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Why can't I get the 1994 Fantastic Four and more...

Ask FlickChick Why you cant find the 1994 version of Fantastic Four and more movie questions answeredQuestion I know theres a Roger Corman version of the Fantastic Four floating out there Do you know if it ever is going to be released on DVD JohnFlickChick Legitimate DVD Dont hold your breath there are various versions of exactly why the low-budget 1994 version of The Fantastic Four executive produced by Roger Corman and Bernd Eichinger and directed by Canadian TV specialist Oley Sassone isnt available But it boils down to movie rights to the source material which Eichinger has apparently had for years Movie rights to material based on existing sources arent acquired in perpetuity If you buy the right to make a movie from a book an play or whatever you have a certain period of time within which to do it If you dont the rights revert to the original rights holder usually the original author but sometimes an estate or a corporate entity Its wi read more

Queen of Blood and Other "What's That Movie" Movies

Ask FlickChick An All-new What Was That MovieQuestion When I was a kid there was a movie I used to stay up to watch on Creature Features I think it was from the early 1970s All I remember is it had the word queen in the title I think John Saxon was in it The monster was some kind of vampire with green skin I suppose the movie woul be really lame by todays standards but I used to love it when I was a kid Can you tell me the name Ive been told Queen from Outer Space starring Zsa Zsa Gabor by mistake AlbertoFlickChick The queen you want is Queen of Blood 1966 starring John Saxon Basil Rathbone and a young Dennis Hopper Queen of Blood was produced by the legendary Roger Corman who conceived it as a way to make a good-looking sci-fi movie on the cheap by pilfering high-quality outer-space footage from a Russian film whose American rights he owned and then marrying them to a new inexpensively shot monster story Writer-director Curtis Harrington read more

Porn, William Shatner and More Short Cuts

The Intruder box art courtesy Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Penthouse is getting into the adult-TV biz, signing a 10-year, $10 mil deal with adult network developer New Frontier to create a 24/7 bow-chicka-wow-wow network as well as a VOD service, says Variety.... Fox Business Network, launching Oct. 15, has added four more anchors: former CNBC correspondent Peter Barnes,'s Jenna Lee, Bloomberg's Nicole Petallides and The Financial Times' Cody Willard.... A Sept. 25 release has been set for a pair of Roger Corman DVDs: The Intruder: Special Edition, starring William Shatner, and Eat My Dust! Supercharged Edition, with Ron Howard.... It's never too early to not care: the 62nd Annual Tony Awardswill be broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, June 15, on CBS. read more

Rapid-fire Remakes, Deceptive Marketing, Unusual Musicals and More Answers

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg courtesy Koch Lorber Films

Send your movie questions to FlickChick Question Im a great fan of your column I read it religiously every time it comes out Heres my question Ive never been all that interested in musicals I dont dislike them on principle I just never felt very attracted to them but recently I caught up with Jacques Demys The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and it completely knocked my socks off It absolutely blew me away so much so that Im ready to call it one of my favorite movies of all time I was completely hooked on its unusual format Every single line is sung and there are no big numbers like in regular musicals It made the entire movie feel like one long beautiful hymn Is there any other movie that has used this same format Or more importantly is there any other movie that has used this format successfully Oskar Sigvardsson all the way from Stockholm SwedenFlickChick This is an excellent question and one I find especially interesting in that I only caught read more

Short Cuts: Smallville, Roger Corman and More

Attention, Smallville fans! Series cocreator Al Gough is taking your burning questions, to be answered in an upcoming Interviews & Features column. Go here for more.... The Corman Cult, an official fan community for director Roger Corman (the original Little Shop of Horrors), is now live.... Clive Owen is the face of Lancôme's new men's grooming products.... Carlo Ponti, one of Italy's best-known film producers and the husband of Sophia Loren, died on Wednesday at the age of 94. read more


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