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Lindsay Lohan Gets Candid About Bisexuality

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is opening up about her sexuality, revealing what most have guessed from witnessing months of her near-attachment at the hip to pal Samantha Ronson. The actress still maintains she's not a lesbian. But when asked whether she's bisexual, she reveals... More, after the jump. read more

Lindsay's Rep: There Was No Lesbian Confession

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Is it all much ado about nothing? Tongues have been wagging in the wake of quotes Lindsay Lohan "gave" to the syndicated radio show Loveline, saying that she and DJFF Samantha Ronson have been dating "a very long time." But was LiLo merely playing along and following the lead of show host Ted Stryker? Lohan's publicist is shooting down the media's spin that what came forth late Sunday evening was her client coming out as a lesbian. "There was no confession," Leslie Sloane-Zelnik tells So, Linds was merely copping to a close friendship with SamRo? "Yes," says Zelnik.It was Ronson who first spoke to Loveline — in the midst of her DJ set at TV Guide's Emmys after-party at The Kress — to discuss her pals DJ AM and Travis Barker's recent plane crash. She then handed the phone to Lohan. After a bit more talk about the plane-crash tragedy, Stryker said to Lo, "You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?" As Lohan laughed at the query, Stryker of... read more

It's Official: Lohan, Main-Squeeze Ronson Are Dating

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan by Jeff Vespa/

In an unusually candid moment, Lindsay Lohan confirmed that her attached-to-the-hip DJ pal Samantha Ronson is, in fact, more than just a friend.Both were taking a break from Ronson's set at TV Guide's post-Emmy Awards party when the star revealed that she's been dating the DJ for "a very long time." Lohan had been by Ronson's side throughout the evening, kicking it in the DJ booth while the vixen of vinyl spun some tunes — just like an adoring girlfriend. (And, for Hollywood locals, replaying a now-familiar scene across the club circuit.)Lohan's confirmation came after months of paparazzi-fueled buzz about the nature of her relationship with Ronson. It wasn't until Sunday's radio interview with Ted Stryker of Loveline that she disclosed more about her sexuality."You guys, you and Samantha, have been going out for how long now?" Stryker asked. "Like two years, one year, five months, two months?" Lohan laughed, and finally came out with the acknowledgement. Was the long speculati... read more

Sam Ronson (Minus LiLo) and More at "Pink" Party

Samantha Ronson by Chris Weeks/

Hollywood locals need the barest of excuses to throw a party, and midweek is no exception. Stars and wannabes (not to mention a few entertainment editors) sashayed on over to S Bar Wednesday to celebrate the relaunch of Trent Vanegas' gossip blog. (For the uninitiated, Vanegas' is the nice-guy antidote to Perez's snark-central.) Inside, the room was packed with well-wishers and hangers-on alike, with Trent greeting everyone with equal enthusiasm. The free-flow of adult beverages enhanced the good-natured vibe, especially given that p.i.n.k. vodka was, appropriately, one of the evening's sponsors. Trent's guest list, meanwhile, reflected the all-inclusive attitude, with Heroes baddie Zachary Quinto, Housewives' Joy Lauren and requisite Hills cast members Speidi and Stephanie Pratt (arriving separately) all appearing for the festivities.Yet, despite the various TV notables present, the most striking attendee stayed out of the spotlight. DJ Samantha Ronson, decked ... read more

Papa Lohan: Lez Be Clear, I Didn't Out Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson by Djamilla Rosa Cochran/

Michael Lohan has stepped forth to clarify comments he made to a celeb weekly but that were put in the wrong context, one that suggested he had outed daughter Lindsay as a lesbian. Dad was quoted as saying that the true nature of LiLo's relationship with DJFF Samantha Ronson — the gals recently were caught by paparazzi in a close moment — "is evident to anyone with half a brain," when what he really was commenting on was the nature of ex-wife Dina's new reality series. "I was saying that it's evident the show is not about being a mom and a manager. It's about Dina," Michael tells the New York Daily News. "Lindsay's life choices are up to her," he adds. "[She and Ronson] are friends, they're always together. I hug my friends, does that make me a homosexual? Of course not." — MWM read more

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