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Sen Boxer On Political Change in California
03:16 — Senator Barbara Boxer talks about the race to replace her in the Senate as she retires and how the California Republican Party, which produced such lu (more…)
Reagan's Son: Trump 'embarrassment' to GOP
03:36 — What would Ronald Reagan have to say about Donald Trump?
Michael Reagan: My father wouldn't support Trump
00:34 — Donald Trump would likely not have the support of Ronald Reagan, according to his son Michael Reagan. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has the latest on what Mic (more…)
Rewind, Pause, Pay!
11:18 — Ronald Reagan returns to China, IL to exact revenge on Steve, who years earlier impersonated the former president in a kid's talent show on live TV.
Donald Trump Has Life-Size Ronald Reagan Portrait, America's Cheese Surplus
04:53 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, May 19.
Bill O’Reilly on 2016 race, book "Killing Reagan"
05:39 — President Obama laid out goals for the country in his last year in office during his final State of the Union address Tuesday. His approval rating sta (more…)
Bill Plante celebrates 50 years at CBS News
00:19 — Bill Plante is celebrating his 50th anniversary at CBS News. Plante, now senior White House correspondent, has covered every president since Ronald Re (more…)
Tour The California Ranch Where Nancy and Ronald Reagan Lived for 23 Years
01:53 — Almost 20 years after their marriage, Ronald and Nancy Reagan bought a mountaintop retreat outside Santa Barbara, California. The ranch was purchased (more…)
Ronald Reagan's Son Outraged Over Will Ferrell's Film About Dad's Alzheimer's
01:57 — Comedian Will Ferrell is set to play Ronald Reagan in an upcoming biopic on the president and many are not thrilled about the casting. Ferrell has bee (more…)
History in Five: Chris Matthews on Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill
05:24 — Chris Matthews from HardBall and author of Tip and the Gipper, presents five things that you should know about the relationship between Ronald Reagan (more…)
Bush chief of staff: Donald Trump as president would scare me
04:49 — Andrew Card was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan, President George H. W. Bush and President George W. Bush. As White House chief of staff on 9/11 (more…)
Dana Carvey’s Most-loved Impressions All Come Out On TODAY
04:13 — See comedian Dana Carvey’s impressions of Jimmy Stuart, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Presidents Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.
Will Ferrell ‘Not Pursuing’ Reagan Alzheimer's Comedy
00:46 — Controversy erupted earlier this week when it was reported that Will Ferrell was going to play Ronald Reagan in a comedy. Now, Ferrell's rep has relea (more…)
Will Ferrell drops out of "Reagan" film
02:05 — Comedian Will Ferrell says he will not star in a political satire film about former President Ronald Reagan. In the movie, Reagan is suffering from de (more…)
Ferrell Pulls Out of Reagan Comedy
01:42 — Plans to have comedian Will Ferrell play President Ronald Reagan in a new comedy crashed and burned this week. In the screen play, Reagan is battling (more…)
Will Ferrell's New Movie Will Make Fun of Ronald Reagan - GS New Update
01:55 — Ronald Reagan looks to be the next former Commander-in-Chief to be portrayed on screen, with Will Ferrell set to play him the comedy Reagan. Subscrib (more…)
Will Ferrell Drops Out of Ronald Reagan Comedy Film After Facing Backlash
00:54 — Will Ferrell will not star as Ronald Reagan in a film about the late president's struggle with Alzheimer's disease. A spokesman for Ferrell said, "The (more…)
Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Controversial Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s Movie
02:15 — The controversial film about Ronald Reagan in the grip of Alzheimer’s faced major backlash, including from Reagan’s family.
What 1976 Says About Ted Cruz's VP Pick
02:47 — In light of Ted Cruz's VP pick of Carly Fiorina, Morning Joe flashes back to the 1976 race when Ronald Reagan picked Richard Schweiker as his running (more…)
How would Ronald Reagan feel about Trump?
09:38 — Former President Ronald Reagan is consistently invoked on the Republican campaign trail. So, if Ronald Reagan were still around today, what would he t (more…)
Bill O'Reilly on Killing Reagan
03:42 — Bill O'Reilly chats with Jimmy about his book, Killing Reagan, about the attempted assassination of former President Ronald Reagan.
Inside Ronald Reagan's Hidden History
07:14 — Former Reagan staffer, James Rosebush, joins Morning Joe to discuss Ronald Reagan's legacy, which he lays out in his new book 'True Reagan.'
The Great Communicator
04:18 — Ronald Reagan galvanized the American public through his famous speeches that helped redefine American politics in the 1980s.
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  • Birth Name: Ronald Wilson Reagan
  • Birth Place: Tampico, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday: February 6, 1911, Aquarius
  • Died: June 5, 2004
  • Profession: Actor, Governor, U.S. President

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