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The Mother of All Guest Stars: Linda Hamilton Talks Chuck

Linda Hamilton

She can warm your heart and kick your ass from here to next Tuesday. Nobody plays action moms better than Linda Hamilton, who's gone from sci-fi in The Terminator flicks to spy-fi on Chuck, where she now plays secret agent Mary Elizabeth Bartowski. The character, who abandoned her offspring, Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), almost 20 years ago without explanation, appears to be in league with Russian meanie Alexei Volkov (Timothy Dalton). So how come she shows up unannounced in Monday's episode (Nov. 29, 8/7c, NBC) to have Thanksgiving leftovers with Chuck? Is Mom Bartowski truly bad or is she faking it? The series plans to keep fans guessing. TV Guide Magazine had a chat with the fabulous Hamilton and not even she knows the truth! read more

On the Set: Linda Hamilton Goes for the Last Laugh on Chuck

Linda Hamilton

Days after her first appearance on Chuck, Linda Hamilton is on the set of the NBC spy comedy working hard. She's shooting an important scene that requires multiple takes of her running back and forth, and back and forth. "For such a light-hearted romp, they sure do shoot a lot," she tells reporters on set. "There's like two hours' worth of action in every hour. We are spending our good long days working hard to make it all look easy."

Chuck producers: Chuck has mommy issues

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Chuck Producers Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak: Chuck Has Mommy Issues

Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi

Chuck's Season 4 finds Chuck on the hunt for his mother — who doesn't seem to want to be found. caught up with executive producers Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak to get the lowdown  on everyone's family issues this year, including an impending baby and Morgan's brush with death — well, Casey will want to kill him if he keeps going after daughter Alex, right?

Linda Hamilton to play Chuck's mom — and guess who's pregnant? If before the show was about Chuck (Zachary Levi) trying to be a man, and then Chuck trying to be a spy, now what is Chuck trying to be?
Chris Fedak:
This season is Chuck trying to find his mom. That's the mythology, that's the big search of this season. At the end of last year, his father gave him a quest, a big mission, and that was to... read more

Linda Hamilton to Play Chuck's Mom — and Guess Who's Pregnant?

Linda Hamilton, Zachary Levi

Now that Chuck (Zachary Levi) has "given up" being a spy, per Ellie's request, Chuck's Season 4 will focus on the hunt for Mama Bartowski—who will be played by Terminator star Linda Hamilton, it was announced at Saturday's Comic-Con That's not the only Bartowski coming to town either: Someone is pregnant! Get the very spoilery scoop below:

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Chuck's Captain Awesome Becoming Much More Awesome

Chuck - Ryan McPartlin, Sarah Lancaster

The show may be called Chuck, but more and more it's about Captain Awesome. When Ryan McPartlin's character dives into the spy world, he finds life less awesome than he expected. McPartlin, who got a bit of hazing in our interview with co-star Zachary Levi, discussed the new nemesis played by Angie Harmon, whether Awesome's marriage can remain awesome, and whether fans should worry about any impending goodbyes...

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10 Questions with Chuck's Zachary Levi


The new season of Chuck is just around the corner (Jan. 10, 9/8c), so hit the set of the NBC spy series to get the lowdown on what's ahead for the super-charged Chuck. Zachary Levi lounged with us between scenes in a new location that we cannot disclose, under threat of being relocated by the CIA. However, Levi was more than willing to dish on Chuck's new love interest, how the Intersect 2.0 works and what's ahead in the additional six episodes ordered by the peacock network... read more

Chuck vs. The Undercover Lover

After way too long a wait, Chuck returned with two new episodes tonight. Why they were on a Thursday and separated by a part as mysterious as the one in Donald Trump's hair is beyond me, but hey, I'll take what I can get!First up, we got a glimpse of Casey like we've never seen him: a besotted romantic. As Chuck proclaimed, "It's alive!" So what, or who, had Casey smiling, for a change? A Russian photojournalist named Ilsa, who moments after receiving a necklace from him, walked into a bomb. Poor Casey...his flashback on it was heartbreaking. Not a minute later, Chuck flashes on the mother lode of Intersect info: a cache of Russian weapons dealers all staying at a local hotel. But also in the bunch? Casey's lost love. And she's the guest of honor as the bride-to-be of the big baddie. Poor, poor Casey.Chuck was the perfect blend of nosy and nice, helping (or so he thought)Casey win back his lady. But then Chuck discovered something else about Ilsa: she was actually a spy herself on a... read more

Chuck vs. the Nemesis

Yet another jam-packed episode! This one promised to hold a lot of answers, but it seems to have opened up just as many new questions along the way. We might know a bit more about why Bryce destroyed the Intersect, but we found out about a new secret group of agents with their own agenda. And where do Sarah's loyalties and feelings lie now?So, what was on Chuck's plate this Thanksgiving? Unfortunately a not-so-dead duck by the name of Bryce Larkin. Not that there would have been a good time to tell him, but Sarah drops that little bombshell on him at a really bad time: right as Chuck's hopes are at their highest. Next thing Chuck knows, he is face to face with his former friend speaking Klingon. This was certainly not one of Chuck's better holidays....How exactly did Bryce return from the dead? Even he did not know how, but he knew why: Bryce was not rogue after all, but sent on a mission by a secret group within the CIA called Fulcrum, and they saved Bryce believing he was the Inte... read more

"Chuck vs. the Truth"

The truth is out there... or was it? Tonight a poison expert (guest star Kevin Weisman) got to Chuck and his crew and exposed them all to some killer truth serum, causing Sarah and Casey to drop the spy act and tell it like it is. Sorta.Unfortunately Ellie got poisoned as well, and Chuck put her welfare before everything and everyone else. He had one dose of the antidote, and he gave it to her. Not a very spy-like move, but certainly a 100 percent Chuck choice. With time running out, Chuck realized how to track down the bad guy and got the antidote for everyone, but not before he got a painful confession from Sarah: Their fake relationship has no chance of getting real.And that makes things even more difficult for Chuck, who found someone who could be real, and right, for him. The O.C alum Rachel Bilson breezed into Chuck's life with a broken phone and a deli sandwich named after him — what's not to love? Too bad he already has a "girlfriend" in Sarah. You can't blame Chuck fo... read more

"Chuck vs. the Alma Mater"

I am going to start right off by saying this was a fantastic episode. It wasn't as amusing as some of the others, but it made up for that with a tight story and some really great information that explained so much. It wasn't just another bad guy of the week, it was a solid piece of the whole "Chuck as Intersect" premise.Chuck learned that the professor who booted him from Stanford is actually an operative, and Chuck was assigned to "bring him in" for protection from an Icelandic assassin with some wicked crossbow skills. That part of the mission didn't go so well, but the road trip to Stanford proved to be very successful in more ways than Chuck imagined. There he found a disc that contained all the intel on the students recruited to the agency, including an entry on himself. Back home he opened his file and learned that Bryce got Chuck expelled to save him from becoming a agent.I absolutely loved the way this episode tied up some plot points. Turns out it wasn't a random act to sen... read more

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