Rudy Boesch



Survivor's Rudy Admits Error

Survivor: All-Stars may actually live up to its hype as the most cutthroat edition ever. After eliminating past winner Tina Wesson, the female Saboga tribemates preyed on the elderly by taking out Survivor's oldest player ever, Rudy Boesch. The 76-year-old former Navy SEAL made it to the final three in the very first game, but here, his torch was swiftly snuffed once he injured his ankle. "I didn't expect to go that quick," Boesch sighs to TV Guide Online. "I think it was because I was actually holding that tribe back. I would have done the same thing if I was in their shoes." That's quite a change of tune from his final on-air remarks. He threatened the backstabbing duo of Jerri and Jenna L., issuing the warning, "If I was them... I'd stay clear of me." The curmudgeon even went so far as to suggest that read more

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