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Sat Sep 2 12:00pm
BansheePilot(Season 1, Episode 1) MAX

In the series premiere of this crime drama, an ex-con assumes the identity of a lawman in a small, out-of-the-way Pennsylvania town. Upon arriving in Banshee, Pa., Sheriff Lucas Hood immediately has a chance run-in with an Amish gangster, while keeping a w (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 1:00pm
BansheeThe Rave(Season 1, Episode 2) MAX

Proctor's henchman Hanson holds a rave in an Amish barn, after first ripping off his boss for some knockoff Ecstasy pills that he plans to peddle at the dance, but Lucas gets word of the gathering and stages a raid.

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Sat Sep 2 1:51pm
BansheeMeet the New Boss(Season 1, Episode 3) MAX

Banshee investors envision big-time profits from a mixed-martial-arts title bout being held at the casino, but the champion ruffles the feathers of Lucas and Siobhan and the event may be KO'd.

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Sat Sep 2 2:39pm
BansheeHalf Deaf Is Better Than All Dead(Season 1, Episode 4) MAX

A museum heist in Harrisburg is botched while Lucas, Carrie and Job renew their partnership, and later, Lucas and Emmett coerce Proctor's henchman into divulging incriminating evidence in the murder case. Meanwhile, Sugar wants his deal sweetened, while Ke (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 3:36pm
BansheeThe Kindred(Season 1, Episode 5) MAX

When rampaging bikers crash a town festival with fatal consequences, Lucas and Siobhan dole out some vigilante justice. Later, Lucas is steamed when an FBI agent arrives to monitor the case against Proctor; and Rebecca is torn between her feelings and her (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 4:27pm
BansheeWicks(Season 1, Episode 6) MAX

When a former convict from Lucas' past passes through town, it triggers his memories of a brutal fellow prisoner who was sent by Rabbit to make Lucas' life even more miserable. Meanwhile, Proctor turns up the heat on a reverend who won't sell his home for (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 5:20pm
BansheeBehold a Pale Rider(Season 1, Episode 7) MAX

Carrie contemplates giving up Lucas to Rabbit in order to ensure her and her family's safety, while a botched drugstore robbery degenerates into a hostage crisis at the high school, where Deva and the mayor's wife find themselves involved.

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Sat Sep 2 6:04pm
BansheeWe Shall Live Forever(Season 1, Episode 8) MAX

While a suspicious Gordon is determined to uncover the truth about Carrie's past, she implores Lucas to let go of his; and Rebecca asks Proctor to help her get a fresh start after she is tossed out of her Amish home. Later, Carrie becomes unsettled when on (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 6:53pm
BansheeAlways the Cowboy(Season 1, Episode 9) MAX

With Rabbit zeroing in on Lucas and Carrie, she gathers her family and makes a desperate attempt to get out of town, while Rebecca is introduced to the business world by Kai. Later, Kai lets Lucas know how he feels about the lawman being involved with his (more…)

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Sat Sep 2 7:38pm
BansheeA Mixture of Madness(Season 1, Episode 10) MAX

In the Season 1 finale, Lucas makes a fateful decision that impacts Sugar, Job, Carrie, her family and the entire police force, while Nola reconsiders her future after receiving a special delivery at Alex's, and Rebecca learns a powerful lesson about telec (more…)

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Sun Sep 3 12:00pm
BansheeLittle Fish(Season 2, Episode 1) MAX

In the Season 2 premiere, an FBI special agent investigates the vicious shootout involving Rabbit and Lucas, and metes out his own brand of justice. Meanwhile, Proctor tries to persuade Rebecca that he should be the one taking care of her; Deva gets caught (more…)

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Sun Sep 3 12:50pm
BansheeThe Thunder Man(Season 2, Episode 2) MAX

Carrie seeks a new residence after being spurned by Gordon and Deva; and Alex's leadership abilities are questioned by a rival and the tribal council, forcing him to step up efforts to recover loot stolen from the casino. Meanwhile, Siobhan is shocked when (more…)

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Sun Sep 3 1:47pm
BansheeThe Warrior Class(Season 2, Episode 3) MAX

A horrific murder triggers problems between the Amish and the Kinaho tribe, and necessitates that Proctor play peacekeeper; and when Hood and his deputies investigate the crime, which occurred on Kinaho land, they must deal with unruly gang members and the (more…)

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