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Thu Oct 6 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewA Bridal Blogger's Bliss(Season 1, Episode 5) TLC

A bridal blogger considers wearing her mother's dress to honor the memory of her deceased father.

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Thu Oct 6 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewDad's Bride and Joy(Season 1, Episode 6) TLC

A medical student considers her father's suggestion to wear an heirloom dress passed down for two generations, but is leaning toward something more modern and less modest.

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Fri Oct 7 6:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewIf the Gown Fits...(Season 2, Episode 7) TLC

A candy-theme wedding has a curvy bride hankering for an unusual skirt, but she's too self-conscious to try anything on, and her mother's 1980s gown doesn't tickle her fancy.

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Fri Oct 7 6:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewThe 007 Bride(Season 2, Episode 8) TLC

A wedding on a yacht has a 007 theme, so the bride wants to look as flashy as a James Bond girl, but her mother prefers her more conservative gown from 2003.

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Fri Oct 7 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewSay Less to the Dress(Season 2, Episode 17) TLC

A garden-theme wedding will take place in the conservatory where a woman's fiancé proposed, but the bride also plans to update a ruffled 1980s gown in an attempt to repair her relationship with her mom.

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Fri Oct 7 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewWith This Bling, I Thee Wed(Season 2, Episode 15) TLC

A mother's 1980s gown with an 8-foot train may not be what a bride has in mind, especially when she wants to make a grand, bejeweled impression at her ballroom wedding.

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Tue Oct 11 6:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewSouthern Barbie Bride(Season 3, Episode 3) TLC

A shy North Carolina bride clashes with her vivacious Southern mom, so Kelly and Sam search for common ground to please both women.

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Tue Oct 11 6:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewMy Big Fat Persian Wedding(Season 3, Episode 17) TLC

A bride's Persian wedding has her worried that her dress won't be good enough for her guests, so Kelly works on transforming her mother's gown while Sam keeps looking for a new one.

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Tue Oct 11 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewSomething Kelly!(Season 3, Episode 1) TLC

Season 3 begins with a surprise client—Kelly—so Sam eagerly gets to work on her dress with help from designer Heidi Elnora, but they wonder how much control the bride-to-be is willing to give up.

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Tue Oct 11 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewBeauty & the Beach(Season 3, Episode 7) TLC

A Hawaiian beach wedding tasks Sam with finding a loose-fitting dress for a bride, who is also mulling fulfilling her mother's wish to wear her dress, but first it needs to be modernized.

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Wed Oct 12 6:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewFrom Active Duty to Bridal Beauty(Season 3, Episode 6) TLC

A soldier's grandma's gown is transformed for a bride who rarely wears dresses.

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Wed Oct 12 6:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewWedding Belles(Season 3, Episode 8) TLC

A Southern bride wants a dress like Kate Middleton's, but her mom hopes she'll wear her gown that looks more like Princess Diana's and was made by the bride's grandmother.

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Wed Oct 12 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewBling vs. Sibling(Season 3, Episode 19) TLC

Two sisters are about to wed and both of them want to wear their mother's dress.

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Wed Oct 12 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewFashion or Family?(Season 3, Episode 4) TLC

An opinionated bride wants to turn heads with her dress, and her mom thinks hers will do the trick.

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Thu Oct 13 6:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewTiny Bride, Big Problems(Season 3, Episode 13) TLC

A bride's eight-month search has her worried that she's taking too long to decide and nothing, not even her mom's dress, will match her expectations.

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Thu Oct 13 6:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewI'm Not a Frumpy Milkmaid!(Season 3, Episode 12) TLC

A traditional Italian bride wants a glamorous wedding with a 1950s flavor, but her mother's 1980s dress may not do the trick.

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Thu Oct 13 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewBride Gone Wild(Season 3, Episode 2) TLC

A tomboy bride wants to play football on her wedding day, but her mother's flouncy dress won't do, so Sam and Kelly try to come up with something unique that fits her active lifestyle.

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Thu Oct 13 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewI Want to Be Buried in This Dress(Season 3, Episode 10) TLC

A mother's handmade dress that was sewn by her husband's grandmother may not be glamorous enough to match a bride's regal venue.

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Fri Oct 14 6:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewThis Dress Kicks Your Dress to the Curb!(Season 2, Episode 6) TLC

A working mom on a time crunch might have to settle for her mother's modest puff-sleeve gown, even though she's looking for a sexy form-fitting dress.

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Fri Oct 14 6:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewTorn Between Two Mothers(Season 2, Episode 19) TLC

A bride mulls a handmade gown sewn by her adoptive mom, but her birth mother leans toward a new one, creating a dilemma that's much more than just choosing what to wear.

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Fri Oct 14 7:00am
Something Borrowed, Something NewBride of Liberace(Season 3, Episode 5) TLC

A bride's mom pushes her gown even though it doesn't match her daughter's vision that blends "The Great Gatsby," Marie Antoinette and Liberace.

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Fri Oct 14 7:30am
Something Borrowed, Something NewFrom Yee-haw to Vavavoom!(Season 3, Episode 11) TLC

A mother is getting married and doesn't want to look like one, but she balks at her mother's dress that even includes a bridal cowboy hat.

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