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Top Moments: Betty, 24's Renee — and Who Else? — Say Goodbye

America Ferrera and Annie Werschling

Lots of things came to an end this week on TV — for better and for worse. Blair dumped Chuck on Gossip Girl and House's Cameron and Chase signed their divorce papers. Jack got up for a glass of water, and in an instant, his 24 lady-love Renee was killed by a sniper. But not all the endings were bad. Dean finally outsmarted Zachariah on Supernatural, Betty Suarez got her happily-ever-after, and Melrose Place went out — we think — with a slap. Welcome to Top Moments: Hard to Say Goodbye Edition.

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Oscars Poll: You Really Like Sally Field (and Billy Crystal)

As anticipation for this Sunday's 80th Academy Awards grows, some Oscar fans just can't help looking back. In a survey by Parade magazine, readers were asked to pinpoint the most memorable moments from the show's 80-year history as well as sound off on this year's races. Categories included everything from most memorable acceptance speech — which went to Sally Field's "You like me right now!" declaration — to the viewers' preferred host of the annual event, where Billy Crystal was the landslide winner.Richard Gere and Sandra Bullock came away as the fans' favorite actor and actress to never receive an Oscar nod, while (shocker, not!) 69 percent of readers want the acceptance speeches cut shorter. Looking toward this weekend's ceremony, George Clooney (Michael Clayton) and Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) are your picks in the lead-acting contests, while No Country for Old Men has the viewers' support for best picture. (Full results from the survey can be found he... read more

Paris, Britney Among Time's Most Shamed of the Year

Britney Spears by John Shearer/

Forget the Golden Globe nominations, I have the list you really want: Time's Top 10 Awkward Moments of 2007! Among the political embarrassments, you'll find Paris Hilton at No. 2 (wailing for her mother as she's hauled off to prison); Alec Baldwin at No. 3 ( for calling his daughter a thoughtless pig); David Hasselhoff at No. 4 (soused in the shower); Britney at No. 6 (for her Night of the Living Dead routine at the VMAs); Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck at No. 7; Fox at No. 8 for setting free speech back decades by censoring Sally Field at the Emmys; and of course, Miss Teen South Carolina at No. 9, working up a sweat discussing the Iraq and such. Did the editors miss your favorite moment? As bad as Fox's Emmy edit of was, I thought Ryan Seacrest dressed as a Tudor was worse. — Ben Katner read more

One Big Happy Family

Episode Recap Something NewThere are some remarks only family can get away with saying Mom you slut is one of them While these are words that would never come out of my mouth they barely raise an eyebrow in the Walker household Truth be told their being uttered during a family discussion recalling what music was playing when they each lost their virginity took the sting out of such a declaration but it also goes to show the comfort level in this family This week we were in full wedding preparation mode with Kitty feeling that all planned elements for her big day were recycled From her dress to her first dance with Robert who of course had done this before She had a point so were happy that she found a perfect dress to wear instead of Noras outdated and oversized hand-me-down This also was a perfect moment for ABC to subtly remind viewers of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars finale by featuring a ballroom dancing sequence In read more

Critic's Notebook: Strike — and Life — Goes On

Calista Flockhart, Dave Annable and Sally Field in Brothers & Sisters by Craig Sjodin/ABC

How’s this for irony? All last week, trying not to get too depressed about what a protracted writers’ strike might mean for the TV season and the industry at large, I was secretly looking forward to a weekend getaway: catching former Alias star Jennifer Garner’s Broadway debut in a revival of Cyrano, opposite Kevin Kline and Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata. Unfortunately, my tickets were for Saturday night, by which time the stagehands’ union had initiated their own sudden walkout and work stoppage.At this rate, I might actually finish the book I’ve been reading since mid-October.(Thankfully, I was lucky enough to catch Aaron Sorkin's new play, The Farnsworth Invention, before the strike. It was scheduled to have its official opening night later this week, but when it reopens, I predict a healthy run for this fascinating, entertaining play recounting the birth of television.)While consumers of TV, movies and even theater wait for unions and producers to reac... read more

Brothers & Sisters Romance Cut Short?

Danny Glover by Richard Cartwright/ABC

Danny Glover’s much-anticipated eight-episode arc on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, as love interest for the family matriarch (played by Sally Field), may be cut short due to the writers' strike (which Glover supports). He’s already grown attached to his character, an advisor hired by Kitty (Calista Flockhart) to help Robert’s (Rob Lowe) campaign. "I like his sensibility. He’s funny, he’s witty, he’s basically a good guy," says Glover. Despite the uncertainty caused by the strike, he says, "I’m having a good time. I love acting, so it’s not a chore. It’s just something I love doing."Glover tells TV Guide he’s shot only three of his episodes. While he once did a four-episode turn on ER, he says it’s been a while since he’s done episodic television, explaining that he had not done TV "in a long time, except very early in my career, and so I don’t know how it works, with rewrites. There seem to be a lot of rewrites. B... read more

Let’s talk Brothers & Sisters: How Hot To Trot Is Tommy?

Did Rebecca fall for Justin?s lies? Emily VanCamp and Dave Annable by Scott Garfield/ABC

Theyve hinted at an affair between Tommy and Lena but its off-screen nature leaves us wondering has Tommy really strayed Now that Scottys back in the picture the brother most likely to step out in this family is Kevin but he may be too wrapped up in Sauls private life to look twice at his ex As for the ladies ones heading down the aisle and the other for a divorce lawyer And what about the babies of the family Will Justins drug addiction ruin his relationship with his new-found sibling This should all make for an interesting show Chat about tonights episode here and read my thoughts later on in the recap blog read more

I love your column. It is ...

Question: I love your column. It is refreshing to hear the way you dissect television art, and I'd like to discuss Brothers & Sisters. I'm so glad I tuned in, despite the early problems. Not only was my perception of Calista Flockhart as annoying totally shattered, especially in the Sept. 11 episode, but the players I had no preconceived notions about, like Matthew Rhys and Dave Annable, showed me how strong the show really is. And last week's episode with Justin's return was pure brilliance, from the beginning with Kevin and Sarah talking on their respective cell phones all the way to the beautiful scene where Justin clings to his mother Nora, played brilliantly by Sally Field. I immediately thought of my mother through the tears this scene brought to my eyes, and remembered trying times in my life when a long hug made me feel better. This show has opened my eyes to the power of storytelling and reinvigorated my desire to crack into this business as a writer. I think this hour of ... read more

Is He? Or Isn’t He?

Episode Recap An American FamilyWelcome home Justin Yes while the show was still great last week having you back this week makes us realize how much we missed you And what a return With a busted knee and some scrapes Justin is due for a full recovery but its going to be a long haul for him since as a recovering addict he has refused to take any pain meds Justins physical pain may rival that of his journey of re-entry into a non-combat zone existence On a good day the Walkers can be overwhelming imagine that on top of coming home from war and this time as Justin reminds us hes not stoned Its a good thing we have the perfect senator around to provide the support that Justin may not be able to find in his immediate family The relationship between these two men has become one of my favorites on the show It makes sense that they have bonded given the senators own military history Without that closeness though Im sure I would have smirked read more

I have enjoyed your take on ...

Question: I have enjoyed your take on the nightly TV offerings and agree for the most part. I wondered what you thought about the return of ABC's Sunday night, particularly Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. I really thought DH was back in good form with some great twists and an intriguing new family. It is nice to have Marcia Cross back full-time and keeping Kyle MacLachlan around as her husband was a smart move. I really enjoyed B&S more, though. Sally Field showed exactly why she won that Emmy. Her range of comedy to drama was outstanding. What a great matriarch to build this show around. I thought the episode was a little busy with all the plot points, but what a great season it set up. I am really looking forward to what the Walkers have in store for us. Answer: Can't argue with anything here. I enjoyed both season premieres quite a bit, and like most of last season, I found Brothers & Sisters ultimately more satisfying than Housewives, though that episode had quite a bit ... read more

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