Sarah Brown

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Sarah Joy Brown
  • Birth Place: Eureka, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Mon Jul 24 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe Police Cop-etition!(Season 3, Episode 2) NIK

A cop teaches the kids about laws and how police use them to keep people safe.

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Mon Jul 24 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesBubble Bites(Season 1, Episode 19) NIK

The kids go food shopping in a supermarket.

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Tue Jul 25 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesSheep Doggy!(Season 4, Episode 9) NIK

A lamb wanders off in the midst of a popcorn storm, so Bubble Puppy transforms into a sheepdog and searches for it.

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Tue Jul 25 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Wizard of Oz-tralia!(Season 3, Episode 5) NIK

The kids meet an Australian nature-show host and learn about animals from his part of the world.

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Wed Jul 26 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesOnly the Sphinx Nose!(Season 2, Episode 17) NIK

The kids journey to Egypt in search of a missing nose.

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Wed Jul 26 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesSwimtastic Check-Up!(Season 3, Episode 18) NIK

The mayor gets a stomachache while training for a marathon, so she heads to the hospital for a medical examination.

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Thu Jul 27 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe New Year's Dragon!(Season 4, Episode 8) NIK

The kids are eager for China's Lunar New Year Festival because they get to participate by operating a festival dragon in the parade.

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Thu Jul 27 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesPuppy Love!(Season 3, Episode 7) NIK

Bubble Puppy becomes ill and is treated by a veterinarian while Gil makes him a get-well card.

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Mon Jul 31 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesThe New Doghouse!(Season 4, Episode 3) NIK

When Bubble Puppy's doghouse is destroyed, the Guppies and the entire neighborhood pitch in to build a new dream home.

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Mon Jul 31 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Running of the Bullfrogs!(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Gil and Goby bring a tadpole to school to watch it grow into a frog.

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Tue Aug 1 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesA Dolphin Is a Guppy's Best Friend!(Season 3, Episode 25) NIK

The kids befriend a young dolphin and escort it to its birthday bash.

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Tue Aug 1 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Legend of Pinkfoot(Season 1, Episode 11) NIK

The kids go on a camping adventure, where they make s'mores and tell scary stories.

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Wed Aug 2 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesBatterball!(Season 4, Episode 5) NIK

Molly and Gil visit chef Stef's kitchen and witness how bubblecakes are prepared. Later, the kids play batterball.

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Wed Aug 2 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesThe Glitter Games!(Season 4, Episode 1) NIK

A princess-in-training befriends Molly, who helps her practice skills that will earn her a crown.

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Thu Aug 3 10:30am
Bubble GuppiesFruit Camp!(Season 3, Episode 26) NIK

Deema dislikes broccoli, and this becomes a problem when she must attain a broccoli badge in order to complete her scout-troop initiation.

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Thu Aug 3 11:00am
Bubble GuppiesA Tooth on the Looth!(Season 2, Episode 8) NIK

Deema gets tips from her dentist as she awaits a visit from the tooth fairy.

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  • Birth Name: Sarah Joy Brown
  • Birth Place: Eureka, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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