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Wed Feb 10 6:00pm
The ThundermansMax's Minions(Season 2, Episode 3) NIK

A prank is played on Max by his former freshmen minions and it tarnishes his bad-boy reputation, which must be restored.

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Wed Feb 10 6:30pm
The ThundermansBreaking Dad(Season 1, Episode 20) NIK

Hank becomes a teacher at Max and Phoebe's school, but he struggles to stay awake in class after he eats some special turkey sandwiches.

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Thu Feb 11 6:00pm
The ThundermansDitch Day(Season 1, Episode 5) NIK

Max and Phoebe need to erase some video footage from their school's security cameras after the teens go a little wild on Ditch Day.

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Thu Feb 11 6:30pm
The ThundermansOne Hit Thunder(Season 2, Episode 23) NIK

Max writes a song using personal info about Phoebe and Link, and it leads to heartache. Elsewhere, Billy and Nora's parents want to teach them an important lesson.

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Fri Feb 12 6:00pm
The ThundermansFour Supes and a Baby(Season 2, Episode 2) NIK

Phoebe meets her crush and his baby brother at the park with her siblings, who mistakenly take the real baby home with them instead of taking Nora's doll.

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Fri Feb 12 6:30pm
The ThundermansAre You Afraid of the Park?(Season 3, Episode 5) NIK

A terrifying roller coaster intimidates Phoebe and Max, so they try to avoid riding it by sparking a quarrel between Billy and Nora.

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Sat Feb 13 5:00pm
The ThundermansFloral Support(Season 3, Episode 8) NIK

Max wants his evil-deeds list, so he uses Phoebe to get it, but he pushes the envelope when it comes to breaking her trust.

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Sat Feb 13 5:30pm
The ThundermansDate Expectations(Season 3, Episode 12) NIK

Phoebe cons Max into thinking a classmate wants to date him, but Max soon learns the truth and seeks revenge.

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Sat Feb 13 8:00pm
Sun Feb 14 8:00pm
Mon Feb 15 8:00pm
Tue Feb 16 6:00pm
The ThundermansDinner Party(Season 1, Episode 3) NIK

A family dinner with Phoebe's new crush goes awry when an uninvited guest crashes the festivities.

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Tue Feb 16 6:30pm
Wed Feb 17 6:00pm
The ThundermansMeet the Evilmans(Season 2, Episode 13) NIK

Thunder Man's rival relocates to Hiddenville, and Phoebe secretly begins dating his son.

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Wed Feb 17 6:30pm
The ThundermansPheebs Will Rock You(Season 2, Episode 4) NIK

Phoebe tries to be a bad girl to impress Max's new pal, a rocker with a rebel image.

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Thu Feb 18 6:00pm
The ThundermansMall Time Crooks(Season 2, Episode 19) NIK

Phoebe and Max go to the mall to buy a birthday present for their dad, but the simple trip turns chaotic and mall security get involved.

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Thu Feb 18 6:30pm
The ThundermansNo Country for Old Mentors(Season 3, Episode 11) NIK

Phoebe joins a mentor program and gets paired with her dad, but she laments this match up because her father uses antiquated superhero methods.

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Fri Feb 19 6:00pm
The ThundermansCape Fear(Season 2, Episode 21) NIK

Phoebe saves someone's life at a party and asks Max to take credit for it, which casts him as a hero in others' eyes.

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Fri Feb 19 6:30pm
The ThundermansGive Me a Break Up(Season 3, Episode 10) NIK

Phoebe's superhero beau receives an overseas assignment, and it tests the strength of their bond.

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Sat Feb 20 6:00pm
The ThundermansGoing Wonkers(Season 1, Episode 11) NIK

The kids' powers go awry because of a comet, but if they stick together, the problem disappears.

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Sat Feb 20 6:30pm
Sat Feb 20 9:30pm
The ThundermansShred It Go(Season 2, Episode 7) NIK

Phoebe thinks her concert tickets wound up in the shredder, but Max actually swiped them and is planning to accompany his new crush to the concert.

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Sun Feb 21 1:00pm
The ThundermansA Hero Is Born NIK

A surprise awaits the family, and it proves to be a challenge to Cherry and Phoebe's friendship. Meanwhile, Dr. Colosso receives a special villain award, and Max accompanies him as he accepts it.

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Sun Feb 21 2:00pm
The ThundermansPhoebe vs. Max: The Sequel(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

In the third-season opener, Phoebe gets her first assignment as a superhero: She must safeguard Hiddenville. However, she finds the task a little too simplistic, so she asks Max to make it more challenging for her.

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