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Ellie Wants Spinelli Back
01:39 — Ellie comes back to Port Charles to see Georgie...and Spinelli.
Hayden Throws Herself at Nikolas
00:39 — Hayden arrives at Wyndemere and makes her intentions very clear to Nikolas. He tries to resist but eventually gives in to temptation.
Hayden & Nikolas Almost Have Sex
00:23 — Hayden & Nikolas begin to go at it before Alexis interrupts them.
Nathan & Ellie's Plan
01:18 — Thanks to Lucy, Nathan & Ellie are attending the Nurses' Ball together. Nathan realizes that this is a great way to make Spinelli & Maxie jealous.
Nina' Baby Meltdown
01:03 — "AJ! How did you get out of my purse?"
The 2015 Nurses' Ball
00:55 — Thank you Aveeno for sponsoring the 2015 Nurses' Ball.
Courtney Matthews Visits Spencer
01:12 — Courtney gets Spencer to take off his mask.
Nathan & Maxie Get Back Together
01:42 — Maxie & Spinelli face the truth - they are both in love with other people.
Olivia Has the Baby
01:03 — Patrick realizes it's too late to get Olivia to the hospital; the baby is on its way. Olivia gives birth to a boy...but is the baby okay?
Will Hayden Wake up?
00:35 — Patrick breaks the news about Hayden's condition.
SNEAK PEEK: Is Denise Really Ava?
00:50 — Who is Denise? Everyone hopes that Delia has the answer.
Anna Says Goodbye to Luke
01:13 — Anna explains to Luke why she needs to leave Port Charles.
00:47 — Denise and Franco's new coupledom has caused PDA chaos.
Holly Sutton Appears
00:25 — Luke and Laura are faced with an intruder...Holly Sutton.
Hayden Does Not Remember Jake
01:08 — Is Hayden faking her memory loss?
Brad's Wife Is Rosalie
00:35 — Lucas is shocked when Brad's spouse walks in...Rosalie.
Ava Holds Avery
01:26 — Ava demands to take Avery home with her.
Olivia's Confession Is Interrupted
01:14 — Olivia almost reveals the truth about Leo to Alexis & Julian.
Meant for Each Other: Sonny & Carly
03:11 — After Michael gives Carly Sonny's wedding vows, she goes to the chapel to pray for him. Carly thinks about their journey together as a couple.
Nina Confronts Madeline
01:30 — Nina is furious with Madeline for killing Silas.
Liz Defends Jake
01:11 — Liz jumps to Jake's defense.
Sonny's Seizure
00:59 — Carly & Sonny's wedding comes to a terrifying halt.
Will Sonny Be Paralyzed?
02:09 — Sonny's family discuss the risks of the operation.
Scott Reveals the Shocking Truth
00:29 — Scott reveals the shocking truth that Denise is Ava to the jury/court.
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