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Sam Elliott Dishes On Working With Lily Tomlin On 'Grandma'
Sam Elliott discusses working with actress Lily Tomlin on his latest film, € Grandma. €
The Big Lebowski - DVD Trailer 01
In this cult hit from the Coen brothers, Jeff Bridges portrays The Dude, a Los Angeles slacker caught up in kidnapping, money laundering - and bowling (more…)
Actor Sam Elliott: 'Hollywood Is Hard On Women'
Sam Elliott explains how Hollywood tends to have a double standard for men and women when it comes to aging in the world of acting.
Actor Sam Elliott Talks Independent Film: 'Nobody Does It For The Money'
Sam Elliott reveals what draws him to working on independent projects rather than larger and better funded films.
Actors Blythe Danner & Sam Elliott LIVE
Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Blythe Danner joins us alongside actor Sam Elliott and director Brett Haley to discuss their new film 'I € ll (more…)
Golden Compass - Trailer No. 1
The Golden Compass takes place in a world much like our own except for the talking polar bear, flying witches and Sam Elliots moustache.
Barnyard - Trailer #2
Get down on the farm with the party animals of this animated comedy.
Buffalo Girls - Trailer No. 1
Two eight year old girls fight in rural Thailand's underground child boxing economy to earn money to support their families.
Off the Map - Trailer
In this coming-of-age film, a girls unconventional family is turned upside down after a visit from an IRS agent.
'Grandma' Star Sam Elliott LIVE
Mustachioed legend Sam Elliott joins HuffPost Live to ponder the many stages of growing up, as seen in his upcoming comedy 'Grandma.'
Did You Hear About the Morgans - Trailer No. 1
Did You Hear About the Morgans - Trailer No. 1
Did You Hear About the Morgans - Trailer No. 2
Did You Hear About the Morgans - Trailer No. 2
The Golden Compass - Trailer No. 2
The Golden Compass - Trailer No. 2
The Company You Keep- Trailer No. 1
A thriller centered on a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run from a journalist who has discovered his identity.
Sam Elliott: I’ve Been a Fan of Blythe Danner for Years
05:21 — The actor talks to Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new film “I’ll See You in My Dreams,” his marriage, and the age his voice changed.
Dr. Deacon's Haunch Crack Powder
02:11 — Actor Sam Elliott endorses Dr. Deacon's Haunch Crack Powder, a new powder that brings relief to any rancher's itchy rear-end after a long day of work.
Sam Elliott: Will Women Having Mustaches Ever Be a Trend?
01:11 — We got Sam Elliott out and since he has one of the best mustaches around we had to talk mustaches! So we asked Sam if he thinks women having mustaches (more…)
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00:30 — An attack on Alison sends Raylan to Harlan in search of payback, while Boyd scrambles to arrange protection for Ava.
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00:30 — Raylan is king for a day in the seized mansion of a notorious mob accountant, while Boyd tries to regain his stranglehold on the Harlan heroin market.
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00:30 — Raylan and Boyd collide on the hunt for Dewey Crowe, while bad blood simmering in the Crowe family finally boils over.
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00:30 — Boyd and the Crowes fly South for a crucial drug score, while Raylan pursues a small time grifter with big time enemies.
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00:30 — A shooting close to home forces Raylan and Boyd to decide which lines they're willing to cross.
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00:30 — Raylan ventures into wild country on the hunt for a missing informant, while Boyd's last living relative threatens his life and livelihood.
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00:30 — Raylan chases a missing Crowe, while Boyd and his new partners fight their way back across the border.
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