Former “30 Rock” star Tina Fey made her return to “Saturday Night Live” in a spoof of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement of GOP front-ru (more…)
Trump: Palin Endorsement Having Big Impact
01:52 — Donald Trump discusses Sarah Palin's endorsement, saying her support has already had an impact on his campaign.
Why Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Hillary Clinton’s Sarah Palin’
02:14 — As speculation grows about the possibility of Sen. Elizabeth Warren becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate,
What Sarah Palin Gets Wrong About PTSD
05:41 — Chris Hayes talks to Iraqi veteran Jon Soltz, Chairman of about Sarah Palin's missed opportunity.
On Carrier Deal, Pence Denies Crony Capitalism
02:12 — Vice President-Elect Mike Pence disagrees with former Gov. Sarah Palin that the agreement to save some Carrier manufacturing jobs is an insider deal.
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