Sarah Lancaster



  • So You Think You Can Dance "I really can't dance. But in the comfort of my living room I like to pretend. "
  • 30 Rock "I love all things 30 Rock. It never fails to stay fresh and is laugh-out-loud funny. "
  • Dexter "I've been a fan from the beginning. I think Season 1 is some of the best television I've seen. "
  • In Treatment "I was blown away when this show first aired; I thought it was so brave. No fancy camera work. No locations. Just two actors sitting across from one another. It's a tremendous amount of work for Gabriel Byrne and he always delivers. "
  • Luther "I just started watching this show and I'm hooked. It's smart, it's stylish and I could watch Idris Elba read the phone book. "

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