Rock Hudson



Secret Files Reveal Rock Hudson's Gay Confession and RFK-Marilyn Affair

Rock Hudson and his wife Phyllis Gates

Rock Hudson's wife once confronted him for being gay, Judy Garland kept several caches of drugs hidden throughout her house, and Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy were recorded having sex — all this according to newly uncovered files from former cop-turned-private investigator Fred Otash. The files... read more

Friends, Colleagues Remember Elizabeth Taylor for Her Generosity and Those "Unforgettable Eyes"

Elizabeth Taylor

Friends and colleagues remembered Elizabeth Taylor not only as a Hollywood icon and screen legend, but for her revered generosity.

"Elizabeth, on every level, was a mensch. Kind, generous, brave," Taylor's Blue Bird co-star Jane Fonda said.

Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79

Taylor, who won Best Actress Oscars for 1960's BUtterfield 8 and 1966's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, died at 79 Wednesday of congestive heart failure.

"The shock of Elizabeth was not only her beauty," Mike Nichols, who directed Taylor in Woolf, said. "It was her generosity. Her giant laugh. Her vitality, whether tackling a ...
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Elizabeth Taylor Dies at 79

Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, the two-time Oscar winner and dedicated AIDS activist whose acting prowess, glitzy lifestyle and larger-than-life celebrity established her as Hollywood royalty, has died. She was 79.

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Taylor died Wednesday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles surrounded by her four children, Taylor's rep said. Battling ill health and scoliosis in her later years, Taylor had been hospitalized for the past six weeks for congestive heart failure. She underwent a heart procedure to repair a leaky valve in October 2009.

"My Mother was an extraordinary woman who lived life to the fullest, with great passion, humor, and love," Taylor's son, Michael Wilding, said in a statement. "Though her loss is devastating to those of us ...
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John Glover: Smallville's Luthor Is a Winner as Drowsy's Loser

Smallville's John Glover now narrates The Drowsy Chaperone.

On the CW's Smallville, John Glover plays the scheming and sexy Lionel Luthor. But this summer he's taking a break from channeling a businessman who wants to take over the world by portraying a lovable loser who can barely make it out of his apartment: the nameless Man in Chair, aka the narrator of the delightful Broadway musical spoof The Drowsy Chaperone. A veteran character actor who honed his skills on stage, Glover has remained active in the theater, despite his busy film and TV schedule. But his turn in Drowsy marks the first time he has graced the Great White Way in over a decade. The actor chatted with about his return to Broadway, his small-screen success and why he's so good at playing bad. Although you're a theater guy, The Drowsy Chaper read more

What ever happened to ...

Question: What ever happened to Vera-Ellen, the superpopular actress/dancer of the '40s and '50s ? It seemed like she was a huge star and then just dropped off the face of the earth. Where did she come from and where did she go?Answer: Vera-Ellen Rohe was born in Norwood, Ohio, and raised in Cincinnati. She retired from movies in the '50s and died in 1981 of cancer, aged 60. She was a versatile and disciplined dancer from the time she was a child, which is also when her mother began putting her on a series of eccentric diets that may have contributed to her peculiar adult eating habits. Vera-Ellen dropped her last name and began dancing professionally as a teenager; she worked as a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, in Manhattan nightclubs and on Broadway before going to Hollywood. She made her movie debut in the read more

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