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Emmy Spreads the Love to Sopranos, 30 Rock

Tina Fey by John Shearer/

I pity the fool who wagered on a send-off Sopranos landslide in their office Emmy pool. Although the HBO hit walked away with best-drama, writing and directing statuettes, Boston Legal barrister James Spader beat James Gandolfini for best actor, while Brothers & Sisters mom Sally Field won best actress over Edie Falco.On the lighter side, 30 Rock took best comedy, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera won best actress, and Extras mastermind Ricky Gervais was awarded best actor. (OK, Steve Carell actually took that last one, because Gervais wasn't there to collect it himself.)For a complete list of winners, click here. And if you missed a minute of the ceremony, click here, because I didn't, and I'm gonna have the nightmares about Ryan Seacrest dressed up like Jonathan Rhys Meyers to prove it. — Reporting by Ben KatnerRelated: Emmy Ratings... Out! Smallest Audience Since 1990, Backstage with the Winners read more

Live Emmy Blog

10:35: Stephen Colbert joins Jon Stewart on stage with a leaf blower. Ah, another bit about the "green" Emmys. The leaf blower, Colbert says, runs on "Al Gore's tears. He's a crybaby."10:37: Colbert accuses Stewart of flying to L.A. in his "private jet sandwich." Eesh. They're trying too hard. Where's Bruce Vilanch when you need him? I mean, I love me some Stewart and Colbert, but this feels forced.10:39: Kyra Sedgwick clearly agrees with me. She's smiling so hard, I feel her pain.10:40: Ricky Gervais wins Lead Actor, Comedy. "Ricky couldn't be here tonight, so instead we're going to give this to our friend Steve Carell," Stewart says. See? Right there, that was funnier than the whole leaf blower bit. Especially when Carell runs on stage.10:40:30: Felicity Huffman is presenting with House. God, those Housewives really do hate each other, don't they?10:41: Sally Field wins Lead Actress, Drama. Terrified of the Muzak, Sally is talking faster than a teenager after a double latte. The v... read more

Live Emmy Blog

9:50: Sally Field looks freakin' terrific. And she and winner Helen Mirren are wearing two of the nicer, more creative colors of the night. Unfortunately, Helen's dress looks a little like a safety harness. But at least a pretty-colored one!9:51: Helen is asking the conductor to Muzak her off. "I'm going on and on," she notes. But she's British, so it's charming.9:52: Lewis Black is sorta yelling at us now. He's like Gilbert Gottfried, only less greasy. But he's spot-on with his gripe: Enough with the teasers during a show for a show that will come on later! No wonder he's yelling. That stuff ticks me off, too.9:53: Oh dear. Lisa Edelstein can't quite fill in her frontless dress. I'm 200 percent against boob jobs, and Edelstein's a knockout, but as Britney recently taught us, packaging is everything.9:55: They run one of those annoying ads under Black as he is plugging Fox's fall schedule. They lost me there. The ad wasn't nearly as garish as the ones they normally run, and it only ... read more

Catching Up with the Good (Closer) and the Bad (TMZ)

Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer by Ben Kaller/TNT

This week’s crackling finale of TNT's The Closer was a splendid reminder of why Kyra Sedgwick is so deserving of the best-actress Emmy this year (yes, she'll be getting it for last season, but the character was just as strong a year ago). Being on basic cable, it's possible she'll once again by upstaged in what is one of the more crowded categories — her five other nominees include Sally Field (my second pick), Minnie Driver and past winners (in order of preference) Edie Falco, Mariska Hargitay and Patricia Arquette. But if for whatever reason she fails to score, this season's finale once again puts her at the top of my list for next year's competition.It was a great two-parter, with Brenda really on the ropes both professionally and personally. First, her case is in tatters after she fails to get a confession from her suspect. Then, midway through the high-profile trial, the defendant’s alibi turns up out of nowhere with rock-solid video evidence that he couldn’... read more

More Hills, Less Land (of the Lost)

First of all, loving you guys for writing in last week. The world is filled with blogs these days (hell, this site is filled with blogs), so for anyone to read mine, much less reply? I’m feeling very Sally Field. Thanks for liking me!Now, about the 90210-Melrose situation that seems to have erupted. Like Chappy explained with NASA-powered GPS accuracy in the comments, the final two episodes of 90210’s sophomore season introduced Grant Show as Melrose’s Jake Hanson, the dude who taught Drunky McKay "how to surf, ride a motorcycle…pick up girls." And having just finished the second season on DVD, that skill set obviously also included getting with Kelly Taylor, which is what Hanson tries while not building Jackie Taylor and Mel Silver’s wedding pavilion and squinting through his carefully swept-back-but-floppy hair. "I should probably be arrested for thinking what I’m thinking right now," he tells our favorite jailbait. Nothing says romance — or spin... read more

ER Invites Old Favorites to Scrub Back In

Julianna Margulies and George Clooney courtesy Warner Bros.

There's no series finale written and producers and cast aren't yet ready to sign off for good but if, as many predict, ER's County General closes its doors at the end of its upcoming 14th season, the NBC drama wants to lure back as many of its cast as it can. Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter), who's popped in and out of the show for a number of years, is returning for multiple episodes, and there will be no running around in Africa this time. "He'll be in Chicago in the ER, interacting with all our people," executive producer David Zabel tells The doc is back to check out the Joshua Carter Center, a gift from his big-bucks family, as well as for a medical concern. In turn, ER is hoping to bring back Thandie Newton, who plays Carter's wife Kem. Zabel says they've also talked to Gloria Reuben (as Jeannie Boulet) and Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway) about returns. "Julianna's doing a show now (midseason's Canterbury's Law), but we can always write a story that can shoot in a ... read more

Well, it's that time again — ...

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Question: Well, it's that time again — time to rejoice and weep about the Emmy nominations. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year. After last year's debacle (it can't be called anything else), I wasn't expecting much. But this year, probably 75 to 80 percent of my wish list was granted, which, when it comes to Emmy nominations, is pretty good. Nothing's perfect, of course: In particular, I was disappointed that Lost wasn't nominated for best drama (but Boston Legal was? What?) and that Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell weren't recognized for their riveting performances. As a new convert to Friday Night Lights, I was also disappointed (but hardly surprised) to see that the show received no nominations at all. But there was good news to balance things out: I was particularly thrilled to see nominations for Ugly Betty, and for America Ferrera and Vanessa L. Williams. I also think they got it right in nominating Sally Field, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn for their great weekly ... read more

Emmy Nominees React to Their Golden Opportunities

Rainn Wilson, Neil Patrick Harris and Sally Field are among this year's Emmy nominees.

We know what you think about the nominees for this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, but what do the lucky nominees have to say about their good fortune? Some of your favorites reveal what went through their minds as the good news got out. Doug Ellin, executive producer of Entourage (Outstanding Comedy Series nominee) "The New York Times called Entourage the best show in its first season. If for some reason [the voters] appreciate it more and we win this time, there's nothing we've consciously done to change it.... I spoke to Jeremy [Piven], who's in London doing a movie, and I'm playing golf with Kevin [Dillon] in about two hours. Jeremy is kind of our home-run hitter, I knew he was going to get nominated, and when Kevin and Martin Landau also got nominated, it was just great." Tim Kring, executi read more

I'm a 30-year-old woman who ...

Question: I'm a 30-year-old woman who is beyond delighted to see representations of real women on TV this season. It's nice to look at Sally Field, both as an actress and her character on Brothers & Sisters, and not get the sense that life ends for women with marriage and kids. Mrs. Walker is a complex, intelligent character, as are the other women represented in the show. I recently discovered Alias on DVD and cannot say enough about Lena Olin, either. She's gorgeous and fierce, while not trying to be 25. I also love that these women don't look like they've been Botoxed within an inch of their life. I remember growing up watching Golden Girls and Designing Women with my mom. I know lots of young women who still find these reruns delightfully funny. It seems like that genre has been missing from TV in the last few years. What do you think the odds are that we'll see more of these characters or women-focused shows in the future? Do you think TV execs will ever get comfortable with women ... read more

What are your thoughts on the ...

Question: What are your thoughts on the Brothers & Sisters finale? I thought it was a perfectly understated finale with no big cliff-hanger, but plenty of plot twists to chew on over the summer. It was refreshing to not have a cliff-hanger just for the sake of suspense. What a great series this has become since its rocky start (something you highlighted in a recent column). If Sally Field is not nominated for an Emmy, I will be very disappointed. What a perfect matriarch for this crazy bunch. Can't wait until next season! Answer: After the Grey's finale, not to mention the capper to a dreary season of Desperate Housewives, the Brothers finale came as a relief. I was touched, I was amused, I was entertained — although I did think the depiction of the senator's family went too over-the-top; in what world are Rob Lowe and Garry Marshall from the same extended family? Over the season, this evolved into one of my favorite shows. Like Grey's in previous seasons (when it aired on Sundays) ... read more

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