Roddy McDowall



Year Title Description
2012 Legends From HERE: Episode
Season 1, Episode 14
Episode, Guest
2011 The Story of Lassie TV Show Series, Remarks by
2011 Hollywood's Children TV Show Series, Narrator
2008 Bio Classics: Henry Fonda Episode, Remarks by
2007 By the Book: The Grass Harp Episode, Actor - Amos Legrand
2006 SWAT Kats: Enter the Madkat
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode, Voice - Madkat
2006 I Remember Television: Cricket on the Hearth Episode, Voice - Crocket Cricket
2006 Cricket on the Hearth TV Show Series, Voice
2001 Great Entertainers: Roddy McDowall: Hollywood's Best Friend Episode, Subject (person only)
1998 Pinky and the Brain: Brainwashed Episode, Voice - Snowball
1998 A Bug's Life Movie, Actor - Mr. Soil
1997 Rudyard Kipling's The Second Jungle Book Movie, Actor - King Murphy
1996 Fatally Yours Movie, Actor - Pauly
1996 The Grass Harp Movie, Actor - Amos Legrand
1996 It's My Party Movie, Actor - Damian Knowles
1995 Unknown Origin Movie, Actor - Dr. Lazarus
1995 Last Summer In The Hamptons Movie, Actor - Thomas
1994 Mirror, Mirror 2 Movie, Actor - Dr. Lasky
1994 Heads Movie, Actor - Fibrus Drake
1994 Angel 4 Movie, Actor - Geoffrey Kagen
1992 Batman: Mad as a Hatter
Season 1, Episode 24
Episode, Voice
1992 The Magical World Of Chuck Jones Movie, Actor
1992 Quantum Leap: A Leap for Lisa
Season 4, Episode 22
Episode, Actor - Edward St. John
1992 Double Trouble Movie, Actor - Philip Chamberlain
1991 The Pirates of Dark Water TV Show Series, Voice - Middler
1991 Dark Water TV Show Series, Voice - Niddler
1991 Going Under Movie, Actor - Secretary of Defense/Mr. Neighbor
1990 Shakma Movie, Actor - Professor Sorenson
1989 Fright Night Part 2 Movie, Actor - Peter Vincent
1989 The Big Picture Movie, Actor - Judge
1989 Murder, She Wrote: Fire Burn, Caldron Bubble
Season 5, Episode 13
Episode, Actor - Gordon Fairchild
1989 Around the World in 80 Days TV Show Series, Actor - McBaines
1989 Cutting Class Movie, Actor - Mr. Dante
1989 Matlock: The Starlet
Season 3, Episode 12
Episode, Actor - Don Mosher
1987 Overboard Movie, Actor - Andrew
1987 Dead Of Winter Movie, Actor - Mr. Murray
1987 Matlock: The Chef
Season 1, Episode 14
Episode, Actor - Christopher Hoyt
1987 Overboard Movie, Exec. Producer
1986 Bridges to Cross TV Show Series, Actor - Norman Parks
1986 Gobots Movie, Actor - Nuggit
1985 Fright Night Movie, Actor - Peter Vincent
1985 Murder, She Wrote: School for Scandal
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Alger Kenyon
1983 Faerie Tale Theatre: Rapunzel
Season 2, Episode 1
Episode, Narrator
1982 Class Of 1984 Movie, Actor - Terry Corrigan
1982 Evil Under The Sun Movie, Actor - Rex Brewster
1982 Tales of the Gold Monkey TV Show Series, Actor - Bon Chance Louie
1981 Charlie Chan And The Curse Of The Dragon Queen Movie, Actor - Gillespie
1980 The Martian Chronicles TV Show Series, Actor - Father Stone
1979 The Love Boat: Like Father, Like Son; Don't Push Me; Second Chance
Season 2, Episode 17
Episode, Actor - Fred Beery
1979 Mork & Mindy: Dr. Morkenstein
Season 2, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Robot
1979 Nutcracker Fantasy Movie, Actor - Franz Fritz
1979 Scavenger Hunt Movie, Actor - Jenkins
1979 Circle Of Iron Movie, Actor - White Robe
1979 Trapper John, M.D.: Pilot Episode
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Rev. Barnaby Box
1978 The Cat From Outer Space Movie, Actor - Stallwood
1978 Rabbit Test Movie, Actor - Gypsy Grandmother/Dr. Fishbind
1978 The Immigrants TV Show Series, Actor - Mark Levy
1978 Wonder Woman: The Fine Art of Crime
Season 3, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Roberts
1978 Laserblast Movie, Actor - Dr. Mellon
1977 Sixth And Main Movie, Actor - Skateboard
1977 The Rhinemann Exchange TV Show Series, Actor - Bobby Ballard
1977 Wonder Woman: The Man Who Made Volcanos
Season 2, Episode 9
Episode, Actor
1977 The Fantastic Journey TV Show Series, Actor - Dr. Jonathan Willoway
1976 Mean Johnny Barrows Movie, Actor - Tony Da Vinci
1976 Embryo Movie, Actor - Riley
1975 Funny Lady Movie, Actor - Bobby
1974 Planet of the Apes TV Show Series, Actor - Galen
1974 Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry Movie, Actor - Stanton
1973 Arnold Movie, Actor - Robert
1973 Battle For The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Caesar
1973 McMillan and Wife: Death of a Monster, Birth of a Legend
Season 3, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - Jamie
1973 The Legend Of Hell House Movie, Actor - Ben Fischer
1973 Love, American Style: Love and the Memento; The Stutter; The Single Husband; High Spirits
Season 5, Episode 4
Episode, Actor
1972 The Devil's Widow Movie, Director
1972 The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean Movie, Actor - Frank Gass
1972 The Poseidon Adventure Movie, Actor - Acres
1972 Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Caesar
1972 Columbo: Short Fuse
Season 2, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Roger Stanford
1972 McCloud: The Park Avenue Rustlers
Season 3, Episode 3
Episode, Actor
1971 Escape From The Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Cornelius
1971 Ironside: Murder Impromptu
Season 5, Episode 8
Episode, Actor
1971 Bedknobs And Broomsticks Movie, Actor - Mr. Jelk
1971 Pretty Maids All In A Row Movie, Actor - Mr. Proffer
1969 It Takes a Thief: Boom at the Top
Season 2, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Roger
1969 Angel, Angel, Down We Go Movie, Actor - Santoro
1969 Hello Down There Movie, Actor - Nate Ashbury
1969 Midas Run Movie, Actor - Wister
1968 The Felony Squad: The Flip Side of Fear
Season 2, Episode 18
Episode, Actor - Ollie Otis
1968 The Felony Squad: The Flip Side of Fear
Season 2, Episode 19
Episode, Actor - Ollie Otis
1968 Five Card Stud Movie, Actor - Nick Evers
1968 Planet Of The Apes Movie, Actor - Cornelius
1967 The Cool Ones Movie, Actor - Tony
1967 The Adventures Of Bullwhip Griffin Movie, Actor - Bullwhip Griffin
1967 It! Movie, Actor - Arthur Pimm
1966 The Defector Movie, Actor - CIA Agent Adam
1966 12 O'clock High: Angel Babe
Season 2, Episode 24
Episode, Actor - Willets
1966 Lord Love A Duck Movie, Actor - Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave
1966 Batman: While Gotham City Burns
Season 1, Episode 30
Episode, Actor - The Bookworm
1966 Batman: The Bookworm Turns
Season 1, Episode 29
Episode, Actor - The Bookworm
1965 That Darn Cat Movie, Actor - Gregory Benson
1965 Combat!: The Long Walk
Season 3, Episode 25
Episode, Actor
1965 The Third Day Movie, Actor - Oliver Parsons
1965 Inside Daisy Clover Movie, Actor - Walter Baines
1965 The Loved One Movie, Actor - D.J., Jr.
1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told Movie, Actor - Matthew
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Gentleman Caller
Season 2, Episode 24
Episode, Actor
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: See the Monkey Dance
Season 3, Episode 5
Episode, Actor - George
1964 Shock Treatment Movie, Actor - Martin Ashly
1963 Arrest and Trial: Journey into Darkness
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode, Actor
1963 Cleopatra Movie, Actor - Octavian
1962 The Longest Day Movie, Actor - Pvt. Morris
1960 Midnight Lace Movie, Actor - Malcolm
1960 The Subterraneans Movie, Actor - Yuri Gligoric
1960 The Twilight Zone: People Are Alike All Over
Season 1, Episode 25
Episode, Actor - Sam Conrad
1952 The Steel Fist Movie, Actor - Erik
1950 Killer Shark Movie, Assoc. Producer
1950 Big Timber Movie, Actor - Jimmy
1950 Everybody's Dancin' Movie, Actor
1950 Killer Shark Movie, Actor - Ted
1949 Tuna Clipper Movie, Actor - Alec
1949 Black Midnight Movie, Assoc. Producer
1949 Black Midnight Movie, Actor - Scott Jordan
1949 Tuna Clipper Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Kidnapped Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Kidnapped Movie, Actor - David Balfour
1948 Macbeth Movie, Actor - Malcolm
1948 Rocky Movie, Assoc. Producer
1948 Rocky Movie, Actor
1946 Holiday In Mexico Movie, Actor - Stanley Owen
1945 Thunderhead--Son Of Flicka Movie, Actor - Ken McLaughlin
1945 Molly And Me Movie, Actor - Jimmy Graham
1944 The White Cliffs Of Dover Movie, Actor - John Ashwood II as a Boy
1944 The Keys Of The Kingdom Movie, Actor - Francis, as a Boy
1943 My Friend Flicka Movie, Actor - Ken McLaughlin
1943 Lassie Come Home Movie, Actor - Joe Carraclough
1942 Son Of Fury Movie, Actor - Benjamin as a Boy
1942 The Pied Piper Movie, Actor - Ronnie Cavanaugh
1942 On The Sunny Side Movie, Actor - Hugh Aylesworth
1941 Man Hunt Movie, Actor - Vaner the Cabin Boy
1941 How Green Was My Valley Movie, Actor - Huw Morgan
1941 This England Movie, Actor
1941 Confirm Or Deny Movie, Actor - Albert Perkins
1940 You Will Remember Movie, Actor - Young Bob Slater
1940 Saloon Bar Movie, Actor
1939 Murder Will Out Movie, Actor
1939 Just William Movie, Actor - Ginger
1939 The Outsider Movie, Actor
1939 Dead Man's Shoes Movie, Actor
1939 Poison Pen Movie, Actor
1938 Yellow Sands Movie, Actor
1938 Murder In The Family Movie, Actor - Peter Osborne
1938 John Halifax--Gentleman Movie, Actor
1938 Scruffy Movie, Actor
1938 I See Ice Movie, Actor
Carol Burnett and Friends: High Hat Episode, Guest
George Burns Comedy Week: Christmas Carol II: The Sequel Episode, Actor - Bob Cratchit
Carol Burnett and Friends: The Family; The Lady Heir Episode, Guest
Great Performances: Julie Andrews: Back on Broadway Episode, Remarks by
Love, American Style: Love and the Sensuous Twin Episode, Actor - Marv
Carol Burnett and Friends: The Family; Bus Stop; Brief Encounter Episode, Guest
Carol Burnett and Friends: Buzz Off Mrs. Wiggins; Medical Documentary; The Lift Episode, Guest
A Man Called Sloane: The Night of the Wizard Episode, Actor - Manfred Baranoff
Love, American Style: Love and the Itchy Condition; Love and the Stutter Episode, Actor
Crazy About the Movies: Montgomery Clift Episode, Remarks by
Carol Burnett and Friends: Mr. Globe; Salute to Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock Episode, Guest
Hollywood Legends: Starring Natalie Wood Episode, Remarks by
Carol Burnett and Friends: A Romantic Moment; Tacky Lady- You Can't Turn Me Off; Honorary Degree Episode, Guest
Biography: Roddy McDowall Episode, Subject (person only)
Carol Burnett and Friends: Laughter; Assembly Line; The Little Foxies Episode, Guest

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