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Survivor - A Refueling Point
02:08 — Tasha talks about the reward challenge and spa reward.
Survivor - We Creamed Them
02:24 — Ciera is proud of her team winning the reward challenge.
Survivor - I’m A Better Spencer
01:26 — Spencer reveals how he is different from his first season.
Survivor - Not An Amateur Season
01:17 — Stephen reveals what’s different about this SECOND CHANCE season.
Survivor - It Makes Me Sick
01:40 — Jeremy is tired of Joe winning all the immunity challenges.
Survivor - I Almost Had It
01:20 — Abi reveals what helped her in the immunity challenge.
Survivor - I Can Make It Through This
01:46 — Ciera admits the bad weather makes the game more difficult.
Survivor - The Votes Tell The Truth
04:37 — Before voting, the Castaways discusses the unstable alliances that have formed this season.
Survivor - I Was Shocked
01:24 — Joe is amazed at who his biggest competitor was in the immunity challenge.
Survivor - Second Chance Ponderosa Kelly Wiglesworth
06:30 — Wiglesworth enjoys Ponderosa with Savage and Kass.
Survivor - They Underestimate Me
01:26 — Abi talks about not being picked for a team in the reward challenge.
Survivor - 3 For 3
02:09 — Joe talks about winning his third immunity challenge.
Survivor - It Was A Bad Showing
01:26 — Wiglesworth talks about her team’s performance in the reward challenge.
Survivor - Can’t Let The Weather Stop You
01:34 — Tasha vows to not let the rain hurt her game.
Survivor - Behind the Scenes Challenge Ep. 9
01:40 — Go behind the scenes with Jeff Probst for this week’s Survivor challenge, Styx. SURVIVOR airs Wednesday, Nov. 18 (8:00-9:00pmET/PT) on the CBS Televis (more…)
Survivor - One Of The Best Days
01:04 — Wentworth talks about her experience at the SURVIVOR Cafe.
Survivor - A Constant Battle
02:23 — Joe reveals what things he is focusing on to win SURVIVOR.
Survivor - Go Behind The Scenes Of Survivor Cambodia, Ep. 8
00:30 — Watch a collection of insider facts and tidbits about the Reward Challenge “Boats, Brains, And Brawn” in the latest episode of Survivor Cambodia: Seco (more…)
Survivor - A Race To The Finish
01:30 — Tasha reveals what makes this season so difficult.
Survivor - Reward Challenge: Boats, Brains & Brawn
08:04 — The castaways split into two teams to compete in this physical and mental challenge for reward.
Survivor - Playing Smart
03:29 — While enjoying their reward, the tribe discusses their game plan going forward.
Survivor - A Great Alliance
01:17 — Savage talks about his relationship with Joe.
Survivor - We’re Both Self Interested
01:46 — Stephen reveals his plan for Ciera.
Survivor - All Eggs In One Basket
01:18 — Tasha talks about idols and splitting votes.
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