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Wed May 24 3:00am
Future-Worm!The Beak Shall Inherit the Earth; Lobster Boy Movie Trailer; Makin' History DISXD

Danny gets stuck in an alternate reality when he tries to prove he is the biggest fan of the band Titanium; Danny brings a lobster boy back from the past for a school project; Lobster Boy chases his dream of playing quarterback for the school football team (more…)

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Thu May 25 3:00am
Future-Worm!Go Help Yourself; Barl; Dr. D, Ghost Hunter DISXD

Danny helps one of Fyootch's shady pals from the past; Fyootch and Danny go on a road trip; everybody's favorite TV dinosaur doctor returns.

Fri May 26 3:00am
Future-Worm!Revenge of the Anchovy Monster; Food Goggles; Steak Starbolt Spooktacular DISXD

Future-Worm and Danny want pizza; Danny invents a device that makes everything taste good; Steak Starbolt gets trapped inside a TV.

Tue May 30 8:30pm
South ParkCrack Baby Athletic Association(Season 15, Episode 5) COMEDY

Cartman hatches a plan to help babies who are born addicted to drugs.

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Wed May 31 3:00am
Future-Worm!Robo-Carp-Alypse; The Reemen; Steak Starbolt Spooktacular DISXD

All of Danny's exploded Robo-Carps come back to life; Danny wishes Halloween was scarier; Steak Starbolt gets trapped inside a TV.

Thu Jun 1 3:00am
Future-Worm!Steak Starmom; Lemonade's Last Stand; This Week in Future Science 1 DISXD

Danny's mom stumbles into the Steak Starbolt virtual reality game; Danny and Fyootch set up a lemonade stand in a lemon-less future; the scientists who created Fyootch create more abominations of nature.

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