Sara Rue



  • The Biggest Loser "I find it so inspirational and I get so involved. And who doesn't like a good cry every week? "
  • The Bachelor "Let's face it. I can't stop watching it. I don't know why. I just love it. The Ali Fedotowsky one was a pretty good season. I really liked Chris Lambton because my fiance's family is from Massachusetts. They have a house on Cape Cod. "
  • Parenthood "I love the performances. "
  • Boardwalk Empire "When I was sick, I watched the entire first season in two days. Twelve episodes in two days. I was glued to my television. That whole mobster thing is so cool. It's a period of time I don't know much about. "
  • Shameless "I've just seen the first episode of this and I've signed myself up for the entire season. I can't wait. I thought the performances were wonderful. It's a completely dysfunctional family. I've never seen a story like this on television. "

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