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Will Grant Propose to Lace?
04:42 — Life with Grace will never be boring.
Amanda and Josh Get Engaged
04:38 — Amanda locks down her dream guy.
Carly and Evan's Unique Engagement
04:54 — And they both lived happily Evan after...
Bachelor in Paradise: Where Are They Now?
03:52 — Get an update on the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3.
Nick Breaks up With Jen
04:54 — Nick breaks Jen's heart.
Wells Leaves Paradise...and Ashley I.
04:23 — Ashley leaves Paradise broken-hearted. Again.
Grant and Lace Get "Grace" Tattoos!
01:23 — Grace takes their relationship to a whole new level.
Amanda Wants to Marry Josh
02:47 — Will Amanda be completely crushed?
Carly and Evan Love Each Other
01:56 — Has Carly finally found her person?
The Last Rose Ceremony in Season 3 of Paradise
04:47 — Three ladies are sent home without roses.
Is Nick Falling in Love With Jen?
04:42 — Their future is all in the cards.
Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Finale
01:16 — Who will get engaged? Who will leave broken-hearted?
Vinny Doesn't Want Izzy Back
03:31 — Izzy is in it to "Vin" it. Unfortunately, Vinny doesn't feel the same.
Evan & Carly Take Their Clothes Off
01:17 — Evan and Carly embrace being the weird couple in Paradise.
Jared Leaves Paradise With Caila
04:46 — Not even Ashley I.'s tears can stop Jared and Caila's love.
Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale
01:20 — See what's to come on the epic two-night conclusion of Season 3.
Is Amanda Ready to Be Engaged to Josh?
04:09 — All signs point to yes.
Wells Tries to Juggle Three Women
02:38 — Who will get Wells' rose?
Jami Steals a Date With Wells
02:35 — While you were sleeping ...
Sneak Peek: Will Jared Leave Paradise Early With Caila?
01:08 — What's to come on the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise?
Nick Thinks Josh Wants to Murder Him
02:38 — Nick doesn't hold back his disdain for Josh.
The Twins Can't Hand Out Their Roses
03:54 — The fourth rose ceremony takes a surprising turn.
Wells & Ashley's Make Out Session
04:40 — Wells might be the new Jared.
The Twins Warn Amanda About Josh
02:47 — Haley and Emily don't know if Josh's intentions are pure.
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