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Fri Mar 24 8:30pm
The ThundermansThe Girl With the Dragon Snafu(Season 2, Episode 24) NIK

Phoebe teams up with the popular kids for a class project and is surprised to find they're not hardworking. Meanwhile, Max joins Phoebe's pals for the assignment and tries to let them to the heavy lifting.

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Sat Mar 25 6:00pm
The ThundermansSmells Like Team Spirit(Season 4, Episode 5) NIK

Phoebe and Max collaborate on team-building drills, but they have dissimilar approaches, which jeopardizes their plans to be a crimefighting duo.

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Sat Mar 25 6:30pm
The ThundermansMay Z-Force Be With You(Season 4, Episode 12) NIK

Phoebe gets injured and asks Cherry to fill in for her at a meeting with the Z-Force, but a superhero emergency tests this scheme.

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Sun Mar 26 6:00pm
The ThundermansDate of Emergency(Season 4, Episode 9) NIK

Phoebe fakes a romance so she won't feel left out when her friends talk about their relationships, but keeping the lie going proves to be harder than she expected.

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Sun Mar 26 6:30pm
The ThundermansAunt Misbehavin'(Season 3, Episode 22) NIK

Max and Phoebe plan a reunion for their mom and aunt, unaware of the longtime feud that exists between these sisters.

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Mon Mar 27 8:00pm
The ThundermansMall Time Crooks(Season 2, Episode 19) NIK

Phoebe and Max go to the mall to buy a birthday present for their dad, but the simple trip turns chaotic and mall security get involved.

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Tue Mar 28 8:00pm
The ThundermansPhoebe vs. Max: The Sequel(Season 3, Episode 1) NIK

In the third-season opener, Phoebe gets her first assignment as a superhero: She must safeguard Hiddenville. However, she finds the task a little too simplistic, so she asks Max to make it more challenging for her.

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Wed Mar 29 8:00pm
The ThundermansParks & T-Rex(Season 4, Episode 8) NIK

Phoebe plans a family day after neglecting family events, but the day doesn't go as well at first. However, Phoebe is determined to make it a perfect day.

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Fri Mar 31 8:00pm
The ThundermansMax to the Future(Season 4, Episode 6) NIK

Max builds a machine to predict future crimes, but the machine is a failure, and Max tries to hide his blunder by lying to Phoebe.

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Sat Apr 1 3:00am
FrasierSecret Admirer(Season 6, Episode 6) HALMRK

Frasier receives a message from a secret admirer, but Niles realizes that it's actually meant for him---from Maris. Nancy: Grace Phillips. Waitress: Rosa Blasi. Tina: Tina Arning. Niles: David Hyde Pierce. Frasier: Kelsey Grammer.

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Sat Apr 1 6:00pm
The ThundermansMax's Minions(Season 2, Episode 3) NIK

A prank is played on Max by his former freshmen minions and it tarnishes his bad-boy reputation, which must be restored.

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Sat Apr 1 6:30pm
The ThundermansOriginal Prankster(Season 3, Episode 16) NIK

Max pulls a huge prank, but his pal gets in trouble for it and faces expulsion from school.

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Sat Apr 1 9:00pm
The ThundermansPhoebe vs. Max(Season 1, Episode 2) NIK

A prank war between Max and Phobe gets out of control, and Hank and Barb take a creative approach to getting Billy and Nora to do their chores in the series premiere of this comedy following the adventures of a suburban family with superpowers.

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Mon Apr 3 7:30pm
The ThundermansBack to School(Season 3, Episode 24) NIK

Phoebe and Max take an exam at their old elementary school, but the task proves to be challenging because of how Max treated their instructor in the past.

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Mon Apr 3 8:00pm
The ThundermansStealing Home(Season 3, Episode 23) NIK

Max hides all the furniture in house and makes his family earn back their belongings.

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Tue Apr 4 7:30pm
The ThundermansRobin Hood: Prince of Pheebs(Season 3, Episode 21) NIK

Phoebe tells Chloe a story inspired by Robin Hood in an attempt to win Chloe's affections.

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Tue Apr 4 8:00pm
The ThundermansDog Day After-School(Season 3, Episode 15) NIK

Mom's tablet gets confiscated at school and Billy and Nora need to retrieve it, so they seek help from Phoebe, who's trying to prove she has a cunning side just like Max.

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Wed Apr 5 7:30pm
The ThundermansBeat the Parents(Season 3, Episode 19) NIK

Max is uneasy about meeting his girlfriend's parents, so he turns to Phoebe for assistance. However, this proves to be a big mistake.

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Wed Apr 5 8:00pm
The ThundermansI'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka(Season 3, Episode 18) NIK

Phoebe must cut ties with Cherry after Cherry posts a photo exposing the Thundermans' secret.

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Thu Apr 6 7:30pm
The ThundermansOrange Is the New Max(Season 4, Episode 10) NIK

Phoebe wants to protect Max from himself after he's asked to give a speech to young supervillains in prison, but her efforts do more harm than good.

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