Mon Jul 6 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Unidentified Flying Orchestra!(Season 3, Episode 13) NIK

The kids form an orchestra led by a conductor who's from a different planet.

Mon Jul 6 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesCall a Clambulance(Season 1, Episode 1) NIK

In the series opener of this cartoon about schoolchildren with fish tails exploring their underwater world, a fish pal gets hurt and has to visit a doctor. The kids sing and dance as they learn about doctors and X-rays.

Tue Jul 7 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesOnly the Sphinx Nose!(Season 2, Episode 17) NIK

The kids journey to Egypt in search of a missing nose.

Tue Jul 7 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesA Dolphin Is a Guppy's Best Friend!(Season 3, Episode 25) NIK

The kids befriend a young dolphin and escort it to its birthday bash.

Wed Jul 8 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Sizzling Scampinis!(Season 2, Episode 12) NIK

A circus arrives in town, and the kids join in on the fun.

Wed Jul 8 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Duckies(Season 2, Episode 15) NIK

Flying ducks get lost in a storm cloud and must be rescued.

Thu Jul 9 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSuper Guppies!(Season 3, Episode 24) NIK

A comic book inspires the kids to become superheroes, and they try to foil a villain's plot to make the entire city smelly.

Thu Jul 9 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesBoy Meets Squirrel(Season 1, Episode 14) NIK

The kids learn about trees and how recycling benefits them after Nonny receives an acorn from a squirrel.

Fri Jul 10 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe New Doghouse!(Season 4, Episode 3) NIK

When Bubble Puppy's doghouse is destroyed, the Guppies and the entire neighborhood pitch in to build a new dream home.

Mon Jul 13 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesFruit Camp!(Season 3, Episode 26) NIK

Deema dislikes broccoli, and this becomes a problem when she must attain a broccoli badge in order to complete her scout-troop initiation.

Mon Jul 13 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Running of the Bullfrogs!(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Gil and Goby bring a tadpole to school to watch it grow into a frog.

Tue Jul 14 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Police Cop-etition!(Season 3, Episode 2) NIK

A cop teaches the kids about laws and how police use them to keep people safe.

Tue Jul 14 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesGood Hair Day!(Season 2, Episode 20) NIK

Gil needs to get a haircut before picture day, but he visits the hair salon on a very crowded day.

Wed Jul 15 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesHumunga-Truck!(Season 2, Episode 9) NIK

The kids head to a truck show and learn about a variety of trucks, including one that transforms into a huge robot.

Wed Jul 15 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesGet Ready for School!(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

Young Avi prepares to start school, so the kids show him how much fun school is.

Thu Jul 16 11:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Puppy and the Ring! NIK

A mythical land is trapped in darkness after the Night Wizard swipes the enchanted Ring of the Sun, so Molly and Gil try to retrieve the ring and restore daylight to the land.

Fri Jul 17 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Puppy!(Season 1, Episode 3) NIK

The kids learn pet-care basics in preparation for Gil's puppy adoption.

Fri Jul 17 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesPuppy Love!(Season 3, Episode 7) NIK

Bubble Puppy becomes ill and is treated by a veterinarian while Gil makes him a get-well card.


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  • Birthday: February 18, 1975, Aquarius
  • Profession: Actor
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