Rocky Carroll

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Roscoe Carroll
  • Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Tue Apr 24 3:45am
Crimson Tide SHO

Two Navy officers aboard a nuclear sub clash over their mission to avert a conflict with Russia.

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Tue Apr 24 9:00am
NCISHigh Seas(Season 1, Episode 6) USA

An NCIS agent (Joel Gretsch) who worked for Gibbs asks his help in the case of a seaman (Charlie Hofheimer) who tests positive for methamphetamines, but claims he never took the drug. PO Niles: Jonathan T. Floyd. Reyes: Carlos Gomez. PO Shrewe: Anson Scovi (more…)

I’ll Watch497 Watching
Tue Apr 24 10:00am
NCISLegend(Season 6, Episode 22) USA

Part 1 of 2. Gibbs and McGee work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects in Los Angeles to solve the murder of a marine, and the investigation turns into a national-security case. G. Callen: Chis O'Donnell. Sam Hanna: LL Cool J.

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Tue Apr 24 11:00am
NCISLegend(Season 6, Episode 23) USA

Conclusion. Gibbs and McGee continue their hunt for the terrorist in Los Angeles; and Tony questions Ziva regarding her relationship with Rivkin. G. Callen: Chris O'Donnell. Sam Hanna: LL Cool J.

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Tue Apr 24 12:00pm
NCISTruth or Consequences(Season 7, Episode 1) USA

The seventh season opens with the team still dealing with the loss of Ziva, and Tony and McGee being charged by Gibbs with the task of finding her replacement.

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Tue Apr 24 1:00pm
NCISReunion(Season 7, Episode 2) USA

The deaths of a marine and his two friends are investigated; and Gibbs gets the final decision regarding Ziva, but is unprepared for how the news affects him.

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Tue Apr 24 2:00pm
NCISThe Inside Man(Season 7, Episode 3) USA

A murder case is reopened when a blogger who accused NCIS of covering up the case is killed.

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Tue Apr 24 3:00pm
NCISGood Cop, Bad Cop(Season 7, Episode 4) USA

The investigation of a Marine's death on foreign soil forces Ziva to confront her past.

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Tue Apr 24 4:00pm
NCISCode of Conduct(Season 7, Episode 5) USA

A Marine who was a practical joker is found dead on Halloween, and the team believes his death may have been a grave payback for one of his pranks.

I’ll Watch1717 Watching
Tue Apr 24 5:00pm
NCISOut Laws and In-Laws(Season 7, Episode 6) USA

An investigation into the murders of two mercenaries who were found on Gibbs' boat reunites Gibbs with his old mentor, Mike Franks (Muse Watson).

I’ll Watch424 Watching
Tue Apr 24 8:00pm
NCISHandle With Care(Season 15, Episode 16) CBS

Gibbs and the team work to clear the name of retired Marine Sergeant John Ross when cyanide is found in one of the hundreds of care packages he sends to active-duty Marines.

I’ll Watch282 Watching
Tue Apr 24 9:00pm
NCISOne Man's Trash(Season 15, Episode 17) CBS

Gibbs and Ducky see an antique war stick on television that could be the missing murder weapon to a 16-year-old cold case.

I’ll Watch357 Watching
Wed Apr 25 3:45pm
Crimson Tide SHO2e

Two Navy officers aboard a nuclear sub clash over their mission to avert a conflict with Russia.

I’ll Watch242 Watching
Wed Apr 25 5:00pm
NCISAliyah(Season 6, Episode 25) OXYGN

In the sixth-season finale, the team travels to Israel, where Ziva has an uneasy reunion with her father (Michael Nouri); Tony has a confrontation with Rivkin; and Gibbs makes an important decision that reverberates throughout NCIS.

I’ll Watch617 Watching
Wed Apr 25 6:00pm
NCISEndgame(Season 7, Episode 7) OXYGN

Vance's family is in danger when a North Korean assassin (Lee Wuan Kai) from his past shows up in Washington, D.C.

I’ll Watch464 Watching
Wed Apr 25 7:00pm
NCISChild's Play(Season 7, Episode 9) OXYGN

The death of a marine leads the team to a government think tank that uses child prodigies, and one of the young participants could be the killer's next target. Krista Dalton: Lisa Sheridan.

I’ll Watch452 Watching
Wed Apr 25 8:00pm
NCISIgnition(Season 7, Episode 11) OXYGN

The team investigates the mysterious murder of a Navy pilot, and the case has them battling an attorney (Rena Sofer) who has a grudge against Gibbs.

I’ll Watch484 Watching
Wed Apr 25 9:00pm
NCISMasquerade(Season 7, Episode 14) OXYGN

The team has to work quickly when terrorists threaten to detonate a dirty bomb in Washington, D.C.

I’ll Watch518 Watching
Wed Apr 25 10:00pm
NCISMother's Day(Season 7, Episode 16) OXYGN

Gibbs is drawn into his past when his former mother-in-law, played by Gena Rowlands, witnesses the murder of a Navy captain.

I’ll Watch655 Watching
Wed Apr 25 11:00pm
NCISKill Screen(Season 8, Episode 16) OXYGN

A marine is murdered and his teeth and fingertips are removed.

I’ll Watch1916 Watching
Thu Apr 26 12:00am
NCISOne Last Score(Season 8, Episode 17) OXYGN

A former NCIS investigative assistant is found stabbed to death, and her murder is linked to a plot to rob a warehouse full of valuable possessions; and a new agent (Sarah Jane Morris) joins the team.

I’ll Watch3201 Watching
Thu Apr 26 1:00am
NCISOut of the Frying Pan...(Season 8, Episode 18) OXYGN

A teenage boy is accused of murdering his father, a retired marine, and Gibbs questions Vance's decision that Gibbs should cross-examine the young man.

I’ll Watch3477 Watching
Thu Apr 26 2:00am
NCISTell-All(Season 8, Episode 19) OXYGN

A navy commander's murder leads the team to a mysterious manuscript and a possible threat to classified military secrets.

I’ll Watch2015 Watching
Thu Apr 26 3:00am
NCISEnemy on the Hill(Season 9, Episode 4) OXYGN

The team tries to learn why a decorated naval officer is being targeted by a contract killer; and Abby volunteers for kidney donation and learns something new about her family during the tests.

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  • Birth Name: Roscoe Carroll
  • Birth Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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