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  • Birth Name: Rupert James Hector Everett
  • Birth Place: Norfolk, England
  • Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 05/29/1959, Gemini
  • Profession: Actor; author; model
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VIDEO: Rupert Everett, Miriam Margolyes and the Zimmers

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Rupert Everett, Miriam Margolyes and the Zimmers
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Length: 44:07
Aired: 8/11/2007

Graham Norton is joined by guests Rupert Everett, Miriam Margolyes and The Zimmers watch

VIDEO: Wally and Anjuli, Part Two

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Wally and Anjuli, Part Two
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Length: 52:00
Aired: 4/24/1984

After making a last stand at the embassy, Ash journeys home. There, he learns that Anjuli's husband is near death; she and her sister, Shushila, will have to commit suttee, immolating themselves on his funeral pyre. Ash concocts a desperate plan to save his lover. watch

VIDEO: Parade's End Part 5

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Parade's End Part 5
Subscription | HBO GO
Length: 01:00:00
Aired: 2/28/2013

At the front, Christopher takes over from a commanding officer who suffers from shell shock and a drinking problem. After General Campion arrives to take over his command, Christopher convalesces and is sent home, where Sylvia--now ensconced at Groby--makes a last-ditch attempt to keep her husband from building a future with Valentine. watch


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Year Title Description
2013 The Wonderful World of Nicky Haslam TV Show Series, Remarks by
2012 Parade's End TV Show Series, Actor - Mark Tietjens
2011 Hysteria Movie, Actor - Edmund St. John-Smythe
2007 Stardust Movie, Actor - Secundus
2007 Shrek The Third Movie, Actor - Prince Charming

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HBO's Miniseries Parade's End Explores Romance Among the Ruins of World War I

As the sun streams into an upper-class English drawing room, Sylvia (Rebecca Hall) — flame-haired, corseted, regal — stands up from her morning tea and hurls a plate at her husband, Christopher (Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch). She misses. He doesn't even flinch.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Tietjens. The deliciously snobby (and terribly unfaithful) socialite and her unfailingly decent husband are two sides of the love triangle in Parade's End, HBO's five-part miniseries about longing and lies in World War I-era Britain. The third is angelic Valentine (Adelaide Clemens), an idealistic suffragette and Christopher's soul mate. She's everything Sylvia's not: sensitive, faithful — and a virgin. "Valentine is this kernel of truth and innocence," Cumberbatch says. "She's incredibly sharp and... read more

Mega Buzz: Mentalist's Red John Reveal, the Grey's Finale and a Castle Return

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

Are The Mentalist writers just messing with us or are we really going to see Red John? — Evan
You are definitely going to see him — and you're not going to believe who they got to play him! This heavyweight actor is someone incredibly familiar to TV audiences. The real mystery, however, is how Jane will react when confronted with his nemesis. "This show does ask the question: Can this funny, Cary Grant-like character kill someone like he's always sworn to do?" executive producer Ashley Gable says. "I think fans will be pleased with the way it plays out."

What can you tell us about the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? — Katie
Alex's decision to reveal that Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer's clinical trial is going to... read more

Rupert Everett Slams Jennifer Aniston's "Tasteless" Career

Don't expect Rupert Everett to work with Jennifer Aniston any time soon — especially if she makes another "tasteless rom-com."

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, the actor said that certain stars retain A-list status despite underperforming at the box office, and used Aniston to illustrate his point.

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"If you look and analyze the careers of many, many stars, you'll find that they're mostly sustained by the business," Everett said. "You'll find there's lots of women and lots of men in the business that the powers that be decide are right for their ...
read more

I just watched the season ...

Question: I just watched the season premiere of Boston Legal and I am totally confused. Why didn't they just let the final episodes from last season go untouched and then introduce the new characters later? Instead we have characters (Julie Bowen's, most notably) about whom we have no clue, yet somehow we're supposed to care what happens to them. I was already mad at David Kelley for canning Rhona Mitra, but this steps it up a few notches. And what's with the excessive commercial breaks on ABC this year? Answer: Why single out ABC for the high commercial load? They're all doing it. As for Boston Legal, at least Rhona Mitra was so integral to the Rupert Everett story line that she's visible in these episodes. I saw the first two hours in advance, and there was one group scene where you can see Monica Potter (whose absence will not be missed), but otherwise, it's as if that character just vanished. And besides, the lovely Mitra has traded up by moving to Nip/Tuck, my No.1 choice for tha ... read more

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