Roddy McDowall



Year Title Description
2012 Legends From HERE: Episode
Season 1, Episode 14
Episode, Guest
2011 Hollywood's Children TV Show Series, Narrator
2011 The Story of Lassie TV Show Series, Remarks by
2008 Bio Classics: Henry Fonda Episode, Remarks by
2007 By the Book: The Grass Harp Episode, Actor - Amos Legrand
2006 SWAT Kats: Enter the Madkat
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode, Voice - Madkat
2006 I Remember Television: Cricket on the Hearth Episode, Voice - Crocket Cricket
2006 Cricket on the Hearth TV Show Series, Voice
2001 Great Entertainers: Roddy McDowall: Hollywood's Best Friend Episode, Subject (person only)
1998 Pinky and the Brain: Brainwashed Episode, Voice - Snowball
1998 A Bug's Life Movie, Actor - Mr. Soil
1997 Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book Movie, Actor - King Murphy
1996 Fatally Yours Movie, Actor - Pauly
1996 It's My Party Movie, Actor - Damian Knowles
1996 The Grass Harp Movie, Actor - Amos Legrand
1995 Unknown Origin Movie, Actor - Dr. Lazarus
1995 Last Summer In The Hamptons Movie, Actor - Thomas
1994 Mirror, Mirror 2 Movie, Actor - Dr. Lasky
1994 Heads Movie, Actor - Fibrus Drake
1994 Angel 4 Movie, Actor - Geoffrey Kagen
1992 Quantum Leap: A Leap for Lisa
Season 4, Episode 22
Episode, Actor - Edward St. John
1992 Batman: Mad as a Hatter
Season 1, Episode 24
Episode, Voice
1992 Double Trouble Movie, Actor - Philip Chamberlain
1992 The Magical World Of Chuck Jones Movie, Actor
1991 The Pirates of Dark Water TV Show Series, Voice - Middler
1991 Going Under Movie, Actor - Secretary of Defense/Mr. Neighbor
1991 Dark Water TV Show Series, Voice - Niddler
1990 Shakma Movie, Actor - Professor Sorenson
1989 Matlock: The Starlet
Season 3, Episode 12
Episode, Actor - Don Mosher
1989 Murder, She Wrote: Fire Burn, Caldron Bubble
Season 5, Episode 13
Episode, Actor - Gordon Fairchild
1989 Around the World in 80 Days TV Show Series, Actor - McBaines
1989 Fright Night Part 2 Movie, Actor - Peter Vincent
1989 Cutting Class Movie, Actor - Mr. Dante
1989 The Big Picture Movie, Actor - Judge
1987 Dead Of Winter Movie, Actor - Mr. Murray
1987 Overboard Movie, Actor - Andrew
1987 Overboard Movie, Exec. Producer
1987 Matlock: The Chef
Season 1, Episode 14
Episode, Actor - Christopher Hoyt
1986 Bridges to Cross TV Show Series, Actor - Norman Parks
1986 Gobots Movie, Actor - Nuggit
1985 Fright Night Movie, Actor - Peter Vincent
1985 Murder, She Wrote: School for Scandal
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Alger Kenyon
1983 Faerie Tale Theatre: Rapunzel
Season 2, Episode 1
Episode, Narrator
1982 Class Of 1984 Movie, Actor - Terry Corrigan
1982 Evil Under The Sun Movie, Actor - Rex Brewster
1982 Tales of the Gold Monkey TV Show Series, Actor - Bon Chance Louie
1981 Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen Movie, Actor - Gillespie
1980 The Martian Chronicles TV Show Series, Actor - Father Stone
1979 The Love Boat: Like Father, Like Son; Don't Push Me; Second Chance
Season 2, Episode 17
Episode, Actor - Fred Beery
1979 Trapper John, M.D.: Pilot Episode
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Rev. Barnaby Box
1979 Scavenger Hunt Movie, Actor - Jenkins
1979 Circle Of Iron Movie, Actor - White Robe
1979 Nutcracker Fantasy Movie, Actor - Franz Fritz
1979 Mork & Mindy: Dr. Morkenstein
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Robot
1978 The Immigrants TV Show Series, Actor - Mark Levy
1978 Rabbit Test Movie, Actor - Gypsy Grandmother/Dr. Fishbind
1978 The Cat From Outer Space Movie, Actor - Stallwood
1978 Laserblast Movie, Actor - Dr. Mellon
1978 Wonder Woman: The Fine Art of Crime
Season 3, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Roberts
1977 Sixth And Main Movie, Actor - Skateboard
1977 The Fantastic Journey TV Show Series, Actor - Dr. Jonathan Willoway
1977 Wonder Woman: The Man Who Made Volcanos
Season 2, Episode 9
Episode, Actor
1977 The Rhinemann Exchange TV Show Series, Actor - Bobby Ballard
1976 Mean Johnny Barrows Movie, Actor - Tony Da Vinci
1976 Embryo Movie, Actor - Riley
1975 Funny Lady Movie, Actor - Bobby
1974 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry Movie, Actor - Stanton
1974 Planet of the Apes TV Show Series, Actor - Galen
1973 Arnold Movie, Actor - Robert
1973 Love, American Style: Love and the Memento; The Stutter; The Single Husband; High Spirits
Season 5, Episode 4
Episode, Actor
1973 McMillan and Wife: Death of a Monster, Birth of a Legend
Season 3, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Jamie
1973 Battle For The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Caesar
1973 The Legend Of Hell House Movie, Actor - Ben Fischer
1972 Columbo: Short Fuse
Season 2, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Roger Stanford
1972 Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Caesar
1972 The Devil's Widow Movie, Director
1972 The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean Movie, Actor - Frank Gass
1972 McCloud: The Park Avenue Rustlers
Season 3, Episode 3
Episode, Actor
1972 The Poseidon Adventure Movie, Actor - Acres
1971 Ironside: Murder Impromptu
Season 5, Episode 8
Episode, Actor
1971 Pretty Maids All In A Row Movie, Actor - Mr. Proffer
1971 Escape From The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Cornelius
1971 Bedknobs And Broomsticks Movie, Actor - Mr. Jelk
1969 It Takes a Thief: Boom at the Top
Season 2, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Roger
1969 Angel, Angel, Down We Go Movie, Actor - Santoro
1969 Midas Run Movie, Actor - Wister
1969 Hello Down There Movie, Actor - Nate Ashbury
1968 The Felony Squad: The Flip Side of Fear
Season 2, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Ollie Otis
1968 Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Cornelius
1968 The Felony Squad: The Flip Side of Fear
Season 2, Episode 18
Episode, Actor - Ollie Otis
1968 Five Card Stud Movie, Actor - Nick Evers
1967 The Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin Movie, Actor - Bullwhip Griffin
1967 It! Movie, Actor - Arthur Pimm
1967 The Cool Ones Movie, Actor - Tony
1966 Lord Love A Duck Movie, Actor - Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave
1966 The Defector Movie, Actor - CIA Agent Adam
1966 Batman: While Gotham City Burns
Season 1, Episode 30
Episode, Actor - The Bookworm
1966 12 O'clock High: Angel Babe
Season 2, Episode 24
Episode, Actor - Willets
1966 Batman: The Bookworm Turns
Season 1, Episode 29
Episode, Actor - The Bookworm
1965 The Loved One Movie, Actor - D.J., Jr.
1965 Inside Daisy Clover Movie, Actor - Walter Baines
1965 The Third Day Movie, Actor - Oliver Parsons
1965 That Darn Cat Movie, Actor - Gregory Benson
1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told Movie, Actor - Matthew
1965 Combat!: The Long Walk
Season 3, Episode 25
Episode, Actor
1964 Shock Treatment Movie, Actor - Martin Ashly
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: See the Monkey Dance
Season 3, Episode 5
Episode, Actor - George
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Gentleman Caller
Season 2, Episode 24
Episode, Actor
1963 Arrest and Trial: Journey into Darkness
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode, Actor
1963 Cleopatra Movie, Actor - Octavian
1962 The Longest Day Movie, Actor - Pvt. Morris
1960 The Subterraneans Movie, Actor - Yuri Gligoric
1960 The Twilight Zone: People Are Alike All Over
Season 1, Episode 25
Episode, Actor - Sam Conrad
1960 Midnight Lace Movie, Actor - Malcolm
1952 The Steel Fist Movie, Actor - Erik
1950 Everybody's Dancin' Movie, Actor
1950 Big Timber Movie, Actor - Jimmy
1950 Killer Shark Movie, Assoc. Producer
1950 Killer Shark Movie, Actor - Ted
1949 Tuna Clipper Movie, Actor - Alec
1949 Black Midnight Movie, Assoc. Producer
1949 Black Midnight Movie, Actor - Scott Jordan
1949 Tuna Clipper Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Kidnapped Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Kidnapped Movie, Actor - David Balfour
1948 Rocky Movie, Actor
1948 Rocky Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Macbeth Movie, Actor - Malcolm
1946 Holiday In Mexico Movie, Actor - Stanley Owen
1945 Molly And Me Movie, Actor - Jimmy Graham
1945 Thunderhead--Son Of Flicka Movie, Actor - Ken McLaughlin
1944 The White Cliffs Of Dover Movie, Actor - John Ashwood II as a Boy
1944 The Keys Of The Kingdom Movie, Actor - Francis, as a Boy
1943 Lassie Come Home Movie, Actor - Joe Carraclough
1943 My Friend Flicka Movie, Actor - Ken McLaughlin
1942 On The Sunny Side Movie, Actor - Hugh Aylesworth
1942 Son Of Fury Movie, Actor - Benjamin as a Boy
1942 The Pied Piper Movie, Actor - Ronnie Cavanaugh
1941 How Green Was My Valley Movie, Actor - Huw Morgan
1941 Confirm Or Deny Movie, Actor - Albert Perkins
1941 This England Movie, Actor
1941 Man Hunt Movie, Actor - Vaner the Cabin Boy
1940 You Will Remember Movie, Actor - Young Bob Slater
1940 Saloon Bar Movie, Actor
1939 Murder Will Out Movie, Actor
1939 The Outsider Movie, Actor
1939 Dead Man's Shoes Movie, Actor
1939 Poison Pen Movie, Actor
1939 Just William Movie, Actor - Ginger
1938 Murder In The Family Movie, Actor - Peter Osborne
1938 I See Ice Movie, Actor
1938 Scruffy Movie, Actor
1938 Yellow Sands Movie, Actor
1938 John Halifax--Gentleman Movie, Actor
Love, American Style: Love and the Itchy Condition; Love and the Stutter Episode, Actor
Carol Burnett and Friends: A Romantic Moment; Tacky Lady- You Can't Turn Me Off; Honorary Degree Episode, Guest
Carol Burnett and Friends: Mr. Globe; Salute to Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock Episode, Guest
Carol Burnett and Friends: The Family; Bus Stop; Brief Encounter Episode, Guest
Crazy About the Movies: Montgomery Clift Episode, Remarks by
A Man Called Sloane: The Night of the Wizard Episode, Actor - Manfred Baranoff
George Burns Comedy Week: Christmas Carol II: The Sequel Episode, Actor - Bob Cratchit
Carol Burnett and Friends: High Hat Episode, Guest
Love, American Style: Love and the Sensuous Twin Episode, Actor - Marv
Biography: Roddy McDowall Episode, Subject (person only)
Carol Burnett and Friends: The Family; The Lady Heir Episode, Guest
Carol Burnett and Friends: Buzz Off Mrs. Wiggins; Medical Documentary; The Lift Episode, Guest
Carol Burnett and Friends: Laughter; Assembly Line; The Little Foxies Episode, Guest
Great Performances: Julie Andrews: Back on Broadway Episode, Remarks by
Hollywood Legends: Starring Natalie Wood Episode, Remarks by

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