The Dreamster
11:47 — The Dreamster Sound Effects Machine was designed to help you fall asleep naturally and deeply. Warning: side effects may include drowsiness, nightmare (more…)
Satan's School for Girls
11:41 — DJ Jesus and his entourage rent out an old Catholic girl's boarding school so he can work on his re-remix in quiet isolation. But thirty years ago thi (more…)
Dildo Factory
11:34 — Satan and Becky, the Devil’s advocate, believe if the people of the world masturbate just 8% more, civilization will collapse. So they launch Sinspera (more…)
Terry the Teratoma
11:36 — A teratoma is tumor that grows teeth and hair. Satan has one removed from his armpit and brings it home to be his friend. Terry the Teratoma immediate (more…)
Untitled Monster Story
11:42 — A monster has been coming across the Golden Gate Bridge at night and attacking the city of San Francisco. Everyone - Satan, DJ Jesus, Senator Whitehea (more…)
11:48 — Satan buys Tequila Sally's, a chain of cheesy restaurants, and Lucy convinces him to hire DJ Jesus to be the karaoke disc jockey or "KJ". Meanwhile, t (more…)
11:06 — The Prophesy tells us that if DJ Jesus doesn't perform at Burning Man an unholy sand storm will destroy the American west. The wind is rising, and eve (more…)
Human Sacrifice
11:28 — Senator Whitehead wants to announce his candidacy for President of the United States during a ritual human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, as all serious (more…)
The Busboy
11:42 — Senator Whitehead's son Tad is a registered sex offender so Satan gives him a job as a busboy at Tequila Sally's. Tad makes a life-sized sculpture of (more…)
The Special Fathers vs. The Vampire Altar Boys
11:43 — Vampire altar boys and vampire choir boys have been preying on priests throughout the city. The Archbishop of San Francisco asks the Special Fathers f (more…)
CTD 219 Clip
00:52 — TOPIC: Do wives have outfit-approval rights? PANEL: Susie Essman, Victoria Stilwell, Gloria Allred, Sam Seder, Rabbi Wolpe
CTD 218 Clip
01:06 — TOPIC: Are sports fans too die-hard? PANEL: Susie Essman, Gloria Allred, Larry Miller, Sam Seder, Taraji P. Henson
CTD 220 Clip
01:12 — TOPIC: If you enjoy a massage a little too much, is it cheating? PANEL: Susie Essman, Victoria Stilwell, Kevin Rooney, Sam Seder, Rabbi Wolpe
President-elect @RealDonaldTrump
05:56 — Sam Seder joins Chris Hayes to discuss Donald Trump's preferred method of communication - Twitter - and how he may use it once he takes office.
O'Malley: DNC Debate Process Is 'Rigged'
08:31 — Chris Hayes talks to Jess McIntosh from Emily's List and MSNBC Contributor Sam Seder about whether O'Malley is correct in calling the debate process " (more…)
Why Is George Pataki Running for President?
05:27 — Chris Hayes discusses the crowded Republican presidential field with Jess McIntosh of Emily's List and Sam Seder, host of The Majority Report.
The Coming Retirement Crisis
14:48 — Dorian Warren talks with Nancy Altman, Sam Seder and Darrick Hamilton about the 2016 politics of expanding Social Security and the coming retirement c (more…)
Democrats Make Their Closing Arguments
07:16 — Chris Hayes talks to Sam Seder and Heather McGhee about the Sanders and Clinton closing ads and what they say about the two candidates.
The Debate Stand Off
06:46 — Chris Hayes talks to Sam Seder about the stand off between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and the DNC over the New Hampshire Union Leader/MSNBC unsan (more…)
Trump, Sanders Appear to Agree to Debate
07:55 — Talk of a possible debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is heating up. Sam Seder, Jillian Melchior, Christina Greer and Harry Siegel join to (more…)
Does Trump Want to Lose the Nomination?
06:56 — Would a contested convention denying Trump the nomination actually be his preferred outcome? Drew Magary, correspondent for GQ magazine, and MSNBC Con (more…)
Clinton and Sanders Unify Against Trump
04:14 — Joan Walsh and Sam Seder join the table to provide analysis of the newly unified Democratic front against Donald Trump.
Next Stop Wonderland - Official Trailer
02:28 — Boston residents nurse Erin Castleton (Hope Davis) and marine biology student Alan Monteiro (Alan Gelfant) don't know each another, but they share a f (more…)
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