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Warehouse 13 Exclusive: First Look at Season 4.5!

Snag it, bag it, tag it... just don't miss it! Syfy's Eddie McClintock-Joanne Kelly chemistry extravaganza known as Warehouse 13 is coming back on Monday, April 29 (10/9c) to finish up its fourth season with a blast of mind-blowing action, and we've got your first look in this teaser trailer.

"We obviously have to deal — in a major way — with what Artie's been through and what happens to him, having killed Leena," executive producer Jack Kenny told us after last fall's mid-season cliffhanger, hinting at even more tragedies to come. "There are many other versions of mortality that we're going to deal with in the next 10 episodes." So let's all cross our fingers that season-premiere guest stars James Marsters, Lindsay Wagner, Kate Mulgrew, Roger Rees and Polly Walker and can help Pete, Myka and the rest of the team find a cure for that sweating sickness epidemic Petey accidentally unleashed before anymore Warehouse workers wind up adding to the body count.

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Ask Matt: Last Resort, Revolution, Elementary, Nashville, Vegas, More

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Question: I was wondering whether your affection for Last Resort had waned since the pilot. I've seen comments that the show has been uneven, but I've been absolutely hooked. I'm not trying to play the comparison game with some of Shawn Ryan's other excellent series (The Shield, Terriers) because maybe it isn't quite up to that incredible level, but I still think it's the best new show of the seasonread more

VIDEO: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Father Dearest

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Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: Father Dearest
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Length: 43:22
Aired: 4/30/2003

Detectives Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Amaro (Danny Pino) investigate the disappearance of a teenaged girl after her young brother calls 9-1-1. While Fin (Ice-T) and Rollins (Kelli Giddish) look into a possible abduction, they discover the girl had been searching for her biological father, an anonymous sperm donor. watch


Land Of The Lost: Grumpy Snaps The Vin
Land Of The Lost: Will Poses For Scale
Double Platinum
Land Of The Lost: Grumpy Comes Back To

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2010 Happy Tears Movie, Actor - Antiques Dealer
2007 The Invasion Movie, Actor - Yorish
2006 The Treatment Movie, Actor - Leighton Proctor
2006 The Pink Panther Movie, Actor - Larocque
2006 Game 6 Movie, Actor - Jack Haskins

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Watercooler: Warehouse 13's Greatest Gift

You know, it really is a wonderful life when you get to spend the holidays in Warehouse 13.

Because we've apparently all been good boys and girls this year, Syfy last night unwrapped its annual batch of Christmas-themed episodes from the net's holy trinity — W13, Haven and Eureka. Of the three treats, Watercooler was most wowed by Warehouse's fresh, cheeky approach to one of... read more

On Syfy, Fantasy Lite

"In this job, there's no such thing as no such thing."

That clever quip gives us summer Syfy in a nutshell. As spoken by Warehouse 13's glib Secret Service hero Pete Lattimer (the genial Eddie McClintock) to his foxy partner Mika Bering (Joanne Kelly) while both are plastered to a Victorian ceiling by some anti-gravity device or other, we are served the fantastic with a side order of whimsy, with very little ever taken seriously... read more

Thursday Night Delights

How great did it feel to have Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy back on with new episodes this week? Such a scrumptious double feature of feel-good TV. I’m especially keen on Betty these days, this colorful and vibrantly funny new geek on the block. As others have said, it’s the perfect appetizer to the main course of Grey’s, with its usually irresistible blend of suds, scrubs and heartache.Best move both shows made this week: Ditching subplots that were going nowhere. On Betty, that meant saying goodbye to Ignacio’s case worker (who really wasn’t), the crazily smitten Constance (Octavia Spencer). On Grey’s, that meant saying goodbye to the arrogant Dr. Marlow, played by a miscast Roger Rees, a fine actor who came off more like a creepy Dracula than an intimidating Dr. McBrilliant. Of all the misbegotten love matches we’ve been forced to consider on this show, asking us to believe Cristina ever had a thing for this ghoul was almost as ewww-inspiri... read more

April 19, 2007: Time After Time

After a four-week wait, I was totally psyched to finally see a new episode of Grey's. I woke up in such a good mood Thursday morning since I was finally able to put away my Pepto-Bismol the night before (like a lot of you, I’ve been suffering from a bad case of Sanjayarrhea). So I was not disappointed in this "past coming back to haunt you"-focused episode — especially how they handled the Izzie/George awkwardness (I'll get to that recent past situation in a bit). First things first: Welcome back to the show, Chandra Wilson! How nice for Bailey to come out of the background at last. Chandra is not an actress that should be wasted and utilized in only a few throwaway scenes as she'd been lately. I adored seeing Bailey be so comforting to and protective of Izzie.But let's get to Izzie. What a way for her to get her mind off the shunning George — the parents who adopted the child Izzie gave up when she was 16 tracked her down. I thought Izzie handled the shocking news th... read more

March 22, 2007: My Favorite Mistake

Last week, I was glad to discover that I was not alone in my "thumbs down" feelings about George and Izzie hooking up. Seemed like no matter whom I spoke to about it, and as evidenced by the majority of the comments here, the overall reaction was "ick!" So I was happy to see the word "mistake" included in the title of this week's episode. I got my wish that George wasn't going to remember any of it. Initially. Great "Ohmygod, I left my baby on the bus!" moment tonight when the hungover George suddenly, amid his new father-in-law's prenup offer, flashed to his night of passion with Izzie. They should have played Celine Dion's "It’s All Coming Back to Me" as George dashed out.Since just about all of us can agree that George and Izzie's canoodling was indeed a faux pas, are you with me that the best scene tonight was the two of them inside the linen closet at the hospital? Not one word of dialogue. All George had to do was give his best friend a look of despair, as if to say: "We ... read more

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