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Tue Oct 6 3:30pm
Mike & MollyMike's Manifold Destiny(Season 4, Episode 18) FX-E

Car problems put Mike at a crossroads as he contemplates whether to ask Carl for a loan.

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Tue Oct 6 4:00pm
Mike & MollyWho's Afraid of J.C. Small?(Season 4, Episode 19) FX-E

Mike and Carl book Molly's literary idol for driving under the influence.

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Wed Oct 7 2:00pm
Mike & MollyThis Old Peggy(Season 4, Episode 21) FX-E

After Peggy's bathtub crashes through the ceiling, Mike showers her with requests to go see a doctor.

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Wed Oct 7 2:30pm
Mike & MollyEight Is Enough(Season 4, Episode 22) FX-E

In the Season 4 finale, Molly is ecstatic to be accepted into a prestigious eight-week writer's workshop, but Mike isn't thrilled about having his wife gone for the entire summer.

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Thu Oct 8 5:00pm
Mike & MollyPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) FX-E

Teacher Molly Flynn and Chicago police officer Mike Biggs fall in love when, in the opener, they meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and Molly invites Mike to speak to her fourth-grade class about his job.

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Thu Oct 8 5:30pm
Mike & MollyFirst Date(Season 1, Episode 2) FX-E

Molly gets a cold before a date with Mike, but her decision to take cold medicine before the outing turns out to be a bad choice.

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Fri Oct 9 5:15am
Eye for an Eye MOMAXe

Harrowing tale about a mother (Sally Field) out for justice after the acquittal of her daughter's rapist-murderer (Kiefer Sutherland). McCann: Ed Harris. Dolly: Beverly D'Angelo. Denillo: Joe Mantegna. Directed by John Schlesinger.

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Fri Oct 9 2:00pm
Mike & MollyFirst Kiss(Season 1, Episode 3) FX-E

Mike gets a bruised ego when he and Molly go on a bowling date.

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Fri Oct 9 2:30pm
Mike & MollyMike's Not Ready(Season 1, Episode 4) FX-E

Molly misunderstands Mike's intention when he turns down her offer to come inside the house after their third date.

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Fri Oct 9 3:00pm
Mike & MollyCarl Is Jealous(Season 1, Episode 5) FX-E

Carl is jealous when Mike spends more time with Molly than he does with him, prompting Mike to invite Carl on a double date.

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Sun Oct 11 1:30am
Mike & MollyMike Snores(Season 1, Episode 8) FX-E

Molly is troubled by Mike's snoring problem.

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Sun Oct 11 8:00am
Mike & MollyMike's New Boots(Season 1, Episode 9) FX-E

Molly is jealous when Mike refers to her as his "friend" in front of a woman who's flirting with Mike.

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Sun Oct 11 8:30am
Mike & MollyMolly Gets a Hat(Season 1, Episode 10) FX-E

Molly invites Mike's mom over for Thanksgiving dinner, which she has no clue how to prepare.

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Mon Oct 12 2:00am
Mike & MollyCarl Gets a Girl(Season 1, Episode 11) FX-E

Carl uses Mike's apartment for dates, and Mike spends more time at Molly's, where he gets a chance to get closer to her mom and sister.

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Mon Oct 12 2:30am
Mike & MollyFirst Christmas(Season 1, Episode 12) FX-E

Mike and Molly spend their first Christmas together, and Mike has no idea about what to give her.

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Mon Oct 12 11:55am
The Astronaut's Wife STARZ

A woman grows suspicious of her astronaut husband, who acts strangely after a space mission. The film suffers from a slow pace and stiff dialogue. Johnny Depp, Charlize Theron. Written and directed by Rand Ravich.

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Mon Oct 12 4:00pm
Mike & MollyMike Goes to the Opera(Season 1, Episode 13) FX-E

Mike becomes ill, and Molly and her mom argue about who's better at nursing him back to health.

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Mon Oct 12 4:30pm
Mike & MollyMolly Makes Soup(Season 1, Episode 14) FX-E

Joyce's boyfriend Vince tries to strike up a friendship with Mike, much to Molly's dismay.

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Tue Oct 13 4:00pm
Mike & MollyJim Won't Eat(Season 1, Episode 15) FX-E

Mike's mom stuns Molly when she asks her to dog-sit while she has surgery; and she's equally shocked when Mike tells her he wants to be buried next to her when he dies.

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Wed Oct 14 3:30pm
Mike & MollyJoyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb(Season 1, Episode 17) FX-E

Mike gets lazy and wants to stay home all day, and a frustrated Molly goes out with her sister.

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Wed Oct 14 4:00pm
Mike & MollyMike's Feet(Season 1, Episode 18) FX-E

Mike and Carl work double shifts during a snowstorm, and time together threatens their friendship.

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Thu Oct 15 4:30pm
Mike & MollyPeggy Shaves Her Legs(Season 1, Episode 19) FX-E

Peggy invites Molly to lunch, and Mike is afraid his mom will share embarrassing childhood stories.

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Thu Oct 15 5:00pm
Mike & MollyOpening Day(Season 1, Episode 20) FX-E

Mike throws Carl a curve ball when he disrupts their annual tradition of going to the Cubs' opening day by asking Molly to join them.

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Fri Oct 16 2:00am
Mike & MollySamuel Gets Fired(Season 1, Episode 21) FX-E

Samuel gets fired and also loses his apartment, so Mike lets him move in with him temporarily.

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