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Deleted Scene: Jade & Tanner's Happy Family of Three
02:39 — A day at home with Jade, Tanner and dog Pippa.
Chad Johnson and Sarah Herron Come Face to Face On 'Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise'
01:26 — Did the infamous 'Bachelorette' villain give Sarah the apology she wanted?
Deleted Scene: JJ Lane's Best Man Speech
00:36 — JJ Lane shouts out to former Bachelors in best man speech.
'Bachelor in Paradise''s Sarah Herron On Chad Johnson: 'He's Not Sorry'
01:52 — ET spoke with the 'BIP' contestant about villain Chad, whose insults drove Herron to tears on the season premiere.
Jade's Bridal Brunch
02:02 — A look inside Jade's bridal brunch.
Jade's Champagne Toast
01:47 — Cheers to Tanner and Jade!
Deleted Scene: Jade & Tanner Go Wedding Cake Tasting
00:57 — Nothing is sweeter than Jade and Tanner's wedding cake tasting.
Catching Up With Chris Soules
01:25 — Chris chats about his most dramatic moment on The Bachelor.
Bloopers from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette!
04:51 — From falling trees to twisty tongues to complete wipeouts, countless funny things have happened in the past 20 seasons. Watch the funniest moments no (more…)
Watch the Bachelor Weddings
02:00 — In the spirit of Jade and Tanner's wedding, watch a compilation of other touching Bachelor weddings. From The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love.
The Bachelor Favorite Moments: Steamiest Hot Tubs
01:02 — It's not The Bachelor without some steamy hot tub action! Watch the top 3 steamiest hot tub moments in Bachelor history! From The Bachelor at 20: A Ce (more…)
Where Are They Now?, Part 1
02:31 — Ashley and JP Rosenbaum (Bachelorette Season 7) and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth (Bachelorette Season 11) give updates on their lives since the sh (more…)
The Bachelor Favorite Moments: Most Memorable Man Cries
02:36 — When it comes to man cries, there are too many to count! The most memorable Bachelor man cry of all time? None other than what is best known as "pull (more…)
Where Are They Now?, Part 2
03:40 — Jason and Molly Mesnick (Bachelor Season 13), Trista and Ryan Sutter (Bachelorette Season 1), Desiree and Chris Siegfried (Bachelorette Season 9), and (more…)
20 Most Amazing Bachelor Moments: #2 Jason Changes His Mind
01:58 — Join us as we count down The Bachelor's 20 Most Amazing Moments ever!
The Bachelor Favorite Moments: Most Dramatic Moments
01:25 — It's no surprise that there are plenty of moments filled with drama, drama, drama on The Bachelor. Watch the most dramatic moments ever in Bachelor hi (more…)
Jade and Tanner Exchange Vows
04:46 — Jade and Tanner exchange their personally written vows to each other during their emotional wedding ceremony. From The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration o (more…)
Audition Tapes from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette
04:30 — Over the years, The Bachelor has received tens of thousands of audition tapes. Watch as Chris Soules, Andi Dorfman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Juan Pablo Galav (more…)
The Bachelor Favorite Moments: Most Scandalous Moments
01:20 — It's no surprise that there are plenty of moments filled with scandal on The Bachelor. Do you remember these? Watch the most scandalous moments ever i (more…)
What Chad's Exit Means for "Bachelor in Paradise"
02:37 — How did Johnson's antics effect the rest of the tenants of Paradise? "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Nick Viall and Sarah Herron tell all.
Nick Viall Calls Chad Johnson a "Trainwreck"
03:50 — The "Bachelor in Paradise" star reveals why the reality show didn't exaggerate one bit when it came to Chad's antics. Plus, Sarah Herron tells all.
Nick Viall Talks "Bachelor in Paradise" Rivalry
03:13 — Does Nick have animosity toward fellow "Bachelorette" star Josh Murray? Nick and Sarah Herron dish on "Bachelor in Paradise."
Ben Surprises the Twins With a Date
00:43 — Will Ben end up keeping both of the twins?
The Bachelorettes Swim With Pigs
01:27 — The bachelorettes go hog wild in the Bahamas!
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