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Roland Martin: White, Conservative Evangelicals "Play Footsie" With Supremacists
09:22 — Roland Martin covers much ground: flagging poll numbers after an unfocused response from Pres. Trump to Charlottesville, the departure of Steve Bannon (more…)
Understanding the Power That States Have
04:32 — Host and Managing Editor of News One Now on TV One’s Roland Martin joins MSNBC to discuss his views on politics and how Republicans are attempting to (more…)
Trump and the Congressional Black Caucus
07:13 — The host and Managing Editor of News One Now, Roland Martin, reflects on Trump’s press conference from earlier this week and his current view on the p (more…)
Trump Kids, Son-in-law Attend Tech Meeting
04:37 — Newsone Now's Roland Martin, GOP pollster Chris Wilson and NBC News' Katy Tur discuss whether or not the Trump children should be involved in administ (more…)
The Alt-Right: Overt or Covert?
05:49 — White Nationalist otherwise known as the Alt-right are gaining attention post a Donald Trump election. News One Host and Managing Editor Roland Martin (more…)
Friends React to Death of Gwen Ifill
05:59 — Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now and The New York Times' Yamiche Alcindor share their personal stories about prominent journalist Gwen Ifill, who pa (more…)
NC NAACP: Voter Suppression ‘Real Threat’
07:52 — Managing Editor of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin, discusses voter suppression, specifically how the NAACP in North Carolina filed a lawsuit alleging vote (more…)
Can Trump Recover from First Debate?
07:34 — Newsone Now’s Roland Martin and The Weekly Standard’s Bill Crystal join MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what responses might have “hurt” Donald Tru (more…)
Roland Martin On Clinton, Trump
08:36 — Host and managing editor of News One Now Roland Martin joins Sheinelle Jones to talk about Donald Trump's birther comment and lack of African American (more…)
Trump ‘Hijacked the Media, Once Again’
04:16 — Host of News One Now, Roland Martin, describes Donald Trump’s recent comments on the birth place of President Barack Obama as “shameful, despicable, s (more…)
New Voting Block Emerges in North Carolina
09:53 — Roland Martin, Senior Analyst on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and NBC News' Chris Jansing join to discuss Hillary Clinton's trip to North Carolina, an (more…)
NFL Protests Grow As Players Join Kaepernick
06:15 — Newsone Now’s Roland Martin and Daily New’s Mike Lupica discuss the growing number of NFL players protesting during the national anthem.
How Should Clinton Handle Trump Meeting in Mexico?
06:07 — Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin, talks about Donald Trump’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and shares why he (more…)
Roland Martin On Black Coaches And Racism
Roland Martin joins Marc to discuss his point that a 'philosophical' reason for firing someone is legitimate and not necessarily about race at all.
The Other Sunday Shows
Full Segment: Roland Martin, host of TV One's 'Washington Watch,' tells us about his conversation with Dick Parsons, and the big takeaways from the S (more…)
Roland Martin On CNN & Race
Roland Martin joins HuffPost Live and discusses his thoughts on CNN and race.
Steve Perry, Roland Martin and Mikki Taylor Have Some Fun with Fashion
It's a lovefest on the ESSENCE Fest VIP stage with three celeb friends joking about each other's ensemble.
03:57 — Climbing through the print media ranks, Roland Martin became the executive editor of the Chicago Defender in the '90s. Known as an authority on race, (more…)
Volkswagen ad: Offensive or funny?
03:22 — Erin Burnett discusses the controversial Volkswagen Super Bowl ad with Roland Martin and Reihan Salam.
Dems' internal problem with gun control
05:20 — Erin Burnett talks to CNN Contributors Roland Martin and Reihan Salam talks about Democrats who are against gun control.
Will the next president be black?
02:31 — Ben Smith, Buzzfeed editor-in-chief, and Roland Martin discuss whether an African-American candidate could win in 2016.
Heated gun debates begin
04:38 — Author of 'More Guns, Less Crime,' John Lott, talks with CNN's Roland Martin and Becky Anderson about guns and crime.
Raw Politics: Mitt's shift to the center
05:57 — Ari Fleischer and Roland Martin discuss what Mitt Romney's shift toward a moderate tone means for the presidential race.
'If you don't take your top off...'
05:58 — CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Roland Martin have a heated discussion about those photos of Catherine MIddleton.
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