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Karen & Robert Have Sex
01:10 — Karen gets closer with her male "manny" Robert.
Harry Proposes to Joss
01:33 — Harry proposes to Joss on the beach.
Jerry O'Connell Is Karen's Hot New "Manny"
02:02 — Karen comes home to find her new "manny" (Jerry O'Connell) shirtless.
Joss' Awkward Engagement Party
01:15 — Joss addresses the issue of marrying her former brother-in-law.
Kate Is Staying in Los Angeles
01:14 — Kate announces that she is staying in Los Angeles.
Based On the Damage
02:07 — Bones informs the team that the famous billionaire didn't die of hypothermia.
Joss & the Intruder
00:56 — Joss comes home to an intruder!
Joss Makes a Toast
01:08 — Joss breaks the silence at her engagement party.
Sneak Peek: Jun 30, 2014
01:31 — Karen hasn't had much luck being herself in the dating world lately, so she's decided to try on some new identities for size.
Will Joss Plead Guilty?
01:18 — Don't miss an all-new episode of Mistresses THURSDAY 9|8c.
How Will Vivian React to Karen's Pregnancy?
01:29 — Will baby make four for Vivian, Karen and Alec?
Season Finale
01:41 — What's in store for Joss, Karen and April in the Season 3 finale of Mistresses?
Marc and April
01:41 — What happens between Marc and April in the Season 3 finale of Mistresses?
Sneak Peek: the Police Question Joss
01:41 — Don't miss an all-new episode of Mistresses THURSDAY 9|8c.
April's Unexpected Kiss
00:47 — April's new client gets a little too close for comfort.
Season Finale Sneak Peek: Mon, Sep 1, 2014
00:49 — Get a sneak peek at Scott's wedding surprise for Joss in the Season Finale of Mistresses.
Mistresses Sneak Peek: Karen and Alec
00:55 — What causes Alec to lie? Watch this preview from the "The Best Laid Plans" episode of Mistresses.
Joss' Aggressive New Pursuit
01:38 — Joss aggressively pursues a new client.
Mistresses Sneak Peek: Sex Talk
01:14 — What will happen when things heat up between April and Blair?
Sneak Peek: Karen Tells April She's Pregnant!
01:17 — Don't miss an all-new episode of Mistresses Thursday 9|8c.
Mistresses Sneak Peek: Friend or Foe?
01:28 — Is Calista a friend or foe?
Joss in Jail
01:26 — Will her past come back to haunt her?
Mistresses Sneak Peek: the Best Laid Plans
01:13 — What are Joss and Calista up to now? Don't miss an all-new episode of Mistresses.
Barbara Questions Joss' Sanity
01:05 — Preview the Season 4 Premiere: Barbara questions Joss' mental health.
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