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Dickerson's debate history: Reagan zings Mondale in 1984
02:21 — John Dickerson recalls one of Ronald Reagan's most memorable zingers from a 1984 debate against then-Democratic nominee Walter Mondale.
Paula Jones: I Want a Front Seat at the Debate to Make Hillary Clinton Nervous
01:55 — Ahead of Monday's first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Paula Jones says she'd be delighted to sit in the audience at th (more…)
The Ronald Reagan Mic Drop Moment at the 1984 Debate
02:08 — When his age became an issue in the second 1984 presidential debate against a younger Walter Mondale, Ronald Reagan found a way to use it to his advan (more…)
Brokaw: Reagan's Debate Challenge
04:27 — As the Clinton-Trump showdown approaches, Tom Brokaw looks at how debates played a big role in the re-election of Ronald Reagan.
How Debates Can Define Presidential Elections
10:44 — Tom Brokaw discusses how a single moment at a presidential debate can be a defining moment for a presidential campaign. The Morning Joe panel talks ab (more…)
Ronald and Nancy Reagan's personal items for sale at auction
04:56 — Many personal items owned by President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, will be up for auction starting next week. The auction house Christie's cons (more…)
Find the Good in People: Michael Reagan Talks About Ronald Reagan's "Good Soul"
01:07 — Republican strategist Michael Reagan and political commentator Tanya Acker speak with Larry King about former President Ronald Reagan.
Michael Reagan and Tanya Acker Speculate On How Reagan's Immigration Reform Might Have Looked Like
01:42 — Republican strategist Michael Reagan and political commentator Tanya Acker talk to Larry King about how former President Ronald Reagan's immigration p (more…)
John Hinckley, Jr., would-be Reagan assassin, released from mental hospital
02:16 — The man who shot president Ronald Reagan in 1981 is out of a Washington mental hospital. John Hinckley, Jr. was hidden from cameras as he went home to (more…)
Man Who Shot Pres. Reagan Free
02:33 — The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan became a free man on Saturday, and some of his new neighbors are not too happy about it. (more…)
Ronald Reagan Shooter John Hinckley Jr to Be Released from Mental Hospital
01:55 — John Hinckley Jr, the now-61-year-old man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981, is expected to be released from a mental hospital (more…)
Pence Compares Trump to Reagan
00:55 — Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence compares Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to President Ronald Reagan.
Newt Gingrich: Ted Cruz Is a Polarizing Figure
00:40 — Former Speaker Newt Gingrich in Politicking With Larry King describes Sen. Ted Cruz as a polarizing figure and compares him to President Ronald Reagan (more…)
What Would Ronald Reagan Make of the Tea Party?
01:40 — "Hardball" host Chris Matthews opens up about his experiences as a Congressional aide for Tip O'Neill during the Reagan administration and offers his (more…)
The Inauguration of Ronald Reagan
52:06 — Reagan takes office as U.S. hostages are freed from Iran.
Ronald Reagan: March 7, 1976
24:36 — Reagan challenges Gerald Ford for the GOP nomination.
John Hinckley, Jr.: Should He Go Free?
10:48 — The man who shot President Ronald Reagan could now be released from psychiatric care to live with his mother in Virginia. Has he been rehabilitated…o (more…)
Ronald Reagan Statue Unveiled in California
00:17 — A bronze statue of the movie star and California governor who went on to two terms in the White House was unveiled in Sacramento. The larger-than-life (more…)
A Look Back at Reagan’s "Last Act"
10:46 — Ronald Reagan biographer Craig Shirley takes a look at the former president and GOP icon’s last days in his forthcoming book, "Last Act: The Final Yea (more…)
Pres. Reagan's Son: Don't Invoke Ronald Reagan
06:53 — Michael Reagan, son of the late president, tells NBC's Andrea Mitchell that GOP candidates shouldn't invoke his father. They should invoke what they a (more…)
Trump Goes After 'Reagan Democrats'
08:31 — "Reagan Democrats", or working-class voters who helped Ronald Reagan win the White House in 1980, are one of the focuses of the Donald Trump campaign. (more…)
Hillary Clinton On Nancy and Ronald Reagan: They Were 'Madly in Love'
01:21 — ET spoke with the presidential hopeful at Nancy Reagan's funeral Friday.
Winners and Losers of the GOP Debate
04:30 — Ronald Reagan's son, Michael Reagan, gives his take on the GOP debate Wednesday night, the winners, the losers and those who just got lost in the shuf (more…)
Sanders & Clinton Compete for Progressives
07:23 — Former presidential candidate and former Democratic governor from Vermont Howard Dean, and Ron Reagan, MSNBC Analyst and son of the late president, Ro (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Ronald Wilson Reagan
  • Birth Place: Tampico, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday: February 6, 1911, Aquarius
  • Died: June 5, 2004
  • Profession: Actor, Governor, U.S. President