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Survivor Philippines - Next Time On: Episode 5
00:28 — Preview Episode 5 of Survivor Philippines. Survivor Philippines airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: Philippines - The Challenges Are Great
01:15 — Carter is having fun winning the challenges and rewards
Survivor: Philippines - Going With Peter’s Plan
02:17 — Lisa explains why she supports Peter’s plan to vote out Michael.
Survivor: Philippines - Next Time On: Episode 3
00:28 — Preview Episode 3 of Survivor: Philippines. Survivor: Philippines airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
Survivor: Philippines - Fall Premiere Party Blue Carpet Interview
01:36 — Andrew Freund catches up with some of the castaways from Survivor: Philippines on the blue carpet, as the stars of CBS get together to celebrate the n (more…)
Survivor: Philippines - People Misunderstand What I Do
06:23 — Denise reveals that many people don’t know what a sex therapist does.
Survivor: Philippines - Tandang Tree mail
01:29 — Tandang is thrilled to receive their first tree mail.
Survivor: Philippines - Immunity/Reward Challenge: Deep In Thought
09:31 — The castaways dive deep for pieces needed to solve a puzzle in this immunity and reward challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - Flirting Is Important
05:21 — Abi-Maria plans on being a strong social player and flirt when necessary.
Survivor: Philippines - I’m Not A Threat
02:11 — Lisa shares her current strategy and status in the Tandang tribe.
Survivor: Philippines - I Hope They Know Me For Me
05:17 — Lisa hopes her fellow castaways will get to know who she is outside of show business.
Survivor: Philippines - The Winningest Tribe
00:39 — Dawson is proud that Kalabaw is on a winning streak.
Survivor: Philippines - Abi Makes Me Nervous
01:15 — RC has doubts about her alliance with Abi-Maria.
Survivor: Philippines - I Act Without Thinking
01:53 — Michael talks about breaking the mask at the challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - I Want To Be Here
01:37 — Angie is not ready to leave the game without putting up a fight.
Survivor: Philippines - We Carried The Challenge
01:38 — Denise is upset Angie and Russell were no help to her and Malcolm in the challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - I Just Want To Win One
02:38 — Russell reveals how and why it important for him to win a challenge.
Survivor: Philippines - SURVIVOR is a Learning Curve
01:23 — Jonathan admits that life is not easy on SURVIVOR.
Survivor: Philippines - I’m A Snake In The Grass
01:24 — Pete reveals his plans to break up his original alliance
Survivor: Philippines - It’s A Huge Score
01:24 — Abi-Maria discusses her plans for the hidden immunity idol.
Survivor: Philippines - Tribal Council Voting
00:25 — Find out what Angie has to say as the third person voted out of SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES.
Survivor: Philippines - Handshakes Don’t Mean Squat
01:50 — Jeff comments on his conversation with Jonathan to work together.
Survivor: Philippines - Death Should Not Be Feared
05:12 — Russell Swan gives us the details of his near death experience on SURVIVOR: SAMOA.
Survivor Philippines - Next Time On: Episode 2
00:28 — Preview Episode 2 of Survivor Philippines. Survivor Philippines airs Wednesdays at 8/7c, only on CBS!
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