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Is there any spoiler-worthy ...

Question: Is there any spoiler-worthy information you'd be willing to share with a heartbroken Everwood fan such as myself?

Answer: I can tell you how this season would have concluded if the damn CW picked it up for a fifth year. The cliff-hanger would have revolved around Ephram receiving a voice mail from Madison saying that she was back in town. (Sarah Lancaster would've appeared in a single scene at Sam's). Torn between ignoring the message to go meet Amy down on the street or calling his ex back, Eph foolishly lets Amy wait while he dials. The last scene would have been him saying, "Madison? It's me." It's all a moot point though, since the alternate series-finale ending will now be used instead. I haven't seen it, but according to someone who has read the script, it's romantic and beautiful. And long overdue.

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Scooplets: 24, L Word, O.C., Scrubs and More!

Here are several updates on stuff I reported in this week's Ask Ausiello as well as some new scoops mixed in. Enjoy! I can now confirm that Marlee Matlin has signed on to appear in 11 episodes of Showtime's The L Word. The deal just closed and, even though this drama is so far off my radar it's virtually undetectable, I wanted to bring you the official word ASAP. The Oscar winner will play a deaf artist who takes a shine to Jennifer Beals' Bette. She'll first show up in the fourth-season premiere in January. Speaking of shows I probably should be watching, Disney's teen phenom Hannah Montana has reeled in a pretty big fish. I'm told Dolly Parton will make a guest appearance this summer. I'm not sure who she's playing, but very reliable sources say her character will have huge knockers. Regarding the fate of The King of Queens, another source told me yesterday that "the show is definitely dead." Still no confirmation from CBS. My Eric Balfour mole (yes, I now have a mole assigned sp... read more

So… What About Brian?

Question: So… What About Brian?

Answer: Another one I liked but didn't love. As much as it pains me to say it, my problem is with Sarah Lancaster and Barry Watson as a couple. There's no heat, passion, spark. And I'm kinda over the whole "girl gets engaged to guy even though she secretly loves his best friend" thing. It's been done to death.

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Grey's Izzie in a Triangle Tizzy!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to Grey's Anatomy.

Izzie is so over Alex. That's because Katherine Heigl's sweet intern finds love on Grey's Anatomy (Sundays at 10 pm/ET) with returning heart-transplant patient Denny Duquette (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) instead. Well, at least for a nine-episode arc chronicling Denny's quest for two hearts — Izzie's and a new one for himself. "I'm there to shake things up a little bit," Morgan says. His wealthy marine-biologist character departed on the Jan. 15 episode without a desperately needed transplant. Disappointed, Izzie thought that was goodbye. Grey's Anatomy fans won't see Denny for at least a few episodes, but when he does return, Morgan promises pulses will quicken. "Izzie [gives read more

Everwood spoilers, please!

Question: Everwood spoilers, please!

Answer: I hear that Nina — in an effort to mend Andy and Jake's fractured friendship — will suggest they go see a shrink together. I hope they take her advice because that would be just plain hysterical. Also, Simon Rex is going to guest star in the Nov. 17 episode as a friend of Jake's. Apparently, the pair go on a bike trip that takes a near fatal turn. Oh, and don't look for Madison to resurface anytime soon. Sarah Lancaster has replaced Polly Shannon as the female lead in What About Brian?, J.J. Abrams' mid-season drama on ABC.

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Will Madison (Sarah ...

Question: Will Madison (Sarah Lancaster) be back on Everwood this season?

Answer: No, and neither will the little son/daughter she had with Ephram — at least not in the first part of the season. Ephram will, however, get a crash course in parenting when he takes a 14-year-old piano protégé under his wing. "Ephram will be forced to fulfill his destiny as a father to a child that is not actually his own," previews exec producer Rina Mimoun, adding that the new addition "will remind us of the Ephram we knew in Season 1."

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