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41 years after the fall of Saigon, a search for closure
02:48 — Army Capt. Stu Herrington kept reassuring South Vietnamese seeking to flee Saigon that as long as he was there, there would be nothing to worry about. (more…)
Throwback Thursday: 10 years after Saigon falls, Bob Simon reflects on Vietnam
02:53 — In an April 1985 episode of “Face the Nation,â€? Bob Simon tells Lesley Stahl about his recent trip to Vietnam, and says visiting the country 10 yea (more…)
Preview: Rescue
01:36 — In a true story that could be a Hollywood movie a young assistant bank manager at a Saigon Citibank risks his life to save 105 Vietnamese, spiriting t (more…)
One last rescue
01:29 — "I can't go with you on this flight," a Vietnamese man told John Riordan when they were just steps from a waiting plane. Riordan explains how he carri (more…)
The one person John couldn't save
01:53 — John Riordan reunites with his friend Tuan from Saigon. Tuan explains why he didn't leave with Riordan and what happened to him after he stayed.
Obama pushes Vietnam on human rights record
01:19 — President Obama is criticizing Vietnam's government for its human rights record. Thousands of Vietnamese greeted the president Tuesday as he arrived i (more…)
Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War Trailer
01:59 — Written by Pulitzer Prize winning CNN correspondent Peter Arnett, Vietnam: The Ten-Thousand Day War is a comprehensive, balanced look at the Vietnam w (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Picture This Trailer
00:23 — A paternity issue surrounds Saigon and Erica Jean. Elsewhere, dramas revolve around Erica Mena, her new girlfriend and ex-boyfriend Rich a reality abo (more…)
Love And Hip Hop: Off The Record Trailer
00:22 — Amina's fate is decided Yandy fights for her beau and tries to manage her career Saigon and Erica Jean deal with family issues and Cyn and Nya plan a (more…)
The Children Of An Lac
02:40 — An emotional story about three women who try to evacuate hundreds of Vietnamese orphans prior to the fall of Saigon.
Love And Hip Hop: Put A Ring On It Trailer
00:20 — Joe proposes to Tahiry. Elsewhere, Rich confronts Erica Mena and Cyn in the studio Saigon and Erica Jean get a blessing Peter and Amina deal with a cr (more…)
China Beach: Lost & Found Trailer
02:06 — Lila takes over China Beach and throws K.C. off the base. Bad news about Natch makes McMurphy admit her feelings. Documentarian Wayloo Marie Holmes, f (more…)
Dip huet gaai tau - Trailer
01:50 — Three friends have their lives changed forever after a harrowing experience in war-time Saigon.
This Day In History: 04/30/1945 - Hitler Commits Suicide
Adolph Hitler commits suicide toward the end of World War II, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon agree to the Louisiana Purchase, the fall of Saigon signal (more…)
Former Reporter Discusses Media's Role in Vietnam War
Michael Nicholson, former ITN war correspondent, who was at the US embassy in Saigon when it fell, talks to Al Jazeera, discussing the media's role in (more…)
Kennedy Center Honors Stars, Brooks to Go on World Tour
U.S. President Barack Obama hosted the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony for Billy Joel, Shirley MacLaine, Carlos Santana and more in Washington, D.C. Th (more…)
Time Lapse Shows the Beauty of Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh, with a population of over seven million, is a varied and vibrant city. Jan Niederhumer had access to the top of the under-construction Sa (more…)
Vietnam Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Victory Over America
It's been 40 years since Vietcong tanks crashed through the gates of the Presidential palace in Saigon, bringing an end to the Vietnam War. Parades we (more…)
'Terror In Little Saigon'
The new FRONTLINE & ProPublica documentary 'Terror In Little Saigon' retraces the 1982 murder of Vietnamese journalist Dam Phong Nguyen in Texas. The (more…)
Happy 25th Birthday 'Miss Saigon'
West End musical 'Miss Saigon' celebrates the 25th anniversary of their 1989 premiere. Stars of the new production, Eva Noblezada and Kwang-Ho Hong, w (more…)
"Fall of Saigon" Remembered by Refugees Who Lived It
Forty years have passed since the fall of Saigon marked a vivid and official end to the Vietnam War. But for those who were there, like Ken Nguyen, Ap (more…)
Vietnam Marks 40 Years After War
Vietnam commemorates the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, an event which marked the end of the Vietnam War that plagued the country for over th (more…)
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