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Starbuck's Tailspin: More Shocks to Come

Although the February sweeps officially have been over for several days, Sunday night sure felt like a sweeps extravaganza, with game-changing episodes of two major series. Both pivotal hours, of Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica and ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, dealt with the fate of daughters whose respective departure and arrival is setting off shock waves for their unconventional families (the Galactica crew and the Walker clan).The episode that undoubtedly will cause the largest stir in TV fandom was Galactica’s riveting and ultimately devastating journey into the metaphysical, as Starbuck (a brooding, tormented Katee Sackhoff) finally faced and embraced her destiny. Which meant, in a series of visions and hallucinations guided by the specter of the not-quite-Leobon as if he were the Ghost of Psychodramas Past, that Kara had to confront the soul-crushing memories of her abusive mother, who instilled in the self-destructive Starbuck a belief that suffering was good f... read more

Brothers' Mother Is Hot for Teacher

Curious where Brothers & Sisters' Nora's reborn interest in writing and art is going? (C'mon, be nice. At least, I dunno, seven of you are.) Would you believe... the boudoir? Later this season, Peter Coyote (Erin Brockovich, E.T.) will appear on several episodes of ABC's hit freshman serial as Mark August, a professor and potential romantic interest for the widow Walker. I foresee fisticuffs with Dr. Andy Brown. read more

February 18, 2007: Love Is Difficult

It was a surprise to hear Noah’s name mentioned tonight. After briefly appearing in the opening episodes, he seemed to disappear. I thought we were going to go through the rest of the season without hearing about him again. But in attempting to address her feelings toward Joe’s friend Vanessa, Sarah was forced to confront her own confusing extramarital friendship and how it affected the way she feels about her husband. Coming clean to Joe didn’t seem to help much, at least for now. In fact, Sarah looked so inconsolable during her solo visit to the therapist that it was hard not to wonder if Sarah and Joe were ever going to be able to get back to the place they were before. And Sarah’s marriage wasn’t her only problem. Tommy continued to distance himself from her and the rest of the Walkers by officially going into business with Holly, although not until he did some checking to make sure Holly was being genuine in her offer. The flashback scenes with William ... read more

February 11, 2007: Valentine's Day Massacre

So much happened last night that it could have taken weeks for a typical family to sort out every event. Thank goodness the Walkers don’t keep secrets. All it took was one four-way conversation for everyone to know that Kitty slept with the senator, Kevin slept with Scotty, Justin slept with Tyler, and Nora spent the night in jail.Kitty and the senator were the big story, obviously. Once we found out that a business trip had them spending Valentine’s Day together, it became apparent that something would happen between them. Things started off romantically, but there's so much potential for complication. It seems fairly certain that issues will come up at work and/or with their families. On a side note, I did like the senator’s comment that he “always had a thing for Demi Moore,” Rob Lowe and Demi Moore of course both being members of the Brat Pack. Valentine’s Day didn’t go quite as smoothly for Kevin. Dealing with his ex-boyfriend and his secret b... read more

January 21, 2007: Something Ida This Way Comes

"Medieval" and "mid-level" might sound similar, but unfortunately their meanings are very different. And a coat of arms and people in costume at Nora’s 60th birthday party were the least of the Walker family’s problems. Between drinking in closets and Sarah’s sex tape and grandmothers who don’t know when to refrain from commenting, it’s a wonder they even had time for cake.Nora’s mother (guest star Marion Ross) came as a surprise. I wouldn’t have pictured her as such an unpleasant person, based on what we’ve seen of the rest of the Walkers. I guess it takes all kinds to make up a family, though. I think what I liked most about this story line was the realistic approach to the tension between Nora and her mother. They came to an understanding and parted on good terms, but at the same time viewers got the sense that mother and daughter would continue to disagree from time to time. The situation wasn’t magically resolved, but if it had been... read more

Lost in ABC's Serial Bowl

So far, I’m on board with everything ABC is doing with and saying about Lost these days. As I’ve said before, I think the network is right to move the show to 10 pm/ET when it returns from hiatus on February 7—gets it out of the way of American Idol, provides a solid lead-in to the late local news, which the affiliates care about (although history tells us that many of the fans will ditch the TV to go straight to their message boards and fan sites), and keeps the network from worrying about what poor loser show will next have to follow Lost and fail to live up to expectations.But what really jazzes me was ABC entertainment chief Steve McPherson’s suggestion at ABC’s TCA day over the weekend that next season, Lost will air in 24 style. Start to finish without a break, so we won’t again be frustrated by something like this fall’s six-season episode pod that, especially where our captive characters were concerned, felt like it was treading water more ... read more

January 11, 2007: A House Divided

In one of his well-known speeches Abraham Lincoln declared that a house divided against itself cannot stand a sentiment echoed in tonights episode title and story lines And boy all of our favorite ER docs and nurses were definitely facing some sort of domestic or personal turmoil that spilled over into the workplace And isnt that just the way we like it But first how very Julie Chen of me lets start at the ending I nearly jumped off my couch when Forest Whitaker turned up in that apartment Talk about a bad day After a shift-long snipe fest with Luka Abby has to say goodbye to her friend and mentor Kerry more on that later then finds out that mystery patient Eddie Fred Ward is actually her long-lost father well also come back to that one and ends her day by coming home with her infant son to an over-the-edge stalker It certainly puts my its 11 pm and we are out of milk crisis into perspectiveThough no read more

January 7, 2007: Family Day

Nora may be good at many things, but it doesn’t look like working at the family business is one of them. It was strange to see her floundering around the office like a fish out of water, especially when Nora always seems so in control at home. I kept expecting some of her self-confidence to eventually show itself in the workplace. How surprising was it to see some great ideas come from Holly instead?Although Holly’s ideas may have been good, it seems like she could learn to be a little more tactful. Making reference to her closeness to William during a meeting where half the attendees were Walker family members seemed in poor taste, to say the least. At least Holly realized that, but I couldn’t tell if she was genuinely sorry for bringing it up — as she told Nora. I find Holly a little hard to read in general. I can see how her relationship with William prompted her interest in his business, but actually, working there seems a little extreme. How can she think w... read more

The 2007 Horoscope Forecast for You and TV's Top Stars!

Robert Knepper, Isaiah Washington and Kyle Chandler

CAPRICORN • Dec. 22–Jan. 20Interested in impossibly strange or exotic people? Maybe, but does the answer lie in Palm Beach or Paris or Singapore? Although it doesn’t get rid of your un­certainty about the future, it’s important to explore the world and stay mentally stimulated. Don’t listen to too much advice or live too much in your own head, though, or you’ll lose touch with the fact that, in the end, the answer is right around the corner. Confidential to Masi Oka (Dec. 27, Heroes): Even though you think you have only five more minutes to get what you want, the fac read more

Globes-Trotting: Following the Buzz

The best thing you can say about the Golden Globes nominations is that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association isn't afraid about welcoming new kids to the party, especially if they've made a little noise along the way.On the plus side, that means shining some love on deserving candidates like America Ferrera and Ugly Betty, a show and a performance that would seem tailor-made to the Foreign Press's presumed concerns about diversity in entertainment. Likewise Masi Oka, who gives one of the most endearing supporting performances in all of television as Hiro of Heroes (which also got a nod as best drama series).Other freshman acts in the nominee pool include: Michael C. Hall (yay!) of Showtime's Dexter, Alec Baldwin (yay!) of NBC's 30 Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (yay!) from The Old Adventures of New Christine, Bill Paxton and Big Love from HBO (beating out The Sopranos and The Wire, among other more deserving HBO dramas; and besides, where are Paxton's wives in the grabbag supporting ca... read more

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