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"Rachel Ben Natan"

After a four-week break it was nice to revisit the adventures of our favorite fantastically plastic duo Too bad we still dont know what Eden put in that dang fruitcake four weeks ago All we know is that it gives Julia spontaneous nosebleeds which just makes Christian pout about being deprived of sex with his best friends ex Speaking of Eden how lovely to have a completely Eden-free episode Sure the skank returns next week but it was pleasant to get through an entire hour without her Four characters returned that I enjoy Dawn Budge Rosie ODonnell Freddie Oliver Platt Aidan Bradley Cooper and after a long time away Gina Jessalyn Gilsig Ill get to Ginas return laterEver since we first met Freddie it was beyond apparent that he was gay Then when Freddie and Dawn started dating besides thinking Huh I was immediately reminded of Dana Carveys character on SNL Lyle The Effeminate Heterosexual So leave it to Dawn to budge it out of him after seeing read more

"Damien Sands"

After weeks of dark-themed episodes it was a pleasant diversion to watch this NipTuck special event as the promos announced If any show can make fun of itself via a copycat reality-show version its this one I loved that it started and ended like a regular episode but that the entire approximately 40-minute middle portion was the reality-show replica called Plastic Fantastic And yes I thought it was fantastic Fantastically hilarious that is Did you notice that there was no sight of Matt and Kimber Their Debbie Downer storyline was obviously unwelcome this week But back to Plastic Fantastic It was no surprise at all that Christian was the one to be enthusiastic about doing the reality version of their lives and not Sean Christian hates being in Seans shadow and apparently has never heard of Dr 90210Before I point out the highlights of this episode let me first say that I am glad the fictitious network that was considering picking up Plastic Fantastic de read more

"Everett Poe"

Just as I had heard this third episode had more drama and less comedy than the first two episodes As anyone who lives in Los Angeles can attest its not all sunshine and lollipops all the time here in La-La-Land So I was not surprised at the tone throughout most of this hour It didnt mean there werent any zingers every now and then thanks to two of my favorite NipTuck writers Lyn Greene and Richard Levine Richard also directed the episode Ill get to some of those great lines later but let me first get this out of the way That opening scene with Sean and Kate Paula Marshall in the hot tub was really crappy Sorry couldnt resist You learn a new thing every day Kate learned never to take laxatives before getting into a hot tub with her lover At first I thought it was blood didnt you Poor Kate You knew Christian was going to go to town on that with Sean even making loud farting noises But you also knew that it was never going to leave Seans mind S-- read more

"Joyce & Sharon Monroe"

Once again seeing Christian and Sean in their new Hollywood surroundings hit home for me Our TV Guide corporate offices are directly across the street from Graumans Chinese Theatre so we see those celebrity look-alike characters every day As soon as I saw Fat Elvis appear in this episode I said out loud Yes Fat Elvis Coincidental side note I shared an elevator with Fat Elvis this morning I swear but the one used in the show was a different one played by actor James Price So having McNamaraTroy treat dueling Marilyn Monroes Genius I wouldve died if it were dueling Spider-mans because weve got them here on Hollywood Blvd one much more in shape than the other And yes Chewbacca is there too Susan Griffiths and Merilee Brasch were fabulous as Joyce and Sharon respectively But Id like to point out that they shouldve switched roles since I thought Susan as Joyce played the better Marilyn even though they mentioned several times that Sharon was better read more

"Carly Summers"

Why hello strangers Its been ages since Ive blogged about this show 105 months to be exact Im hoping that most of you will agree that the Season 5 premiere was well worth the wait especially after all the hype and advance publicity awesome job by the way FX After four seasons in Miami it was a welcome change of pace seeing our favorite nippers and tuckers start anew in our countrys plastic-surgery capital Los Angeles As we expected Christian Julian McMahon and Sean Dylan Walsh started out as small fish in an extremely large pond once they hit LA or to be exact Beverly Hills It was crickets and tumbleweeds for McNamaraTroys new Rodeo Drive offices until Fiona McNeil came along One of the things that helps you make it here in Hollywood is a powerful publicist so meeting Fiona in that nightclub was excellent timing Right away I have to point out the fabulous casting of Lauren Hutton as Fiona Lauren is one of the few actresses over 60 in this town wh read more

Nip/Tuck: A Fresh Start in L.A.

Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh by Prashant Gupta/FX

Just when you thought you'd had your fill of those over-the-top plastic surgeons on FX's Nip/Tuck, they've shaken things up and moved those hot docs Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) and Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) to the world capital of face-lifts and body augmentation, Los Angeles, for the fifth season. (The first of 22 new episodes will premiere in October; it hasn't yet been determined how this season will be broken up.)Series creator Ryan Murphy took the stage Thursday at a Television Critics Association panel in Beverly Hills to describe the new season, and he and the rest of the cast certainly sold me — including Joely Richardson, back after taking a personal hiatus for part of last season; John Hensley and Kelly Carlson as newlyweds Matt and Kimber; and Roma Maffia as nurse Liz, whose character travels West after being offered double her previous salary. (The core cast will be reassembled in L.A. over the first three or four episodes, Murphy says.)Guest stars will includ... read more

December 12, 2006: Gala Gallardo (Season 4 Finale)

I dont know about you but unlike last years Carver-involved finale I thoroughly enjoyed tonights season finale and its ending with Christian surprisingly joining Sean in LA And I of course will tell you just why I enjoyed itBye-bye Escobar its been nice knowing ya I was overjoyed that Escobar was finally killed and not by Liz For a brief moment I really thought Liz was going to pull the trigger It wouldve been a good way to get revenge on the person responsible for her lack of a kidney But having Escobars wife Gala Idalis DeLeon convince Liz to put the gun down and then taking the gun and shooting Escobar to death made more sense Gala married Escobar to protect her children not because she was madly in love with him More on the fabulous Idalis laterNo evidence The way Christian Sean and Liz disposed of Escobars body was quite appropriate Feeding him to an alligator by wrapping him up and tying a bunch of meat to his entire body just like Christi read more

December 5, 2006: Willy Ward

Weeks ago when Escobar said goodbye to Sean and told him Were even now and that he wouldnt be back you knew that was too good to be true Tonight after James shot herself to death you knew that would not be the end of Michelles troubles But who knew James would be working for Escobar Nice twist Now Escobar wants Michelle to take over for James Thats not going to fit into Christian and Michelles perfect new family life with little Wilber We all knew as soon as Michelle got into her car that someone was going to be inside but did any of you expect it to be Escobar Yes Robert LaSardos name was in the opening credits but I thought hed be seen in one of Seans dream sequences Well have to wait until next weeks season finale to find out more about Escobars diabolical plans but lets cross our fingers that those plans dont involve one of Wilbers kidneys How about James gifting Wilber tonight with an Operation game board and pointing out the tiny little read more

November 28, 2006: Reefer

So right away I was thinking Its not even December why are we getting a Christmas episode already Then I remembered that we only have two more episodes left for this season the season finale airs as early as December 12 and December begins this Friday Happy holidays Actually this episode was more like Halloween meets Christmas Id like to officially place Jacqueline Bissets James character in the category of TVs all-time creepiest characters As soon as Sean asked Reefer the homeless man Charles Haid to stay the night at McNamaraTroy after Sean stitched up his face I knew that James would make Reefer her next victim But I didnt expect her to kill him by removing just about all of his organs how refreshing Then I thought about it of course she had to kill him and strategically remove his body from the premises without the knowledge of the FBI surveillance guards If she kept him alive with just an organ or two removed it wouldve been too obvious read more

October 31, 2006: Liz Cruz

You knew it was inevitable that Michelle would maneuver Burts death but I didnt think it would be so soon I was really digging Larry Hagman in the role but this doesnt mean he cant come back for some fabulous NipTuck dream sequences When Michelle told Francis the nurse to go home and that shed take care of giving Burt his pills I knew Michelle was lying Poor Burt had to crawl out of bed and attempt the stairs by himself just to try to take those dang pills Too late Burt died a dramatically painful death while his wife Michelle just stared at him But taking Burts kidney saved her dear Christians life Excellent timing with that text message from James to the whorestaff member with the razor blade who was having sex with Christian Abort Since James had 24 hours to give those two mysterious French-speaking Asian-American dudes one more kidney to meet their quota mission accomplished So this means Christian still doesnt know James and Michelle are the orga read more

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