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Brenton Thwaits and Odeya Rush On Working With Hologram Meryl Streep in "The Giver"
03:49 — Brenton Thwaits and Odeya Rush talk about shooting the big screen adaptation of the popular novel "The Giver".
American Dream
02:48 — Who will hit the motherlode?
'We're Not Going to Rush to Judgement'
01:44 — Can President Obama find enough support in Congress for the Iran deal? Sen. Ben Cardin joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss.
Gold Rush Sneak Peek
02:05 — Gold Rush returns for an all new season Fri Oct 16 at 9/8c.
Flash Floods Sweep Away Cars and Trailers in Arizona
00:17 — Ferocious flash flooding outside of Phoenix, Arizona, was caught on camera late Saturday showing water rush neighborhood streets.
Migrants Clash With Police in Macedonia As They Rush the Border
00:22 — Hundreds of refugees are rushing the Macedonian border from Greece, clashing violently with police as most of them flee ISIS and the killing in Syria.
Chielo Isn't in a Rush to Date
00:48 — Chielo says that he will eventually get into a relationship but there's no rush in doing so now.
3 Tips for Packing School Lunches
01:10 — Pack your child’s school lunch with these helpful hints that can help tame the morning rush.
A Pivotal Schnabel Family Meeting
03:15 — It's time for Parker to make some big decisions - so he's called a meeting with his parents and Grandpa John.
Lamar Odom’s Friends and Family Rush to His Side; Condition Hasn’t Improved
02:30 — Former NBA player are reality TV star Lamar Odom is clinging to life after he was discovered unconscious in a Nevada brothel, his family and friends h (more…)
The Badass Women of Paradise Hill
01:50 — Find out the Beets' secret to success from the operators on Tony’s Paradise Hill claim.
Ron Howard Teases Sexy, Dramatic 'Rush'
02:57 — Four years after producing and directing Angels & Demons, Ron Howard is back at it with another thrilling film. ET caught up the director-producer for (more…)
Rush- Daniel Bruhl Interview
03:55 — Daniel Bruhl talks about his role in the upcomig Ron Howard fllm 'Rush'.
More Retailers Opening Earlier Thanksgiving Day
00:38 — Stores including J.C. Penney, Macy’s and Kohl’s are opening their doors even earlier on the holiday for the shopping rush, while stores like Costco, B (more…)
Georgie Is Rushed to the ER
01:01 — Maxie & Spinelli rush to Georgie's side.
KLG to Single Women: Don’t Be Desperate to Get Married
02:11 — Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about a new book called “Spinster,” about women who are “living their best life” without being married. The ladies urge women (more…)
Old Mine
01:31 — Dustin and Melody are visiting a century old gold mine. Dustin reflects on how the old timers use to do it.
Chattanooga Residents Rush to Donate Blood
00:39 — Rachel Maddow reports that in the wake of the deadly shootings at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, residents are showing up in large (more…)
Gravity Rush Sequel Coming to PS4 in 2016
00:48 — Get ready for more Kat, with the original Gravity Daze on PS4 soon and a sequel coming next year.
How to Pan for Gold With Parker Schnabel
02:14 — Parker's grandfather taught him how to pan at an early age- now he shares that knowledge with us.
Getting to the Next 'moon Shot' for Cancer Cure
06:08 — Vice President Joe Biden laid out an ambitious goal when he announced he wasn't running for president. Former Congressman Rush Holt, CEO of the Americ (more…)
Olivia Wilde On Why Danger Is So Attractive in 'Rush'
03:19 — Olivia Wilde compares formula one drivers with gladiators. The actress gives her thoughts on why women are so attracted to men taking risks.
Iger Puts Star Wars: Episode VII On Rush for 2014 Production
03:52 — Without a finished script against the objections of producer Kathleen Kennedy, Robert Iger announced a firm 2014 production goal. With JJ Abrams giv (more…)
Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts to Offer Dinner Menus
00:17 — The companies will reportedly begin offering dinner-friendly food items next year in an attempt to extend sales beyond the morning rush.
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