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BBC Renews Happy Valley for Season 2

Happy Valley

The BBC has ordered a second season of its crime drama Happy Valley, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

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Weekend Playlist: Last Tango in Halifax, Boardwalk Empire Join Sunday Crush

Last Tango in Halifax

Anyone seeking momentary relief from the dazzling darkness of the anti-hero vogue so prevalent on Sunday nights — epitomized by Breaking Bad's harrowing race to the finish line — will find a delightful tonic in PBS's Last Tango in Halifax (Sunday, check listings), a winning romance about two widowed seventysomethings and their supportive but screwed-up families.

Not a meth dealer (Bad), serial killer (Dexter), bootlegger (Boardwalk Empire) or brooding bully of a fixer (Ray Donovan) in sight, but life is still not without its complications in Halifax, a six-part charmer blessed with instant chemistry between the esteemed Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid (from the recent Upstairs, Downstairs remake) as Alan and Celia, lonely pensioners and former childhood pals who reconnect on Facebook after 60 years and impulsively decide to take a second chance on love.

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"Partners in Crime"

"Just like old times!"—The DoctorUnbeknownst to each other, Donna Noble, the bride from the "Runaway Bride" episode (from season three) and the Doctor are investigating Adipose Industries, the developer of a new diet pill that seems almost too good to be true. Besides using similar tactics to con their way into the same building in order to attend the same press conference as well as gathering client info from nearby customer service reps, the two fail to discover the other's presence. While visiting two separate clients from the list, Donna accidentally activates a device she confiscated earlier, causing little creatures to pop out of and killing of the woman she was visiting. The creatures appearances attracts the Doctor, but again, Donna and he fail to meet.During the interim since Donna last encountered the Doctor, Donna has come to realize that she made a mistake in not accepting the Doctor's offer to travel with him. She shares her sense of unfilfullment and longing with ... read more

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