Rose Rollins

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Berkeley, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Little Beau Porky
08:09 — Porky Pig is in the French Foreign Legion and left alone at the fort as he tried to defend it against the evil Sheik Ali Mode.
Tommy Takes the Fall
02:00 — Agent Justine Diaz wants Ben in custody for crossing her.
Tessa Saves Her Family
02:14 — Tessa changes her mind on the alliance with Felicity.
Felicity's Demands
00:44 — Felicity tells Margot where to meet her and who to bring.
The Rescue Plan
00:56 — Ben has a plan to get Tessa back.
Rhys' Warning About Ben
01:59 — Rhys tells Alice that Ben will never change.
Sophie Is Attacked
01:49 — Sophie is attacked while looking after Tessa.
Ben Wants Ethan Investigated
01:05 — Ben asks Agent Justine Diaz to investigate Ethan Hunt.
Tessa Solves Ethan's Case
02:07 — A resourceful Tessa helps solve Ethan's case.
Ben Tells Ethan to Stay Away
01:02 — Ethan won't heed to Ben's request to stay away.
Sophie and Alice Find the Killer
01:03 — Sophie hacks into the suspect's car to help take the killer down.
Tessa Goes Undercover
01:39 — Tessa almost loses her cover at the birthday party.
Parenting Styles
01:03 — Ben needs to speak to Margot after she gives Tessa a gun for a party.
Margot Gets Crossed by Her Mother
02:03 — Margot uses Tessa to test her mother's loyalty.
Ben Profiled Alice
02:28 — Ben tells Alice that he modeled his character after Ethan.
Alice Meets Danny
01:59 — Alice knows she's being followed and confronts the man.
Alice Asks Ben About Having Kids
01:21 — Alice wants to know if Ben ever wanted kids.
Rhys: The Good Guy
02:10 — Rhys decides to be the good guy.
Ben's Cover Is in Jeopardy
01:22 — Ben might lose his criminal informant status if he's arrested by the police
Ben and Rhys Set a Trap
01:31 — Rhys and Ben set former partners against one another.
Tommy Says Goodbye to Alice
02:10 — Alice gives Tommy one last opportunity to redeem himself.
Alice's Unexpected Visitor
00:55 — Tommy breaks into Alice's house to find the money.
Ben Wants the Diamonds Back
01:04 — Ben demands Margot to give back the diamonds.
Margot Uses Danny As a Distraction
01:09 — Danny has no idea what Margot placed in his suitcase.
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  • Birth Place: Berkeley, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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