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House Speaker Paul Ryan on tax reform
00:48 — Speaker Paul Ryan says tax reform is the way to grow the economy. Scott Pelley reports on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Scott Pelley on "60 Minutes" interview with Paul Ryan
04:54 — "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley spoke with House Speaker Paul Ryan for this Sunday's "60 Minutes." The congressman and president-elect Donald T (more…)
“My Narcissist Boyfriend Refuses To Change: Should I Leave Him?”
00:30 — Danielle is six-and-a-half months pregnant with her first baby and says her boyfriend Ryan is narcissist and possible sociopath. Danielle claims Ryan (more…)
Preview: Speaker of the House
01:15 — Scott Pelley interviews House Speaker Paul Ryan about his relationship with President-elect Donald Trump and the first issues he will address after th (more…)
Pete Prisco's Film Study: How Ryan Tannehill has improved
02:31 — Jorge Andres, Pete Prisco and Will Brinson break down Dolphins' QB Ryan Tannehill's performance thus far and how he has improved.
John Legend Is Jealous of Ryan Gosling's Piano Skills
02:50 — John Legend talks to Jimmy about his latest album and getting upstaged by Ryan Gosling's piano playing while filming La La Land.
Ryan Seacrest On Being a Man of Honor
00:56 — Ryan tells Harry how proud he was to be his sister's Man of Honor.
Ryan Seacrest's Red Carpet Secret
00:49 — What happens when Ryan meets someone on the red carpet that he doesn't recognize?
The View Co-hosts React to Paul Ryan Denying He Called Trump Racist
04:42 — Hot Topic: Racists vs. Racist Comments
Miss Piggy: Gisele Bundchen Will Be Jealous of My Work With Zosia Mamet, Kate Spade
03:08 — Miss Piggy has been in the spotlight lately, from her new partnership with Kate Spade to the status of her relationship with Kermit the Frog. The famo (more…)
Is President-elect Trump Going Back to His Old Ways?
05:40 — At a Cincinnati rally President-elect Donald Trump sounded very much like he did when he was campaigning. Huffington Post's Ryan Grim, Washington Post (more…)
Yes, Red Wine Brownies DO Exist (and Are Super Easy to Make)
01:10 — People are combining red wine and brownies to create one of the most indulgent desserts ever. Miss Piggy seems to be a fan (or maybe she just likes Ka (more…)
KLG and Hoda’s top Favorite Things of 2016 revealed
03:49 — TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas joins Kathie Lee and guest co-host Ryan Eggold to share the top items KLG and Hoda have picked as favorites throughou (more…)
Where the Dems Are Headed After 2016
08:40 — Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, discusses the soul searching happening in the Democratic Party following the election and how the party can appeal to voters in (more…)
Believe - Official Trailer
02:32 — For years, the small town of Grundy, Va. has relied on the Peyton family to provide the highlight of the year—the annual Christmas pageant. When Matth (more…)
A Girl Like Grace
01:09 — A GIRL LIKE GRACE is a story of a 17-year-old female growing up in a small, southern community where notions of femininity, sexual identity and surviv (more…)
Paul Ryan on Trump: The past is behind us
02:23 — In an interview to air Sunday on 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about his onetime contentious relationship with the pre (more…)
Ryan Reynolds Lends His Support to SickKids Campaign: 'It's Pretty Wild to See What One Kid Can Do'
02:24 — The 'Deadpool' star tells ET Canada how a young girl inspired him to get involved with Toronto's SickKids Hospital.
What Happens Before and After Rogue One?
02:38 — *Possible Spoilers!! Check out more from GameSpot Universe! http://youtube.com/GameSpotUniverse The backstory for Rogue One encompasses a lot of mo (more…)
Ryan Reynolds Lends His Support to SickKids Campaign: 'It's Pretty Wild to See What One Kid Can Do'
02:23 — The 'Deadpool' star tells ET Canada how a young girl inspired him to get involved with Toronto's SickKids Hospital.
The Unit Season 4
Returning for an exciting fourth season, Jonas Blane continues to lead the Unit on missions out in the field. The Unit includes Bob Brown, Colonel Tom (more…)
Why Tim Ryan is running against Pelosi for minority leadership
01:12 — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the House who has led Democrats in that chamber for 14 years, expects to fight off a leadership (more…)
Nancy Pelosi faces challenge as Democrats vote for leader
02:51 — House Democrats are voting for Minority Leader on Capitol Hill this morning, choosing between Nancy Pelosi and challenger Tim Ryan. CBS News' Nancy Co (more…)
Democrats vote on Nancy Pelosi's fate as House minority leader
05:10 — Voting is underway for the Democratic House leadership. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is facing a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan. The Washington Post's E (more…)
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