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VIDEO: Pigeon Idol

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Pigeon Idol
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Length: 21:19:46
Aired: 8/22/2008

Maureen's old friend Ross "the intern" comes to the inn to judge a local talent show. Nervous to judge the competition, Ross suggests that Maureen, Bobby and Carney be the judges while he hosts the event. It'll be just like American Idol. As Maureen and Bobby get excited to judge the Pigeon Idol, Carney is suffering from an uncomfortable and painful hemorrhoid. Her mood slowly transforms into anger and ultimately threatens to ruin a traditionally friendly local talent show. watch

VIDEO: Episode #10826 Wednesday May 14, 2008

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Episode #10826 Wednesday May 14, 2008
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Length: 38:10
Aired: 5/14/2008

The gunman has Steve in his sights. Before he gets a shot off he realizes he's flanked by Bo and Hope both with guns trained on him. Steve is spared. Bo and Hope arrest the gunman and Roman takes him in. Ava learns her father has ordered a hit on Steve. Martino meets Ava at the pub. She demands to know what he has planned for Steve. Martino lies and says nothing. Ava is freaking when Bo and Hope come in and arrest Martino for two counts of murder and the attempted murder of Steve Johnson. Kayla is alone at Bo and Hope's when she's hit with a contraction. She's in labor and calls an ambulance. EJ's off to the gym and Sami follows. Nicole arrives and Sami accuses her of following EJ. EJ invited Nicole to run laps with him but she has a better idea. EJ and Nicole go off to the steam room where Nicole puts the moves on him. Sami sends a gym member to spy on the couple. She's horrified when her spy reports that the steam room door is locked and it sounds like EJ and Nicole are getting hot and heavy inside. Marlena tells John she has Roman working on the break-in. John's angry, and tells Marlena to stay out of his business. He doesn't need Roman and he doesn't need her. She tells him he's wrong. She loves him and he certainly does need her. Just then Daniel enters. He needs to speak to Marlena, professionally. He's fallen in love and has to learn how to fall out of love and move on. Marlena tells Daniel there's no way to escape love. John listens in. Marlena continues giving her professional opinion of taking chances on love and the inherent risks involved. She asks Daniel if he wants to live a life filled with regrets. Daniel's not sure. He leaves. Chloe and Philip have it out with Nicole who interrupts their dinner. Nicole can feel the sexual tension and chastises Philip for chasing a married woman. Chloe reveals she won't be married for long. Philip denies he's chasing anyone. Chloe accuses Philip of being conceited and leaves. Philip goes back to playing with the mystery disk. Chelsea asks Kate for advice about Daniel. She tells Kate she's in love with him but he doesn't want her. Kate tells her to play hard to get and Chelsea tells her it's not a game. Chelsea tells Daniel she wants him and she's willing to wait. watch


Pigeon Idol
Episode #10826 Wednesday May 14, 2008

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Year Title Description
2008 Days of Our Lives: Episode Episode, Actor - Chris
2008 Outsiders Inn: Pigeon Idol
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode, Reality Cast Member
2007 The View: Episode Episode, Host
2006 1 vs 100 TV Show Series, Appearing
2005 Celebrity Fit Club TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member - (Season 5)

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