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BP: "Well Poses No Continuing Threat"
01:40 — BP announced that the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is officially dead. Russ Mitchell reports on the well kill 153 days after the worst offshore oil (more…)
Danish study exposes new stroke risks
03:47 — Dr. Anna Barrett, Co-director of the Stroke Program of the Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation, spoke with Russ Mitchell on a new Danish study that fo (more…)
Possible meltdown fuels Japan's nuclear power debate
02:24 — Russ Mitchell spoke with CBS News correspondent Lucy Craft who has been in Japan since the 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan and details the lates (more…)
Is it going to be Romney or Gingrich?
04:04 — Russ Mitchell, Amy Holmes and Leslie Sanchez discuss who could be the potential GOP candidate for the 2012 election.
GOP candidates ramp up as Iowa caucuses near
05:16 — Republican presidential candidates are stepping up efforts to dethrone Newt Gingrich from his status as apparent frontrunner, with the critical Iowa c (more…)
Schieffer critiques Cain ad on FTN
02:47 — Bob Schieffer speaks to Russ Mitchell about his "Face the Nation" interview with GOPP presidential candidate Herman Cain.
Protecting Pipes in the Cold Winter Months
04:38 — One danger homeowners face in the winter are the frigid temperatures which can cause the water inside pipes to freeze and expand bursting the pipes. (more…)
Woman sought dates online just to get free meals
03:36 — A women confessed to online dating to get free meals out of the men she meets. Russ Mitchell and Betty Nguyen spoke with matchmaker Siggy Flicker, who (more…)
First Look: Rising gas prices & homeowner donations
01:29 — Russ Mitchell gives you a behind the scenes look at tonight's episode of the CBS Evening News including the reasons behind the rising gas prices and a (more…)
Spine-tingling movies for Halloween
03:47 — Russ Mitchell speaks with Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips and New York Times film critic A.O. Scott about their picks for best scary movi (more…)
Following the money: Who killed Andrew Kissel?
05:38 — Russ Mitchell spoke with Nancy Walkley the whistle blower in the case of real estate mogul Andrew Kissel who was charged with swindling $40 million be (more…)
Puljols leaving the Cardinals?
02:51 — Russ Mitchell speaks with sports columnist Bryan Burwell about Albert Puljols and what would happen if Puljols were to leave the Cardinals.
Connick Jr., daughter discuss her music
01:02 — Harry Connick Jr. and his daughter Kate, 13, talk to Rebecca Jarvis and Russ Mitchell about performing together.
What does the future hold for Amanda Knox?
03:13 — Russ Mitchell speaks with Amanda Knox's U.S. attorney, Theodore Simon, on what the future holds for Knox and her family as her appeal trial comes to a (more…)
Hooper: Canine Katrina survivor, kids' therapy dog
05:04 — Hooper is a Hurricane Katrina survivor who has inspired his owner, Jane Paley, to write a book about him. He's also a therapy dog helping kids learn t (more…)
Millionaire on trial in wife's murder
04:06 — Bob Ward claims she was accidentally show as he tried to keep her from committing suicide, reports Tony Pipitone of CBS Orlando, Fla. affiliate WKMG. (more…)
Last minute Earth week freebies
03:53 — Despite Earth Week coming to a close, it's not too late to do something good for the planet. Green expert Danny Seo spoke with Russ Mitchell on the gr (more…)
CBS News' Robert Pierpoint dead at 86
00:36 — Longtime CBS News Washington correspondent Robert Pierpoint died at 86 years old of complications from surgery. Russ Mitchell reports.
What's next in the Casey Anthony trial?
03:30 — Russ Mitchell speaks with Casey Jordan about theories and observations in the Casey Anthony trial.
Mayors weigh in on creating jobs
04:02 — Russ Mitchell speaks with democratic Mayor Michael Coleman of Columbus, Ohio and republican Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City about current economic (more…)
School of last resort helps troubled youth
03:57 — Two years ago, Juvenile Court Judge Jimmie Edwards took a unique approach to turn young lives around and opened up the innovative Concept Academy -- a (more…)
Jack and Jason's "Gulliver"
04:55 — Actors Jack Black and Jason Segel speak with Russ Mitchell about their new family film, "Gulliver's Travels," opening just in time for the holidays.
Can Obama bounce back after lowest-ever approval rating?
03:39 — Russ Mitchell speaks with Democratic strategist Rob Zimmerman and Republican strategist Ed Rollins about President Obama's recent approval numbers and (more…)
How to save on the high prices popping up everywhere
04:54 — Rising oil prices are weighing on prices for everyday products. Farnoosh Torabi spoke with Russ Mitchell about these soaring prices and shared some si (more…)
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