Romany Malco



  • The Wire "The story lines are so bizarre yet totally based in reality. The way in which the Baltimore politicians, police officers and gangsters are depicted makes. The Wire the most gritty and entertaining show I've seen to date."
  • Entourage "Every episode seems like a page out of my life. In fact, Miller and Gold really were my managers. And their relationship seemed a lot like that of the show. The camaraderie amongst Eric, Vince, Drama and Turtle is reminiscent of my days in high school. Ari Gold's banter is worth the cost of cable all by itself."
  • Deadliest Catch "Danger becomes me. I watch each episode certain that someone is going to die."
  • The Good Wife "Cryptic and clever with a message that promotes strong family values. The cast is a nice mix of flawed and complex characters -- all with an edge."
  • No Ordinary Family "I love super-villains, especially when they're getting smashed by superheroes!"

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