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Grey's Anatomy's Derek has got his mother's ring. Now what? — Gayle
MATT: Dude needs to unload it and quick, I'd say! Instead (sigh), he will hold onto it long enough for virtually every Seattle Gracer — Meredith excluded, of course — to learn of the bauble's being and in turn offer their two cents on when and how he should pop the Q. Will Der stick to his original plan? And if so, does it involve a meticulously crafted arrangement of candles?

I love Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives this season. Any scoop? — Marcia
MICKEY: Well, remember how it was Tom's dream to open an Italian restaurant, and how begrudgingly Lynette went along with the idea? Well, apparently now he has a different dream ... read more

Exclusive: 24 Gets Up to Speed with Rory Cochrane

Rory Cochrane by John Sciulli/

And this ain't no hallucination, either, Speedle fans. Rory Cochrane, whose dearly departed CSI: Miami character managed to resurface last season (as an ethereal vision of Delko's), has joined the ensemble of Fox's 24 for this coming season, sources tell me exclusively. Cochrane will be filling the recurring role of Greg Seaton, a crony of Jon Voight's big very baddie.Jack Bauer et al isn't the only good company Cochrane is keeping these days. He recently wrapped Michael Mann's Public Enemies, playing G-man Carter Baum alongside Christian Bale's Melvin Purvis, as they together pursue Johnny Depp's John Dillinger. What say you, "Speed freaks"? Short of another hard-to-explain Miami visit, is this a welcome return to the smaller screen for Cochrane? — Matt Mitovich read more

CSI: Miami Preview: Speedle's Return!

Rory Cochrane and Adam Rodriguez, CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET, CBS) apparently has as many fans in the hereafter as it does on earth. Although crime-lab expert Tim Speedle (played by Rory Cochrane) died in Horatio Caine's arms after taking a bullet in Season 2, the character is about to make an encore. "Call it 'The Miracle on South Beach,'" says executive producer Ann Donohue. "Good old Speedle is back." "Specter" Speedle is more like it. Cochrane shows up in tonight's episode as a vision that haunts former colleague Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), who's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. "It's very touching," Donohue says. "Speedle and Delko were great friends and now Speedle shows up to help solve a mystery involving a dead girl in an SUV at the beach. Speedle ends up leading Delko to the answer." C read more

CSI: Miami's Cast Talks About Rory Cochrane's Return

(Adam Rodriguez and Rory Cochrane in CSI: Miami by Robert Voets/CBS

Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) will see dead people — or at least one dead person. As a result of his posttraumatic stress disorder, the CSI: Miami agent will see the ghost of his fallen colleague Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane), which will, for obvious reasons, send him into a downward spiral. "Delko is doing a good job at masking his trauma," Rodriguez told TV Guide at the CBS Monday Night Season Premiere party on Sept. 19. "But I think [a meltdown] is definitely a possibility."And while seeing the ghost is bad for Delko, Cochrane’s return is great for the cast. "I’m happy to have my buddy back," says Rodriguez, who admitted last July that he was disappointed when Cochrane abruptly quit in 2004. "It wasn’t the world he wanted to live in. He walked away to make himself happy."Unfortunately Cochrane’s return is short-lived — he’ll only be on for two episodes. "I feel like he deserves to be here," says Emily Procter, who plays Calleigh Duquesne. "I wish he... read more

"Night 3"

Wow! What a strong conclusion for what’s sure to be recognized as one of the year’s best miniseries. The tone this time was definitely more of a piece with The Company’s slow-building first part than last week’s globe-trotting actionfest. But the dark, regretful feeling that permeated every action, every conversation, was, in the end, the only way things could have turned out.Watching the complete breakdown of Leo (Alessandro Nivola) throughout his interrogation was shocking — in part because of its swiftness, but more so because his only crime was being too loyal to the Company. Or so it seemed, until we found out he was the mole, Sasha, all along — a fact he later revealed by shooting his best friend and godfather of his children in the gut and fleeing to the crumbling remains of his adopted homeland.Truly, it seems, the Cold War was a grand debacle, perhaps summed up best by Michael Keaton ’s Angleton in his greenhouse conversation with Chris O&... read more

"Night 1"

Let me start off with a disclaimer: I’m not familiar with the Robert Littell novel of the same name on which The Company is based. However, based on the Internet buzz, I know a lot of fans of the book have been very much anticipating this miniseries. So what I ask of you, readers, is that you be as understanding as you can about my lack of foreknowledge, while still feeling free to tell me what’s what when I get it wrong. Thanks in advance. [end disclaimer]Well, we're only a third of the way in, but so far, I like what I'm seeing. Even abridged as it must be for TV, this is clearly a complex, multilayered story. The Company is juggling a large cast of international characters who are constantly double- and triple-crossing each other, but thankfully, I didn't have to strain too hard to keep it all straight. I don't know if the novel's focus was so squarely on the characters of Jack (Chris O'Donnell) and Yevgeny (Rory Cochrane), but the friends-turned-enemies situation set u... read more

UPDATE: CSI: Miami Exhumes Rory Cochrane

Rory Cochrane by Robert Voets/CBS

Major spoilery update: Scroll down to the bottom of the story for details -- but do so at your own risk. I'm not quite sure how they're going to pull this off, but sources confirm that Rory Cochrane is returning to CSI: Miami this fall — three years after his character was fatally shot in the line of duty.Cochrane — who asked to be released from his contract back in the summer of 2004 because "he couldn't really handle the grind anymore" — will appear in multiple episodes, beginning with this season's second. It's not clear, however, if he'll be reprising his role as presumed-dead criminalist Tim Speedle or playing a brand-new character. Tim's evil twin, perhaps? Which option would you prefer, Miami fans? And more importantly, does Cochrane's return qualify as a good thing? Sound off below!This just in: Sources confirm that Cochrane is definitely returning as Speedle. Discuss amongst yourselves... read more

February 5, 2007: I'm Gonna Be Fine

Please look at the title of this entry. If you are a police officer and you’ve been shot, you are never, ever, ever, ever to say this. Ever. Even though Delko's getting shot was the worst kept secret on, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be anything like it was. Dare I say, CSI: Miami is giving us suspense again? When he got shot in the leg, I figured that was it. And then he just had to go and say, “I’m gonna be fine.” Horatio didn’t even have any sunglasses to fiddle with. He just had to stand there and actually emote. It was a watershed moment in the history of this show.I have to admit that when the first Clavo episode aired, I was definitely more concerned with passing my physics-for-poets science requirement, and so while I vaguely remember it, it doesn’t have quite the same resonance for me as it may have for others. I like the character, though. He’s very over-the-top and so obviously evil that he almost makes up for the l... read more

I never see any CSI: Miami ...

Question: I never see any CSI: Miami Spoilers on here. What's the deal?

Answer: My colleague, Matt Webb Mitovich, got some good poop out of exec producer Ann Donahue yesterday, including news that Eva LaRue 's Natalia character "will be romantically involved with a male" cast member very soon. And don't rule out the return of Rory Cochrane, even though his Speed demon was killed off last season. "You know, I'll tell you what, it's always open," she says. "We love him, too; I've got to tell you, we love him. And we have kicked it around, different ways to go. Never say never."

read more

CSI Star's Death Wish

Rory Cochrane may have shot himself in the foot before thieves put a bullet in his character's chest. Although CSI: Miami producers obliged his request to leave the show, there was a catch: He cannot do "any kind of television work — cable or otherwise" until 2008, he says, because he signed a six-year contract with the show.

The 31-year-old actor — who says he "couldn't really handle the grind anymore" — wasn't pleased with the way his character, Tim Speedle, was killed off in last month's season premiere. (He was fatally wounded when his gun malfunctioned during a shootout.) "It was lame," Cochrane says. "He got shot last year because of the same [gun malfunction]. It doesn't make sense. I mean, Speedle knows all these forensics things, and then he doesn't clean his gun?"

So has he committed career suicide? "Well, I never did TV before and I survived," says Cochrane, whose films include Dazed and read more

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