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Casting Special
11:10 — A sneak peek at the nationwide search to find America's Prom Queen. Then watch the first episode to find out who made the final ten and a chance to be (more…)
01:09 — "Slednecks" follows a group of 'outdoor tough' friends living in the rural town of Wasilla, Alaska. With mountains and rivers as their playground, th (more…)
Big Sister Sam
12:40 — Patrick's big sister Samantha comes for a visit.
Robots play soccer at RoboCup 2016, what sports should they play next? (CNET's Open_Tab)
02:49 — Look out, athletes, robots can already play the game of soccer (albeit at a much slower pace than humans). Jeff Bakalar, Jake Krol and Samantha Rhodes (more…)
'Star Trek Beyond' is nearly here, and is 'Suicide Squad' hyped up? (CNET's Open_Tab)
17:10 — "Star Trek Beyond" and "Suicide Squad" are nearly released, and with San Diego Comic-Con 2016 about to start, we go through all the movies we hope to (more…)
Will Pokemon Go last long enough to make love connections? (CNET's Open_Tab)
08:57 — Pokemon Go's first week is leading to all kinds of encounters between people and pocket monsters. Jeff Bakalar, Samantha Rhodes and Jake Krol talk abo (more…)
'Star Trek Beyond' and SDCC 2016 are coming, Pokemon Go gets big (CNET's Open_Tab Ep. 7)
38:55 — San Diego Comic-Con is days away, while people of all ages are literally running to play Pokemon Go. Lida Attenborough from CBS Sports joins CNET's Je (more…)
Cold Open: Piers Morgan
03:44 — Piers Morgan welcomes George Zimmerman's girlfriend Samantha Scheiebe, a Florida policeman and George Zimmer of Men's Wearhouse to the show.
U.N. ambassador on how Russian forces in Syria affect fight against ISIS
05:01 — There are new concerns over Russia's growing involvement in the Syrian conflict, with reports of Russia and Iran coordinating efforts to protect the r (more…)
Samantha Harris' Blog!
02:56 — Samantha Harris' Blog for January 20th, 2010.
California condo owner gets home back from squatters after two months
01:35 — Cory Tschogel returns to her Palm Springs, California, condo for the first time since renting it to squatters Maksym Pashanin and his brother in May. (more…)
"The Gossip" for February 26th
01:33 — Lara Spencer and Samantha Harris have "The Gossip" for February 26th!
The Gossip _Feb 6
01:57 — Lara Spencer and Samantha Harris fires up the gossip!
EXCLUSIVE: Janice Dickinson Opens Up About Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Regretting Her Implants
01:13 — The model gets candid with ET's Samantha Harris, a breast cancer survivor.
Oprah Interview
04:10 — Samantha Harris talks to Oprah about Erin Andrews and Jaycee Dugard.
Teenage hero awarded for saving dad
01:40 — Samantha Swisher was running with her father when he collapsed. She sprang into action by calling 911 and performing CPR with the help of a dispatcher (more…)
Food nutrition labels: A new plan for clarity
03:30 — Chris Wragge talks to registered dietician Samantha Heller, about new proposed recommendations for standardized nutrition labeling.
Dancing with the Stars
06:03 — The Insider's Samantha Harris was backstage at Dancing with the Stars.
"The Gossip" for January 28th
03:52 — Lara Spencer and Samantha Harris have "The Gossip" for January 28th.
Open: This is Face the Nation, November 2
01:48 — The latest on the upcoming midterm elections and the fight against Ebola, with Ambassador Samantha Power, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and othe (more…)
Sam's Cam: Behind the Scenes at DWTS!
02:22 — "The Insider"'s Samantha Harris takes her special "Sam Cam" backstage at "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday night.
Samantha Power sees “positive signs� in the fight against Ebola
05:41 — Increasing safe burial practices is will help limit the spread of the disease, says U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.
Eat less meat, more plants and drink booze in moderation, new diet guidelines suggest
02:22 — To improve Americans' health, the federal government is being urged to consider new guidelines for how we eat. Sugary drinks and red meat are out, whi (more…)
"The Gossip" for March 4th
02:19 — Lara Spencer and Samantha Harris have "The Gossip" for March 4th.
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