Roger Allam

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Place: Bow, London, England
  • Profession: Actor
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Scared of Stairs
07:04 — Flamingo and John get invited around to Sarah and Duck's house, but there is a big obstacle for John.
Big Shop
07:01 — Sarah and Duck visit a large department store, looking for some new toys.
Petal Light Picking
07:04 — Sarah wants some special lights for her Christmas tree and Bug knows where she might find them...
Octagon Club
07:04 — Sarah decides that octagons are her favorite shape, so starts an 8 person club to celebrate!
07:01 — Inspired by a nature documentary, Sarah and Duck attempt to take photographs of birds.
07:04 — Sarah and Duck are excited about seeing some shooting stars.
Fancy Park
07:01 — When their local park is closed, Sarah and Duck try to find a suitable alternative.
07:04 — A Fairground is being held in the park, but Sarah and Duck can't find their bench.
Woolen Music
07:01 — Scarf Lady's Jukebox inspires a knitted instrument band.
Strawberry Souffle
07:04 — A sleepy Sarah attempts to bake a dessert for a hungry Duck.
Umbrella And The Rain
07:01 — Sarah finds an umbrella that doesn't seem to like the rain.
George Sotiropoulos vs. Rafael dos Anjos
06:24 — At one point, George Sotiropoulos was considered a contender for the lightweight title. He now faces Rafael Don Anjos in a matchup that could out him (more…)
Pipe Conductor
07:04 — Sarah and Duck are woken up by a loud clanging overhead and decide to investigate the noise…
Ribbon Sisters
07:05 — Sarah and Duck are trying to exercise but the neighbors need their help.
07:01 — Sarah and Duck try to play a tennis doubles match, but are two players short.
Colored Light
07:06 — Rainbow's colorful glow inspires an art project.
Puncture Pump
07:04 — When their tandem bike gets a flat tire, Sarah and Duck hope to get help from the local bike shop.
Moon Paint
07:04 — Sarah and Duck give Moon painting lessons after being inspired by a trip to the Art Gallery.
Bug's Buttom Bank
07:04 — Bug's plant is looking droopy, but his button collecting seems to be the cause of the problem...
Sarah Gets A Cold
07:04 — When Sarah has a cold, Duck helps her enjoy a visit to the doctors.
Slow Quest
07:01 — Tortoise is on a mission straight through Sarah and Duck's house! The pair try to work out what he's crawling towards.
World Bread Day
07:04 — When there's a bread festival in the park, Sarah and Duck find themselves part of an exciting treasure hunt.
Bread Bike
07:04 — When Bread Man needs help, Sarah and Duck come to the rescue with their tandem bike!
Balloon Race
07:04 — Scarf Lady takes to the skies in a knitted hot air balloon to race against an old sporting friend.
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  • Birth Place: Bow, London, England
  • Profession: Actor

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