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Mon Jan 26 11:15pm
The Girl's Guide to DepravityThe Basic Instincts Rule(Season 2, Episode 8) MOMAXe

Megan feels guilty about the new man in her life; Tyler may be deported if he can't find a wife; Ben issues a confession; and Sam won't define her relationship with Ryan.

Mon Jan 26 11:45pm
The Girl's Guide to DepravityThe Wingwoman Rule(Season 2, Episode 9) MOMAXe

Megan is affected by a dream about Charlie; Sam makes a friend at a sex-addict session; Amy becomes Carrie's roommate; and Jason experiences an unseen side of Rachel.

Sat Jan 31 11:00pm
The Girl's Guide to DepravityThe Back Door Rule(Season 2, Episode 11) MOMAXe

Ryan helps Sam spy on Jason; a business merger leads to a personal merger for Jason and Rachel; Megan meets an attractive florist while organizing Tyler's wedding; Tyler and Penni are interviews by immigration authorities.