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Season 21: Survivor: Nicaragua Trailer
03:17 — Twenty castaways will compete in a tribal battle of the ages on SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA, when the Emmy Award-winning series premieres in its new Wednesday (more…)
Survivor - Learn The Story Of Mark The Chicken
01:45 — Take a look back at how Tai and Mark's unlikely friendship developed on Survivor: Kaoh Rong. (Did we mention Mark's a chicken?) Plus, don't forget to (more…)
Survivor -Now's the Time to Start Scheming (Preview)
00:30 — A combination of balance and teamwork will earn some castaways a much-needed reward. Also, one castaway is under fire after bossing others around, on (more…)
Survivor - The Best Day Ever
03:21 — Michele, Aubry and Cydney discuss strategies while they enjoy their reward.
Survivor - Immunity Challenge: Running The Numbers
07:16 — Swimming, memorization and a puzzle stand between the castaways and the coveted immunity necklace.
Survivor - I'm Going To Keep Fighting
01:20 — Michele is amazed how her status in SURVIVOR keeps changing.
Survivor - I Need My Chicken
00:58 — Cydney explains why she was focused on winning the fried chicken.
Survivor - I Didn't Feel Like A Loser
01:15 — Joe talks about the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - It Definitely Sucks
01:44 — Julia is disappointed to lose the Immunity Challenge.
Survivor - I'm Out Of Gas
01:45 — Joe hopes he is the poster boy for older people.
Survivor - Agreeing As A Group
02:47 — Michele attempts to figure out what to tell Julia when the tribe decides to vote her out next.
Survivor - The Coolest 24 Hours
01:36 — Aubry is thrilled to have voted out Scot and gone on reward in 24 hours time.
Survivor - Once In A Lifetime
01:02 — Cydney describes her win in the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - Kicking And Screaming
02:40 — Jason feels vulnerable but plans on fighting to the end.
Survivor - Spoiler Alert Ponderosa 5
08:45 — See how Jury member #5 spent their time at Ponderosa after competing on Survivor: Kaoh Rong.
Survivor - A Dream Come True
01:19 — Aubry reveals her favorite experiences on the helicopter reward.
Survivor - Reward Challenge: The Hook
06:39 — Obstacles and moving targets make this reward challenge difficult.
Survivor - Secret Scene Go Out Swinging
01:19 — Julia makes plans to stay in the game.
Survivor - Tribal Council Voting (Ep 11)
00:25 — Find out what Julia has to say as the twelfth person to leave SURVIVOR: KAOH RONG.
Survivor - Fear Enters The Game
08:00 — Alliances are questioned at tribal council.
Survivor - It Was Frustrating
02:25 — Julia explains why it was frustrating to lose the Reward Challenge.
Survivor - Mend Fences
03:07 — Tai talks about trying to reconcile with Jason.
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